The Destiny Killers

At times we all see through a glass darkly. That is, we see things but not as they really are. Our life experiences, personal desires, inner fears and unhealed places of wounding all create “glasses” through which we view life skewed in one direction or another. These issues live within our heart and silently adjust the reality of what we see, even though we don’t always realize it. Each can act like a lens which bends the light of reason into something it was never intended to be. Until we face those issues, and admit they are present, life will be out of focus. Even more critical is the idea that how we live life will constantly be knocked out of alignment as well.

This concept of a life being out of focus, and out of alignment with others is more important than you may realize. The clarity of our vision determines where we are going and ….. how we get there. Without clear vision we are destined to live in muddied waters where false assumptions lurk about in what we think are the hidden motives of others. In the end, this will cause us to wander about in life with no purpose and no goals to keep us grounded. Those who lack purpose and have no goals, have no passion for life either, and that is deadly.

When we don’t see life clearly this also means we can’t properly align ourselves with the people God intentionally placed in our path. These people hold the keys to our future and when we fail to connect with them it changes everything. Some people are here for a reason, some are here for a season and but others were meant to be with us for a lifetime. If we miss these key relational connections, and the influence they were intended to bring into our life, it is a destiny killer!

Over the years, I have discovered a common thread among those suffering from the frustration of a misaligned life. They choose to ignore what is screaming inside them and refuse to admit that something is “wrong”. They simply will not face or let go of the issues that live below the surface. Instead they smile, nod the head and pretend that all is well, when under that calm exterior is an emotional storm that has gripped their heart, impacted their soul and hijacked their world. Try as they may, they never seem to get over the mountain that is standing in the way.

Does this have a familiar ring to it? Is life for you ruled by an inner turmoil that drives your decisions and feelings on a regular basis? If you answered yes, then you have not yet faced the giants that live within. Your destiny killers are alive and well and they are hard at work derailing the life God gave you to enjoy. More importantly, they are also going to impact the lives of others that you were intended to touch, and that is an even greater tragedy.

Take a moment right now to consider something. The life you have is a wonderful gift that you are supposed to give back to others. Every moment you hold onto unresolved issues it empowers these destiny killers to redirect your emotions in a most unproductive way. Beyond that, these things take hostage the future that was established for you and others. Until you take an honest, long look inside you can’t expose, repent of and let go of those things that are robbing you of the life you were meant to have.

We have to face the issues and deal with them once and for all. If not, we will never become who God intended us to be, or do what He intended us to do. The bottom line is really very simple, we each have a choice to make and we can make it whenever we want. You and I can stay as we are and continue limping along, living in the shadow of what could have been. Or, we can kill our destiny killers and live a life that others will want to follow.

As for me, I’m stepping out of the shadow and into what I was made for. I have decided to put a knife to the throat of anything that has the power to hold me back. I have come to the conclusion that my life matters, and it’s way too short to be lived any other way. My hope is that today you will find the courage to do the same! Until you do you have settled for a second class life and not the gold standard that God intended. I believe it’s time for us all to get up and go for the gold!