The Simplified Life

At the bottom of Herrietstown Hill, about 5 miles outside of Saranac Lake, NY is a northern Adirondack landmark. It holds as much meaning to area residents as the view of Whiteface or Slide Mountain. This is a family owned dairy called Donnelly’s. I worked there for over a year starting in the summer of 1980. I drove a refrigerated milk truck, making 4:30am home and commercial deliveries to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. In those days, eggs, bottled milk, bottled heavy cream, cheese, yogurt, butter and other dairy products were brought right to the door step. It was the last hold-over of the horse-drawn milk delivery of years gone by, and I was very happy to serve our local communities in this way.

The centerpiece of the entire Donnelly “empire” was not it’s dairy, or it’s delivery trucks. No, that distinction came from it’s ice cream stand that stood in front of the farm. This sold, and still sells, the unmatched glory of “Donnelly’s Soft Ice Cream”. People drive from miles around, and never mind standing in line, to taste the creamy delight that pours out of those ancient machines. There are other places to buy ice cream, but none is quite as rich as Donnelly’s, and everyone knows it. The picture above is the sign in their window. It reads; “We pick the flavor, you pick the size”. It offers a “flavor of the day”, picked by the Donnelly’s, that is twisted with vanilla and gives an invatation for the buyer to pick how much of it they want.

To those who live in a consumer driven, cater to the masses, Starbucks-mentality kind of world, this is totally foreign. However, this business is a true reflection of simple, life unchanged in the Adirondacks. Those of us who are blessed to have generational roots in this place, know the rugged simplicity, and unchanged purity of life in these mountains. We also know and appreciate, the value of a good product that has stood the test of time. When I was a kid, the old timers always said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. In other words, if it works, then just leave it alone. Donnelly’s “flavor of the day” is a clear example of that ideology. It basically all boils down to this; “Here is today’s flavor. Buy any size you want or step out of the line… NEXT!”.

This brings home a basic reality; life has the potential to be quite simple at it’s core. We all tend to make it unnecessarily complex, and full of pointless emotional drama. Our selfish demands, the desire for unending entitlements, and the need to satisfy the uncontrolled want for more of what we really don’t need, fuels the fire of complexity. We serve ourelves first, instead of looking for ways to help others. We do help, as long as it benefits us, and when it becomes an inconvience, we tend to find another cause to “support”. Many now march in the cities demanding change. They fill the streets with hollow voices that have no power, and make no real, lasting difference. Why? Because, these marchers have never paid a price for anything. Everyone knows a soft life has been handed to them, and genuine hard work, or the struggle to better themselves, is not part of their personal history. They are pampered frauds, demanding more of the things they haven’t earned, and don’t deserve.

These are the affluent unhappy, the entitled unappreciative. They live at a higher standard than most of the world and somehow still feel neglected, unheard and emotionally fragile. They demand change but offer no honest solution to their self-imagined problems. They are offended and angry when things don’t go their way. They resort to name calling and emotionally charged rhetoric when confronted by real facts. Worst of all, they use any position of influence or notatriety to degrade, insult, challenge and defame anyone who disagree with them. Listen to any Hollywood award ceremony and you will get an ear full. These have made living so complex with issues, emotions, fake news and vulgar comments, that there is no longer an ability to recognize the simple truths of an honest, honorable life.

This is where Donnelly’s ice cream comes in like a soft, sweet spring rain. It cuts through the excess baggage, eliminates the unnecessary, endless choices, and offers an honest, simple taste of reality in an unrealistic, liberal, snowflake world. They dont caters to every whim. They are not obligated to make you feel happy. It’s your job to be happy with today’s offering, and you get to pick just how much happiness you want. You can have the flavor of the day twisted with vanilla. That’s it! Don’t like today’s flavor, today’s situation? No problem. Keep smiling and come back tomorrow and things will be different!

This is life in its purest form, and you get to live it just the way it is, rather than control and manipulate it to meet your every want and need. Welcome to real, unrefind life in the raw. It’s a pure, personal, self adjusting kind of life that brings everything into focus. It hands you what’s out there, and you have to grow up, deal with it and learn to appreciate it for what it is. No sugar coating or chocolate sprinkles. No special blends of crumbled cookies and candies of your own choosing. Nope.. It’s the real deal, and you can either eat the flavor of the day and enjoy it, or go away grumpy, without it.

This is life simplified to it’s basic form. You either enjoy it just the way it’s handed to you, or you can come back another day and try another flavor. And what if you don’t like vanilla twist? Such is life, and this is not the place for you. You don’t get special treatment, you don’t have it your way, and no one is going to accommodate your wish for something else. My father put it to me this way one day when I was complaining. He said “Bill, life is not fair so it’s time to grow up, stand up and make the best of what comes your way.” Perhaps that is the point in living a simplified life. You might want 50 flavors but life brings you to Donnelly’s. The thing is, how you respond in that moment is more important than the flavor being handed out that day. Get back to the basics. Who knows, you might capture the life you always wanted.

A Time Of Thanksgiving

harvest 2I am thankful for the life we have here in America. It is amazing on so many levels. No other country in the world has been blessed like this nation. Our foundations were forged in the fires of freedom that generations fought, bled and died to secure. Most people know that the first roots on the soil of this land were put down by the Pilgrims. What they don’t know is that they were seeking a place to raise their children away from the bad influence of Holland. They had fled to Amsterdam, Holland from persecution in England during the early part of 1606, and finally settled in 1609, in Leiden, Holland. By 1620 it was clear that the religious liberty encountered in Holland was negatively counterbalanced by a political and social climate tolerant of everything. This meant there were no clear spiritual standards to live by, and Holland’s liberty had become a cesspool of mixture, lacking moral fiber and clear absolutes.

The Pilgrim’s, who were Calvinists, had uncovered a fatal flaw in what they thought would be a place of promise and opportunity. They realized that tolerance, without spiritual truth, produces a society with no reason to establish moral clarity. They saw first-hand how unbridled liberty, negatively influenced their children, and destroyed the fabric and spiritual life of the culture. Historian, Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs, uncovered what most people were never taught in school. He wrote 800 pages of historical evidence that shows the Pilgrims saw the seductive pull of unrestrained liberty as a bigger threat than the intolerance of England’s religious elite. This was the compelling force that finally drove them to one conclusion; it was better to face the possibility of death, in an untamed new world, than stay in the old world and watch their children be pulled away from God by the unrestrained liberty of a tolerant, and increasingly decadent society.

Thus, In the first week of September 1620, a band of 102 sojourners left Holland in a ship called the Mayflower. It sailed west-southwest for 66 days, crossing stormy seas as it headed for what is now the area of Virginia. They had been granted permission by King James, to plant a new colony in the fertile land south of the Hudson River. Here they would establish a place to live in ordered peace, free from the godless influence of the unrestrained liberty they had encountered in Holland. During the first week of November, as they began to approach the east coast of America, near Long Island, dangerous shoals were encountered and rough seas came up that took them 240 miles north of their intended target. On November 11th, 1620 they found safe harbor in what is now Provincetown, Cape Cod.

Five of the group had died during the 66 day trip, and they knew others, 45 to be exact, would die the first winter in Plymouth. However, before leaving the ship to establish their colony at Plymouth, the Mayflower Compact was signed by the leaders of the group. It’s design was to establish a clear biblical foundation and Christian spiritual focus for the life they all agreed to build together. After signing this covenant, they went ashore, and established the Plymouth Colony.  With the help of Squanto, an english speaking indian, 51 men and 2 women survived the winter. The next Fall, after having an abundant harvest, they thanked and gave glory to God and celebrated the first Thanksgiving.

Below are the words of the Mayflower Compact, which is our national foundation. As you read it, let each word sink in. No matter what you may have been told in school, this is the truth behind our great nation. It was built by those who wanted to protect their children from ungodly influences. More than that, the Pilgrims wanted to worship and glorify God in all they did from a place of Biblical liberty. That liberty had to be based in Christianity because it would give them the moral foundation needed to stay pure and free. This Thanksgiving, be sure to thank God for what He did in 1620 and what He is still doing in America today! We are truly a blessed nation in so many ways.

The Mayflower Compact

The Mayflower Compact was a unique document drawn up as a “covenant” between the Pilgrims and God in heaven. A covenant is a God-ordained agreement between a people and God. It is a sworn allegiance that will not be broken in order to establish the will of God in that place. This covenant acknowledged the Pilgrim’s strong Christian faith, their desire to do all things for the glory of God, and their desire to honor the earthly powers that released them to fulfill their vision. When we consider these factors, perhaps America would do well to return to these basics if we want to secure the continued blessing of God for future generations. That idea certainly is food for thought!


“In the name of God Amen· We whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread sovereign Lord King James by the grace of God, of great Britain, France, & Ireland king, defender of the faith, having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith and honor of our king & country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia· do by these present, solemnly & mutually in the presence of God, and one of another, covenant, & combine ourselves together into a civil body politick; for our better ordering, & preservation & furtherance of the ends aforesaid;

and by virtue hearof, to enact, constitute, and frame such just & equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, & offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet & convenient for the general good of the colony:  unto which we promise all due submission and obedience.  In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape Cod in the 18th year of the reign of our sovereign Lord king James of England, France & Ireland, and the 54th year of reign of Scotland. The 11th of November Ano: Dom 1620″

With these words a new, a God centered government was established in America “for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith. May we return to this foundation once again!! Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours..

The Missing Pieces Of Time


Time….. It is the subject of science fiction movies and multitudes of books. It is evidenced by the decay of everything around us. It shows up when we gaze into the mirror and see wrinkles and gray hair looking back. It becomes painfully real when we go through old photo albums and see people who have gone on to their eternal rest. It never stops, has no favorites it passes by, or special people it refuses to impact. The endless march of time comes to all of us, and how it touches each can be very different.

I mention the above because the other night I was watching a favorite show of mine called  “NOVA” which is on PBS. This particular show was about three girls who were born like every other girl on planet earth. However, they were handicapped and they all exhibited something that is considered to be the rarest of unknown, and unstudied diseases on earth. These three girls do not age. At one point in their early childhood development the aging mechanism within just switched off, and no one knows why.

After a lifetime of study, one genetic researcher decided to use the world’s largest supercomputer to map the entire genetic structure of these girls. After months of painstaking analysis, the team discovered the disorder was caused by a missing, or misplaced, piece of  DNA. DNA is the master blueprint for all life as we know it, so when a piece of it goes missing that is not a good thing. The protein that is produced by this missing material is not present in these girls, and because of this missing genetic material, they simply do not get any older. Strangely enough, no boy has ever been diagnosed with this same disorder. It is strictly a malady that afflicts human females.

One of the girls being covered in the story was 21 years old. Any person looking at her, myself included, would conclude she was no more than 4 years of age. Her growth and physical development simply stopped at that point, and she is forever “suspended in time” as a post-toddler. Not one inch of height, not one sign of physical development, no hormonal changes, and not one bit of mental maturation or development has happened in the past 18 years. She is, for all practical purposes, a child, and will forever remain that way until she dies. Most baffling of all, doctors have no idea how long she may live. She does not show any of the normal cellular breakdown that happens to  all living things as they age, so her lifespan is totally unknown.

What they finally uncovered in their research was quite incredible. Ageing is the result of the action of specific proteins that are made by a specific piece of DNA. When that piece is not there, the ageing process just stops. So now comes the million dollar questions I had rattling around in my brain. Could this be the proof that those in the Book of Genesis did live hundreds and hundreds years, as the Bible states, all because the genetic material for aging was not present in early creation? Is this the source of the mythical fountain of youth that Conquistadors searched for?  Now that we know which genes control the ageing process, are we one step closer to extending human life indefinitely? For those who have enough money, and the right technology, do we really want to do this?

It would seem that science fiction has once again become science fact, and it brings to mind a Biblical reality from Genesis 11:6. In this passage, the people united under their own strength to defy God, and they wanted to build a tower that would reach up to heaven. That is, man wanted to ascend, by his own strength and intellect, to become like God. The scripture says; “The Lord said ‘Behold they are one people, and they have the same language. And this is what they begin to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them'”. So, God confused their languages in that place of natural, man made unity.

In the girls above, the missing pieces of DNA brought about something that looks like it has great potential, but it is actually harmful and detrimental to all who are touched by it. It is the same for those who try to bring about unity and change by misguided naturally and emotionally driven means. When pieces of the necessary DNA for a God-ordained unity are missing, it will fail. Those missing pieces bring about an aberrant cohesion of misinformed people who lack the focus and peace of something that will serve the purposes of God. This type of thing is going to fall into disorder, and will always do so in God’s appointed time.

The personal and emotional desire to unify and build something of our own making, will always be ended by God Himself! How ironic that God calls people to work together, but it always takes on a dark quality, if that urge is motivated by something other than the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 4:3 says; “being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”. In other words, when people are working together as directed by the Spirit of God, there is going to be a clear unity, and overriding peace present. When those qualities are not part of a combined effort, the prophetic perspective is that this is a group of misguided, naturally and emotionally oriented people who are building another “Tower of Babble”.  Whatever they are united to create is doomed to simply become a painful  example of miscommunication, and it will ultimately collapse under the weight of it’s own confusion. 

Don’t let the natural or emotional disruptions in life cause you to lose any sleep. The rantings and chantings of unruly mobs, or misguided reports of fake news outlets, will make you think that the world is in chaos, poised to go up in flames. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are a lot of missing pieces in all of this, and what you see is not what’s real, or lasting. Others may want to convince you they are reaching up to heaven in self-determined change, but it “Ain’t Necessarily So”, as the old song goes. There is a lot more to the story then any of them understand, or are willing to admit.

The missing pieces, and time itself, are on our side. When we refuse to react, and we simply respond with the relaxed confidence that comes from living with a Biblical worldview, the answers eventually come. From that place of God-ordained unity and peace, the Spirit of God will always fill in the missing pieces, and bring every answer that has lasting value.  I don’t know about you, but I am excited to see what will happen in the next few years. Expect the unexpected. Most of all, know that prayer is what brought about the national change we so desperately needed, and it will only be prayer that can finish what God has begun. Lift up your eyes and rejoice, because God is about to do great things! The natural mind does not comprehend it, but those who see beyond the natural, will see it and rejoice!

The “EDAT” Harvest Is Here !


A number of years ago I was teaching a 12th grade health class and I had a rude, and very unexpected, awakening. I had given incoming students a basic survey to test their ability to sequentially and logically think. I was walking them through an exercise called “Logic And Critical Thinking”, and this was their introduction to the material. The survey was quite simple. Students were given a piece of paper with a specific task written on it. They were to write out a set of instructions explaining exactly how to do that task. The paper was then given to another classmate who read the title aloud and actually followed the instructions exactly as written, before the entire class.

The tasks ranged from very simple things to those that were more complex. They included; take off a shoe, put on and zip up a coat, walk to the front of the room and face the class, lock the classroom door, open a window, get a glass of water, turn on the classroom lights, water a plant, draw a stick figure of a woman on the chalkboard, stand side-by-side with someone in the classroom, turn on a water faucet or unplug an electric cord from a wall outlet. All of these seem simple enough when we think from a holistic point of view. We mentally see the whole process and then just automatically flow through it to make it happen. However, when we start to think sequentially, and have to organize a logical set of steps to get the task done, this involves a very different kind of skill and a much higher level of thought process.

To my shock 14 out of the 15 students in my class got frustrated, and some wanted to quit as they tried to follow the instructions. Others felt embarrassed and uncomfortable when they were unable to follow the instruction as written, in order to successfully complete the task. A few laughed it off, but the vast majority were left unsettled and unable to cope with the “stress”. These wanted an alternative exercise of their own choosing, or they wanted to just end the task right in the middle of the assignment. In that moment I realized I had uncovered something about the generation sitting before me, and it was shocking.

The facts were clear and quite disturbing. These students were more tech savvy and social media oriented than any previous generation. However, they clearly lacked the basic emotional skills, the clear thought patterns, the sequential communication skills and the emotional fortitude to cope with situations that made them uncomfortable. In other words, the “Everyone-Deserves-A-Trophy”(EDAT) generation was about to come into it’s own, and the results were not very pretty.

Fast forward to the election of November 8th, 2016. In case you missed it, this is exactly what we all have endured since the night President Donald Trump was elected. The “EDAT’ generation erupted in shock, anger, depression and unbelief when their candidate, the liberal media’s choice, was soundly defeated. That night in Hillary’s camp, the news cameras caught grown woman curled up on the floor in the fetal position, writhing in pain. There were groups of men and women holding each other, tears streaming down their faces, sobbing as if their only child had just been killed by a drunken drive. The entire room was acting like an emotionally unstable teenage girl who just got dumped by her first boyfriend. The agony, anger, grief and shock festered in depression and the sound of weeping that filled the room.

Even more shocking was the editorializing that was happening out on the street. All honest reporting was abandoned as left leaning reporters somberly announced the decision. Andrea Mitchell stated history was once again stopped from moving forward. Huh??? Talk about a vile miscarriage of media reporting. History had just been made and she missed it! For the first time in American history a successful businessman, who reveled in his lack of any political ties, did what the liberal media declared was impossible. He became president of the United States in a landslide of electoral votes that currently stands at 306 votes! One of the largest margins in our history.

Since that night riots have broken out in some liberal strongholds, flags burned, people have been dragged from their cars and attacked. Some communities have been set on fire by agitators and paid protesters. They have blocked traffic, broken windows, smashed cars and even the presidential losers have demanded an expensive and pointless recount the public will pay for. Those in the electoral colleges of Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania had their addresses and emails publically posted on the Internet. The news has reported they and their families have been threatened, harassed and deluged with emails by the liberal left in an attempted intimidation to make them change their vote to Hillary.

My questions are simple. Why are we seeing this shocking disregard for our laws and our political process? Why have we never seen such a display of unbalance and inappropriate behavior in any past election? After 40 years as an educator, 44 years as a voter and 62 years of life experience, I can only come up with one answer. It’s because this is the first time we have actually seen the “EDAT” generation come into action. This is the outcome to be expected from those who have not been educated but have been fully indoctrinated. This is the generation that says “I-must-feel-good-about-myself,” “I-must-have-my-own-way”, “I-must-be-kept-from-feeling-bad-about-anything”, “I-must-have-dog-therapy-for-every-little-life-drama-I am- going-through”, “I-must-be-emotionally-coddled”, “I-must-be-carried-and-provided-for”, “I-deserve-a-trophy-for-every-mediocre-half-hearted-crappy-thing-I-ever-do”.

When those in the “EDAT” generation have a reality check, and realize they are no longer shielded from real life, it is temper tantrum city. As the truth comes to those who have always lived in an emotional greenhouse of protection and special treatment, it is quite a shock, quite a sideshow and tragically entertaining to behold. Honestly, I must admit I enjoy the show that the “news” outlets provide every night. It’s better than a reality TV because there are different actors daily, and few are cashing in on the endless drama that is available. But, just like the spoiled children of “occupy wall street”, they can only throw a tantrum for so long, and people eventually get tired of it. Once the weather gets cold, ….that’s not very fun. Once the media moves on,…. the free publicity will be over. And of course, once the free meals are gone, …so are they.

So where do we go from here? We press on in support of President Trump and the breath of fresh air he is bringing to Washington and to the nation. We hold him accountable for campaign promises he made. Namelt,  to rebuild our military, create new jobs, start national energy exploration and revitalization, build the AMX  Wall (American/Mexican Wall) to secure our borders, deal with so called “sanctuary cities” and with illegal aliens, create tax cuts for business growth, repeal and replace the disastrous unaffordable health care, encourage US businesses to return to the US and return education back to the state level. We need to encourage him to drain the political swamp that has stagnated Washington. Most of all we need to pray for Him. May he really be the kind of strong, honest and exemplary leader our nation can follow into a new area of prosperity and strength.

God Bless America Which Is And Always Has Been One Nation Under God, And May God Bless Our New President Donald J Trump.

The Lincoln Effect


The United States is currently at a turning point as a nation. Only once in our history have we found ourselves in such a difficult and dangerous position. That occurred just prior to the Civil War in the 1860’s, during the election of Abraham Lincoln and it brought about the “Lincoln Effect”. Liberal Democrats, who had continually vote against ending slavery, were unable to place their man in the White House and Republicans secured the nation and the freedom of tens of thousands of blacks slaves. These slaves lived broken lives of poverty and abuse at the hands of big money southern plantation owners. These  same plantation owners thanked the Northern Democrats by providing lucrative business deals and cash donations to line their bulging pockets.

When Lincoln was finally confirmed the winner in this hotly contested election, the dynamics of the whole nation and government changed. The liberal Democrats in authority, and the wealthy landowners who supported them, lost their power base and place of hidden influence. Lincoln’s election exposed the corrupt system for what it was, and the halls of Congress began to echo the cry’s of freedom rather than hide the whispers of maintaining the status quo.

The historical records are very clear. The Republican rule that came when Lincoln was elected changed the fabric of the nation. It prevented us from falling headlong into an economy driven by slaves, ruled by the wealthy and controlled by greedy, unethical politicians. Because the common people had raised up and supported an unlikely champion, life for everyone hung in the balance. The common people had opened their mouths to support their candidate, and when Election Day came, they voted with a view towards righteousness that shocked the political pundits.

The shock was that they voted Lincoln into office knowing what he was proposing to do. He would bring an unavoidable and deadly conflict right to the center of Washington, DC, and into the heart of the nation. If he succeeded he would heal the nation, if he did not, the nation would be forever divided and never the same. The good people of this country were convinced that this painful change was necessary to put us back on track. They were willing to follow Lincoln’s lead and embrace his leadership even though he was not a polished politician, and had a string of failures haunting his background. History has indeed confirmed that Lincoln was God’s man for that hour.

I believe that Donald Trump is in our day, just such a man as Lincoln was in his. In the eyes of many people Trump is the most unlikely person to run for President, much less win that race. He is not polished, he has no political experience and he is more like a CEO than a Commander In Chief. Yet, there is something about him that demands respect and has drawn tens of millions to his side. He simply defies every explanation and continues to rise afresh from what his critics are convinced is a death spiral. He is unorthodox and speaks the brutal truth. He cares more about getting the job done than being politically correct. To put it honestly, he is the breath the fresh air that people have been waiting for, and others have feared.

Anything the liberal, progressive Democrats have to offer in this election is of the same caliber that their counterparts did in Lincoln’s day. It’s just more of the same failed policies that have brought us to the current place of division, racial tension, unemployment, national debt, weakened military strength, unsecure borders and vulnerability to terrorist attacks. This elephant in the room has the word Democrat written all over it. Call it something else, point the finger and shift the blame to what happened a decade ago, but this baby is all your doing and you can’t run away from it by running with a corrupt politician who lies the way Hillary does.

Democrats want to just keep things moving as they are, and please don’t rock the boat. Let’s keep the money flowing, the favors going and the people in the dark. Let’s pile on more national debt, heap on the taxes, hand out more “free” stuff. Oh yes, be sure to keep the welfare high and make it available to every illegal alien who breaks the law to get across the border. Stack up thousands of pages of new regulations, run by unelected bureaucrats to discourage independent small business owners and force successful businesses to pay even more. Then, force people to get government run health care that covers nothing while you jack up their premiums and their deductibles to all time highs. Finally, and here is the good part, criminalize and fine those who don’t want or can’t afford this disastrous, inferior health insurance.

We have been lied to, kept in the dark, scammed, taken advantage of and had our trust violate in the most egregious and outrageous ways. Yet now this same, lawless “political rapist” is asking us to vote her back into the place of ultimate power?? The very one who was in power when this violation happened, the one who voted to put all this in place, now wants us to empower her again? Only a masochist, an insane person or a demoniac would do such a thing! I thank God the bulk of Americans are no such thing!!!!!

Trump as president…. Absolutely!!!…… In a heartbeat! There is nothing else to say. Come November 8th, 2016, when Donald Trump is elected, we will have a president to be proud of, a strong national leader who loves America, and a clear voice that speaks for the people. It’s time to clean house and set off in a new direction with someone who is not afraid to speak the truth and do what needs to be done. Drain the swamp, wash out the mud and let’s get back to the clarity of American life, liberty and security as our founders intended it to be. God Bless America …. and deliver us from evil!  May the “Lincoln Effect” be felt in our land once again!

The Voice Of Truth


As a boy growing up in the heart of the northern Adirondacks, I was very independent and really enjoyed being my own person. I was never one to follow the crowd, and usually took my own path no matter where it might lead. What I learned along the way was to value what past generations handed down to me, and I learned to listen for the voice of truth, no matter who it came through. No doubt, I got this frame of reference from my father, who was one of the last “old-time” Adirondack guides. He was born on the Emmons homestead in Bloomingdale, NY in  August of 1905. Dad loved our family’s heritage and spoke fondly of the life they had carved out in the Adirondacks, and the faith they had lived out in those rugged mountains and valleys.

One thing was certain, dad tended to do things the old way.  He had been deeply impacted by the great depression of 1929 and had lived through the struggles of World War II. He, and those of his generation, knew the importance of just doing things for themselves. Dad was a an excellent craftsmen with wood, a self-taught jeweler, electro-plater, welder, plumber, electrician, house painter and artist, among many other things. He preferred to use hand saws and butt plaines over powered tools. He preferred wood heat over the oil furnace in our basement, and he liked kerosene lamps and lanterns more than electric lights. He loved gardening, fishing and hunting when it came to putting food on our table. Above all this he always, and I mean always carried a jack knife, which he called a “pen knife”. That term came from the fact that he, and all the generations before him, used a quill pen. Thus, they all carried a “pen” knife to keep the end of the quill pen sharp.

The point is, we really are who we are because of two things. One is the people who influenced our lives and the other is the voice of truth we listened to. I was as independent as my father because his ways and words had been passed down to me. These had come down to him from his parents, who married and started their family in the 1880’s. They in turn, got their values and mode of operation from the generation who had lived before and during the Civil War. Even more amazing is that Dad’s grandparents, and that whole generation, had gotten their values and practices from those who had lived during the years surrounding the Revolutionary War. So, a portion of my way of thinking and my view of life has actually been shaped by those who lived and died with George Washington, Samuel Adams and Benjamin Franklin. Imagine that!!!

When I think of this historical connection it simply rocks my mind. What my ancestors believed, what they did and where they went in the 1700’s still echoes down the centuries to have a clear expression in me, my children and grandchildren. Our lives and beliefs are the product of all those generations. We all carry a jack knife and we all love to sit by an evening fire out back. We enjoy gardening, love to hunt and can’t wait to find a new trout stream for a meal of fresh fish. We all like to fix things on our own and we enjoy helping others fix their stuff as well. We hold to our Christian faith and walk in it’s teachings as the guiding principles of life, just the way my father’s parents and all their ancestors did.

Every bit the above brings me to a very sobering reality for us all. The whole chain of personal historical continuity, that which makes an Emmons an Emmons, or a Smith a Smith, could ended in a flash. Every trait, every guiding principle, every shred of personal family heritage that makes us what we are could be gone in a moment. How is that possible, you might ask. Well, all it takes is just one generation to reject the voice of truth. If one generation does not value where we came from, and by default simply fails to get and pass along the values we all hold dear, then everything that makes any family what it always has been, will be gone forever. For some that might be a good thing, but for the vast majority of Americans it would be our worst nightmare, and sad to say, we are now being pushed  headlong in that direction.

Consider what has happened through the American education system over the last 40 years. As a public school teacher, I saw the shift first hand, that came to public education between 1976 and 2012. It began in our colleges when they hired liberal professors to influence impressionable, young students. These rejected our historical foundations and embrace a repackaging of socialism as the way to go. No one saw it coming, and few recognized where it was going. These college students soon graduated and were hired as teachers. They carefully advocated and taught their students to embrace the same left leaning liberal ideology, while parents were busy making a living. That altered view of reality was put into the curriculum  with ease and no one recognized it for what it was.

The results has been astounding. We now see an entire generation of people who have been reeducated about America, and it’s history. They don’t know about our Christian foundations or believe it’s morality and ethics. They are hostile towards the principles of the Bible and reject the traditional family, both of which have been the bedrock of American life, law and justice. They view any other belief but their own to be hate-filled speech or racism, which needs to be legislated against and punished. They see no need to protect  their own children in the womb, but fiercely prosecute, fine and jail anyone who dares to disturb a green sea turtle egg or burn a styrofoam cup. How did all this happen? It happened because one generation simply rejected the voice of truth!

If you want one clear example just look at Thanksgiving. It is now taught in public schools as a feast where Pilgrims gave thanks to the Indians for the harvest. There is no mention of the fact that this was a celebration dedicated to thanking God. Historical records clearly state that this feast celebrated God’s blessing upon the harvest.  It was His blessing for the friendship with the Indians and the main focus was on His abundant goodness over all the year. It recognized God’s grace and love as a Savior in keeping them safe in this new Christian based colony. In schools there is no mention of the Mayflower Compact’s many references to God. There is no mention of the charters drawn up by all the new colonies that gave glory to God for His divine help in this difficult new world. In fact, any mention of God is immediately attacked and dismissed as dangerous, non-educational, unfit for discussion and nothing more than radical, religious rhetoric.

The question I am asked over and over is “What happened and what do we do now? How do we return to who we really are as a  nation and as families?” The answer is not simple but it is doable. We must reconnect to our heritage and not embrace any ideology that is contrary to the facts, or the Bible. Get back to a good church, read the Bible to your kids and teach your children and grandchildren the truth. Make family and family life a priority. Your children need to see the love and respect you have for each other as husband and wife. This is foundational to their security and establishes a sense of well-being in their lives. Teach them about our American history so they feel a patriotic sense of connection to this nation, and those who serve it. Finally, give your best in all you do and pray for your family, for our leaders and for the nation. As we serve others and pray, we invite God back into our lives and country. He is the One who really has the answers we are all looking for.

Do we want to see this nation become all it was intended to be? Do we want our children and grandchildren to still feel our good influence in the decades to come? If we do, then it’s time to hear the voice of truth once again. If we have an open and honest heart it’s easy. What’s not so easy is the willingness to walk in what that voice is calling us to do. Our ancestors pledged their lives and fortunes to birth this wonderful country. Here, anyone could live as one people under our Constitution and one nation under God. I believe a rebirth of national identity and family life can come to America. My question is, should we expect it to cost us any less than it cost our Founding Fathers? The voice of truth is speaking,….. do we really want to hear what it has to say?

Dropping The “T” Bomb – A Trump Election

5356bc9ed4933The first atom bomb ever to be used was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan  on August 6, 1945 (pictured left) and a second was exploded on August 9th at Nagasaki (pictured right). The bombs vaporized thousands of buildings and killed nearly 150,000 people in  a total of about 10 seconds. By the end of 1945, it is estimated that nearly 300,000 people died in all from the protracted effects. Modern historians have now decided to declare these as monstrous acts of inhumanity yet few honestly consider what the outcome would have been if the United States had not decided to take these drastic steps to end a war that was engulfing the entire planet.

The “Axis Powers” was signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan on September 27th, 1940 in Berlin, Germany. These three countries secretly had agreed to work as one in order to redefine the power structure, military balance, finances, education, communication and systems of government throughout the entire world. If their aggression succeeded, they planned to carve all the nations of the world up. Imperialism would rise with Japan under a ruling family, Fascism would rise with Italy under a ruling socialist, and Nazism would rise with Germany under a ruling dictator. Their ideology was that all humanity would only find perfect unity through submission or genocide. Take ISIS and increase that to a global level and now you understand the basics of what happened in World War II.

The leaders of the free world clearly understood what was at stake in the contest that faced them. They remembered what World War 1 had done to Europe and were determined that nothing would shake the security of the world’s nations like that again. Other than the naïve, anemic and myopic leadership of Nevil Chamberlin, the leaders of the “Allied Powers” saw things for what they really were, and they knew it would take a lot more than just words on paper to stop what was happening across several continents. The solution was simple; end quickly what others had started. Thus, work was begun on what became known as the “Manhattan Project”.

The Manhattan Project was a secret military research and development project begun in Manhattan, NY in 1942. It was designed to produce the first U.S. nuclear weapon. There was fear that Nazi Germany would build and fire a similar nuclear device using one of it’s U2 rockets that were pounding London nightly. With this launch system in hand they could threaten and destroy virtually any place on the planet. Once the U.S. knew German scientists were hard at work on this, it triggered the start of the Manhattan Project. The most brilliant minds in the world were assembled to build a device that would terrify and shock our enemies into a full and absolute surrender. To everyone’s surprise, in 1945 they had succeeded in doing just that.

Amazingly enough, when the first nuclear test happened in the desert of New Mexico, the scientists present wondered if a chain reaction might be set off that would blow up the entire world. Think of it, their resolve was so great, that they were willing to end everything rather than live under the prisonal rule of the Axis Powers. This is leadership on a grand scale. It staggers the imagination and troubles the mind, yet it is the kind we so desperately need in our day. It is leadership that is more desperate to live free and think for themselves, than it is to live in controlled cowardice under the false security of absolute domination. Show me a man or woman like Churchill, Thatcher or Reagan and I will show you the person who has my vote because they alone are worthy to lead this nation of ours.

I am sick of leaders who serve themselves and bow down to every special interest, lobby group and ideology the world has to offer. I am disgusted with those in power who use their position and authority to live a privileged life at the expense of those they swore to serve. More than that, I am angry and left feeling betrayed by every politician I trusted who said they spoke for me, yet did nothing toward that end. Like it or not, we have been lied to, ignored and silenced by those who assured us they would turn this nation around because we gave them a majority voice in the halls of Government.

This could be the time to revive the “Manhattan Project” once again and drop the “T” bomb. What I am talking about is a political nuclear device that is headquartered in Manhattan, NY. It’s the “Trump” bomb! Is it excessive, destructive and almost frightening? Yes! But I fear the political establishment and what it has built for itself more than the fallout of what Donald Trump will cause when he explodes on the scene. Will there be a mess to clean up? No doubt! Will others be caught unexpectedly in the aftermath? I am sure that is a yes as well. However, I am at a point, like so many Americans, that the danger he presents is worth the risk of ending what got us into this mess in the first place.

I do not think Donald Trump is the best solution for America, but if he is the Republican nominee, then conservative America must get behind him. I say drop the “T” bomb on Washington if that’s the one picked, and let him clean house. It’s time to take America back and restore it’s foundation of free enterprise and free thought. It’s time to secure it’s borders, affirm it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, and reestablish an honorable path to American citizenship and American culture. We are a nation that embraces all cultures, but we must be Americans first and our laws, our language and our boundaries are what make this so. I believe Trump is a man who will do just that.

If the Democrats, who now embrace socialism, take the Whitehouse again, we as a free thinking, independent, entrepreneurial nation are done. Obama Care will be fully instituted into every level of society, and those who refuse it will continue to be called criminals and fined. Government intrusion and control will exponentially increase, personal freedoms will continue to be eroded away and we will end up bankrupt like the socialist nations of Europe. The America that kept it’s people and the world safe, will be gone forever. Is that really what you want? I know I don’t! Honestly, I would much rather drop the “T” bomb and just start over. That is not my first choice, but if it is my only choice then I say, “Bomb’s Away ! ” and hang on for the ride!