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William Emmons is an educator, is recognized as an international prophet, a member of the apostolic board of Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International, the CEO and founder of Life Christian Center Church, Prophetic Destiny Ministry and the PDM Network. He is a spiritual father to many and the author of several books and hundreds of teaching CD's.

The Mush God Of Love

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Not long ago I was listening to someone who was acclaimed to be a deep Biblical thinker. He was considered to be the theologian that all others looked to in awe, in his religious group. He has written books and traveled the globe as a religious scholar. His insight, revelation and understanding of Scripture were said to be unmatched. So, I was certainly interested in hearing this man, and went on YouTube to get an introduction to his “revelatory” grasp of all things.

As I searched through the numerous video clips, teachings, seminars and interviews he had done over the past 10 years, something caught my attention that was very troubling. I kept hearing words like “mystic”, “universal thinker” and “spiritual” but did not see biblical evidence to confirm any of it. To be honest, these words always cause red flags to fly within me, because experience has taught me that those who use them have a tendency to develop a religion of their own making. They use the same theological terms I do, but apply them in ways that are odd, strange and nothing but natural thinking wrapped in religious mysticism. This tends to end up being just one more mixed up, false doctrine.

His understanding of human nature was actually pretty good. However, his “revelation” of the things of God, began to sadly shift way off center. One concept after another was expounded on, and each went further from the truth of Scripture. His own concept of an “all loving God” quickly pointed in a direction that was contrary of the very things Jesus taught His disciples. Finally, everything he was teaching landed on the premise he was intending to promote all along. He expounded with great conviction on the merits of an all loving God, in a broken universe, and he crowned it all with the whimsical phrase “Hell No!”

As you might have guessed, his conclusion about the universal, all loving God ended with one grand unsustainable thought. God, who is abounding with love and grace, simply could not have created hell. In his mind, this concept was contrary to God’s loving nature, and such an idea MUST be an invention of man. This theologian went on to say that man’s concept of hell actually was formed by the writings of “Dante’s Inferno”. He confirmed his own idea that God, who is total love, and nothing else, could never have made a horrifying, burning hell. He said hell could certainly not be a part of any universe created by a loving God.

His “proof” came from his own ideas about God, and the Bible, so to speak. Did he quoted any verses of Scripture to verify his claim? No! He stated that the Apostles, Paul and John, made no mention of hell in any of their writings. Thus, if hell were real, they most certainly would have spoken of it. This was his iron-clad reason for why hell did not exist. Really? If we use that kind of flawed, human logic, we would then have to conclude that skunks, airplanes, penguins, butterflies, landslides, and a host of other realities don’t exist either, since none of them are mentioned in the Bible. Who would ever agree with that? Yet thousands of people now have come to embrace this false ideology, by using the same foolish reasoning.

To ignore the fact that Jesus Himself talked about hell, and even visited there after His crusifiction, is troubling indeed. Beyond that, to ignore every biblical reference made about hell, the devil and demons is even more disturbing. The question then must be asked, so where did evil come from, and what are the consequences of it? In effect, this enlightened thinker has invented his own, feel good, mush god, who embraces and receives all into his standarless kingdom of universal love. This god embraces everyone, and has no design for righteousness, and no consequences for sin. His love, and grace only serves to bring harmony, happiness and peace to everyone, no matter what they do.

Can you imagine a god who has no consequences for rebellion towards himself and his perfect glory? Could you respect and serve a god who gives the sinner and the saint the same reward? This god would lack righteousness, purity and the strength to rule his own universe. He would not be able to judge the sin that makes everything so broken. He would never speak a discouraging or corrective word, and would never hold anyone accountable for their own rebellion. I have to ask you, who would ever trust a powerless, undisciplined god like that? Who could ever honor a god that loves so totally, he is incapable of judging right from wrong, or holding anyone responsible for their own selfish actions? A parent who did that would soon be ruled by narcissistic, self-serving children, that no one could stand to be around. Imagine a world filled with people cut from that ungodly, defiant bolt of cloth!

There is a righteous King, and He rules over the whole universe. He walks in purity and grace, truth and justice. His love is endless, but so is His judgement against godlessness. His standards are absolute, and His rod of correction and staff of guidance, will discipline and comfort those who need it. He is a good, good Father who looks beyond our weakness, and helps us on our way to become mature, productive people. He expects us to grow beyond our natural, narrow, self-centered ways, and touch others who are in need. He is the God of holiness, and He is the One who created hell as a dwelling place for the devil, those who live in and love sin and rebellion. This is the true God, the One who created heaven as a dwelling place Himself and those who love Him, and live in righteousness.

Now is the time to ask yourself, which God do you believe in? All the world loves the idea of a mush god. He allows them to live any way they choose, and let’s them do anything they want without consequences. But, the One True God, Who is God, is very different. He gave His son Jesus, to the world, and we celebrate His victory on the cross every Easter. This God gave all, and came in total love to redeem His fallen children from hell. He expects those who are His to give their all back to Him. So the question must be asked, “what God will you serve?” You will either serve the one of your own making, or you will serve the One who made you, and died for your sins. In the final analysis, what you believe, and where you end up, really is up to you! You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. Happy Easter!!

This Is American History!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In 1752, at the ripe old age of 20, a soldier was writing in his personal journal. His thoughts, desires and heart-felt prayers were penned as a reminder of where he had come from, and Who it was that had brought him safely, and humbly to that new day. The entry below is an exact quote from this historic book. Two hundred years after his death, this journal was found by one of his relatives in a box of papers. After it’s origin had been documented by numerous historians, it was sold at auction, and now rests in the Smithsonian, in Washington DC.

This personal journal, which has now been dubbed the young mans “Prayer Journal”, confirmed the historical record of our nation. It affirmed what early historians had always said; “we were built upon a Godly, biblical foundation, by those who had surrendered their lives and fortunes, to the principles and sovereignty of the God of the Bible”. Read the journal entry below, which is dated “Tuesday Morning, 1752”. Let these honest, heart-felt words, written by the hand of a grateful 20 year old soldier, sink in and impact your heart. Even though they are over 200 years old they still are word of abiding truth that formed this man and shaped the nation He loved.

Consider the substance of what he put down on paper with Pen and ink, and think of the impact these words must have had on his daily life. Ponder what he had encountered with Almighty God, in order to write such passionate words. Then ask yourself, “Could I write such things?” If not, this is the perfect time to uncover the reason why that kind of fierce, fire is not burning inside you. Once you solve that personal mystery, make the necessary adjustment to become more like him. The fire he had inside, served to impact generations. My question is; “What kind of fire is in you and how will it impact those around you when you are gone?”


“O Lord our God, most mighty and merciful father, I thine unworthy creature and servant, do once more approach thy presence. Though not worthy to appear before thee, because of my natural corruptions, and the many sins and transgressions which I have committed against thy divine majesty; yet I beseech thee, for the sake of Him in whom thou art well pleased, the Lord Jesus Christ, to admit me to render thee deserved thanks and praises for thy manifold mercies extended toward me, for the quiet rest and repose of the past night, for food, raiment, health, peace, liberty, and the hopes of a better life through the merits of T hy dear Son’s bitter passion. And O kind Father, continue Thy mercy and favor to me this day, and ever hereafter; prosper all my lawful undertakings; let me have all my directions from Thy Holy Spirit, and success from Thy bountiful hand.”

“Let the bright beams of Thy light so shine into my heart, and enlighten my mind in understanding Thy blessed word, that I may be enabled to perform Thy will in all things, and effectually resist all temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil. Preserve and defend our rulers in church and state. Bless the people of this land, be a Father to the fatherless, a Comforter to the comfortless, a Deliverer to the captives, and a Physician to the sick. Let Thy blessings be upon our friends, kindred and families. Be our guide this day and forever through Jesus Christ, in whose blessed form of prayer I conclude my weak petitions.”

Signed: George Washington

Were you shocked when you realized who wrote the above? Did you think these words must have come from some over-zealous, religious leader? Yet, among the early colonists, and our founding fathers, these were common words, embraced as normal by the entire society. Today, these same words would have dragged Washington before the courts of the land and court of public opinion. They would have deem him unfit for public office and bared from any government role of leadership. He would be called a religious fanatic, publically mocked and considered untrustworthy, a hate monger, non-inclusive and divisive. More than that, Washington would be held suspect to any number of prejudicial accusations. He would be called narrow-minded, and a religious bigot who disregards the beliefs of others, thus disqualifying him from serving the public.

Political posturing, political correctness and inclusive, multiculturalism have all but destroyed our national sovereignty. The precepts of globalism and the unprotected opening of our border, is the biggest threat to national identity, and national security, we have ever encountered. Until we face the fact that we are multiethnic, NOT multicultural, things will keep moving in the wrong direction. Our American heritage is grounded in Christianity and makes us a unique and beautiful nation. It is built upon a strong foundation of Biblical principles and Judeo-Christian morals. As we drift from these historical underpinnings, the nation as a whole will also drift from the truth that has kept it safe all these years.

As you consider Washington and his insightful words, you may also want to think about how closely your thoughts and personal convictions align with His. God used him in a powerful way to shape an entire nation,. Why? Because his dedication and experiences with God acted like a mental and moral compass throughout his life. By these he could be guided step by step into the destiny God had planned for him. There was no moral relativism, no political pandering and no personal indulgences that colored his world. He was a man of God, focused on his service to God and determined to live with uncompromising honor for the good of his country. May we all be convicted to do likewise!

Awaiting The Storm


Today is February 12, 2019 and a snow storm is barreling down on us from the south west. It is expected to hit our area about 11am with up to 18 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain. To be honest, most everyone is pretty fed up with this kind of weather. We are all itching for that first warm blast of Spring to sweep over the area. But instead, we are awaiting the storm.

In years gone by, February has been a month when sap buckets were hung, my favorite trout streams began their early melt and I started my garden indoors. Numerous seed trays went in my south facing windows, and I drew up plans for how to set up my garden. Best of all, my motorcycle could be taken out for a few early runs on nice days. This year, however, it’s been very different. We have had one snow storm, and freezing rain storm, after another. Local schools have used up their allotment of snow days, and snowplow drivers are not only piling up snow, but also piling up overtime hours, and cash in their bank accounts.

The truth is, the storm itself is not such a big deal. This is the Northeast, and we all know that snow storms in winter is just part of life. However, waiting for it’s arrival is what causes all the problem. People begin to panic as the weather reports pour in, and speculation of how bad it “could be” fills the air. The possibility of what might happen, as reported by over-eager meteorologists, sets the stage. It drives people to buy extra supplies, up grade their snow blowers, buy extra gas, and even purchase expensive generators they don’t need, just in case. Then the snow comes and it is not nearly as bad a predicted. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief as another “snowmagedon” has been avoided, and life returns to normal.

The point in all of this is quite simple. Anticipation of an approaching storm, and the fear of what “might” happen, that it evokes within us, is usually worse than the actual storm itself. Beyond that, how we react to what “might be”, is a storm all it’s own. When our anxious thoughts of something control us emotionally ahead of time, we bring a storm upon ourselves, long before the real storm actually gets there. This means we take a double hit, and the enemy of our soul just loves it. We are actually helping him with the torment of our own life! This is because the first storm is imaginary, it’s a mind storm. We create and live through that one, all by ourselves. The second storm is the real deal, and we all face that one, and go through it to the end, one step at a time.

Every mind storm holds us prisoner. We end up living in the grip of imagined possibilities that have no real substance. Every real storm holds our attention. We do what must be done to get through it successfully. The mind storm is in our emotions and thoughts, and it serves to paralyze and torment us. The real storm is fact, and it always serves to mobilize us to action. The mind storm is a trap that emotionally exhausts us, makes us weak, and robs us of our peace. The real storm is truth to be faced head on, and if we do, it makes us better and stronger.

Ask yourself a question right now. “Why do you spend so much time, and emotional energy, on mind storms, when each one is of your own making?” If you will honestly answer that question, you are on your way to being liberated to a brand new way of living. This is a life where fear and worry give way to the joy of living every day to the fullest. It’s a life that looks forward to all the adventures yet to come. In this life, a spirit of doubt and worry gives way to a pioneering spirit. It looks into the future with great anticipation, for what might be, and has immense satisfaction for what has already been!

What kind of life do you want to live? Are you happy with the one you have? If you need to change, now is the time to do it! Years ago I decided to live on truth’s raw edge, and let go of everything of my imagined future that had the power to hold me captive. Present reality became my truth, and I refused to be weighed down by the emotional baggage of what “might be”. I walked in renewed faith, out of the prison cell of what could happen, in order to grab hold of the freedom of what was happening. That simple act of personal and emotional realignment, was a moment of total liberation. It changed my world. I became the man I always knew I was meant to be, and my life was never the same.

Let me encourage you today to await the storm that is coming, and be in anticipation of it’s benefit in your life, not in fear of what damage it might bring. Get hold of your emotions and refuse to let something that is not even here, rule your life. Remember, all the victories you have gotten in the past ARE your reality. Let these be the truth you grab hold of for what is still on the way. The victories AND the failures have prepared you for every battle yet to come. By celebrating both, you will discover how to overcome. Relax, and be a pioneer rather than a prisoner. Learn to wait for, and face your storms when they finally arrive. Don’t worry even for a moment, before hand. You will be surprised at how quickly you can embrace the truth of your storm, and how much you will grow in the process. This, my friends, is life the way it was intended to be, and it is glorious!

The King’s Laundry

Years ago in the ancient earth, there lived a magnificent King. His might, power and love were unmatched by any other who ever did or ever would live. His kingdom was filled with such beauty and glory that no mortal words could adequately describe it. His castle walls were built of luminescent gold blocks, and powerful shafts of golden light rose from the ground to support the roofs of buildings that were made from brilliant, flawless diamonds. The majesty of all he had made could be seen over all the earth, and its reflection filled the night sky with movement, life and light.

Into this wondrous land, the King made and placed the crowning glory of his creation. His love brought forth men, women and children to enjoy all He had done. They wore spotless white cloths, and were told by the King that a day would come when He would be married, and He would give them all an invitation to join Him in His castle for the wedding. There was only requirement. They could only enter through His gate if their clothing was unsoiled, unstained, spotless and brilliant white.

To help them stay in this pure condition, the King sent His son to open a laundry. The people could freely bring their soiled clothes, any time, and the son would use his own special formula to return the clothes to their spotless condition. Some of the people made regular visits to the laundry, and these lived with joy and excitement. They were ready whenever the Kings should call the guests for His wedding. Some tried to wash their own clothes, thinking they were too busy to go to the laundry, and what they did would be good enough to get them into the wedding feast. Others felt they did not need to wash their clothes at all. They decided they would just live as they wished, and figure things out the best they could, if that call should ever come.

Late one evening, as the sun neared the horizon for the first time ever, the King sent out His swiftest messengers on horseback. They went throughout the Kingdom blowing golden trumpets and shouting, “Now is the time to come. The Kings wedding feast is ready! The castle doors are open, and all has been made ready for His Bride. You are all invited to come as His beloved guests, and enter into the joy, the laughter, the blessing, the feasting and the loving pleasure of your King. Look, the night is coming, and the King never intended for you to be in it.“

As night approached, the people streamed towards the Castle. Millions of them came from every valley and mountain, forest, village and town. They came with great expectation and wonder, knowing what was about to take place. They also came with a growing sense of fear and foreboding, as they saw and felt the thick darkness drawing near, and heard the screeching, growling and sinister snarls of the night beasts that came with it. The stench of death was in their breath and they were hungry for a terrible feast of their own.

Up to the castle grounds all the people ran. Everyone was excited to finally enter the full brilliance of what the King had created. The open castle doors in the distance were just magnificent, and they beaconed everyone to enter into the wedding feast of the King. Shafts of golden light flooded the sky, announcing what was about to take place, and the blast of gold and silver trumpets filled the air with joyous sounds of that great day. As the throng of people approach the castle, large angelic guards with flaming blue swords separated the growing mass into three lines, and this greatly perplexed everyone. There had never been a separation among them before. They had all felt the Kings love exactly the same, but now something had changed as the growing darkness was getting closer and closer.

As they all stood waiting to go in, they began to look at one another. Some were dressed in brilliant white but others realized they needed to take their garments to the Kings laundry to be washed. The spots and stains on their once white garments, stood out in the light that beamed from the castle. These ran off, only to find the King’s laundry was closed, and His son was no longer doing business. Others saw the ragged, dirty condition of their clothing and decided the King would have to take them as they were. He had always been loving, and patient with them, so they said to themselves, “whatever we have on will be good enough”.

The first in line were those who had taken their clothes to the Kings laundry to be washed and mended on a regular basis. They were brilliantly white, and beautifully adorned with metallic gold edging. The angles lifted their swords and allowed these to pass into the great wedding hall. There were shouts of joy, wonder and amazement that echoed back to all who were waiting their turn. This wonderful sound stirred everyone’s anticipation for what they all believed was about to come.

The second group, those who washed their own clothes, rather than taking them to the Kings laundry, were stopped before the open castle doors. They were shocked as the light of the Kings glory illuminated and magnified every spot, stain and wrinkle they had chosen to live with. A great cry of agony rose up as the great angelic guards pointed to the darkness and they were turned away. These realized there would be no entrance for them. They had chosen to live by their own standard, and because of that, they had rejected the King and all  He had asked to do.

Stretching out behind them, as far as the eye could see, were the multitudes who had openly refused to wash or go to the Kings laundry. These stubbornly and proudly wore their ragged, torn clothes. wherever they went. These garments, which were once white, were now filled with a foul stench, and had never been mended, or cleaned. These all stood like ragged beggars with eyes wide, watching as the darkness washed over them and the golden doors slowly closed. Some lifted their fists in anger at the King, cursing Him for their condition. Others bitterly wept and lamented, knowing it was now too late.

A great mourning rose up in all those who had refused to do what the King asked. Some were in pain, knowing they had missed their chance. Others were just left empty in soul and spirit. As they stood there in broken confusion, the screeching and wailing of the approaching darkness overtook them and swept them all away. When it was over, all that remained was the sound of the Kings wedding feast. As it filled the earth with joy and singing, the brilliance of a new dawn broke on the eastern horizon and the sound of love covered all the earth.

Which group will you be in when the King of Heaven and Earth sends out His call?


Biblical Moon

Straight From The Prophets Heart!

When a “supermoon” and a “blood moon” happen at the same time it’s a very rare event. That is called a “super blood moon”, and the next one will be on January 20th and January 21st. It occurs exactly 2 years after President Trumps inaguration. It will be visible in the United States, South America, western Europe and Africa.

In Biblical times, this event is considered to be a clear prophetic sign of God’s direct involvement and intervention in the affairs of a nation. May it be so today as well for the United States and our President.

A Life Unbroken


Some time ago I read an article about a man who began to interview survivors of the Nazi’s attempt to wipe out the Jewish people during WWII. These Holocaust survivors were living in various conditions, physically, emotionally and financially. Some were bitter and angry because they had lost relatives, homes, fortunes, land and for some, even their family history had been wiped away. They were broken people, living in a state of shock, and basically waiting to die. Others were less impacted by the atrocities, but were still the walking wounded. Memories of what they had suffered prevented them from living life to it’s full potential. They were broken so badly, it seemed impossible for them to ever find peace and satisfaction on this earth.

To his utter surprise, there was one group of Jews who had gone through the same Holocaust, but they were very different. They had also been beaten, experimented on, starved, brutalized and left for dead. Yet, these people did not refer to themselves as survivors. They did not have the residual depression, sorrow and melancholy that overwhelmed the others. Some were wealthy, some were not, but all of them were happy, and were enjoying a full, rich life. They had built wonderful family histories for themselves, and were sound in mind, emotions and body. This was an unexpected find, and the interviewer spent months tracking down many of these people. He asked them questions to uncover why they were so different, and what he discovered was quite significant. In fact, he found the key that allowed those people to live a life unbroken.

All of those interviewed were living a radiant, unbroken life and they had two things in common. The first thing was they had all learned the power of forgiveness. No matter how brutally they had been abused at the hands of German prison guards, they knew God wanted them to forgive all the evil that had been done to them. One man put it this way, “God showed me that refusing to forgive the evil done to me was like drinking poison and expecting my abusers to die. I realized that bitter unforgiveness never releases anyone. It holds people prisoner to a past they can not change. When I forgave the Nazi’s, they lost their power over me, and I set myself free”.

The second thing this group had in common was totally unexpected, but it was filled with insight. Like all the other death camp prisoners, they knew they were going to be murdered. They also knew there would first be abuse, torture and hated towards them for no apparent reason other than their beliefs. These people understood the Nazi’s had control over every aspect of their existence, but two. One man said this in his interview, “No matter what happened to me, I knew there were two things the Nazi’s could never control. They could not control my belief and they could not control how I responded to their torture.

I knew these two things drove my prison guards crazy. I decided from the beginning they would never, ever be able to control what I believed and how I chose to respond to what they did to me. When I still practiced my faith and I smiled and refused to cringe in fear, or beg for my life, something broke inside those guards. They hated me all the more, but it didn’t matter. My faith and my response put me in charge of my own fate, and there was nothing they could do about it. That gave me the strength, satisfaction and power to live as I chose, until my life was finally ended. I could not choose how I died, but I could choose how I lived. That reality caused the whole German army to do crazy things, and in essence it put us Jews in charge of them”.

The life of Dr Mike Evans, who founded the Jerusalem Prayer Team, echoes the sentiments above. He has lived a life of divine favor, even though the days of his youth were filled with deadly brutality. He overcame the physical and emotional trauma his father inflicted on him, and went on to meet with more heads of state, presidents and world leaders, than any other person alive today. His has a proven ministry as a respected prophet, to many world leaders. Mike has a teaching on living in the favor of God that confirms the above in so many ways. He has experienced God’s amazing favor first hand, and knows it can be unleashed to transform every believer who lives in the four principles of God’s Kingdom DNA. These are; radical humility, radical generosity, radical obedience and radical forgiveness.

This is the DNA of our Creator, and when we unlock it, God Himself is drawn to us, and gives us unlimited favor. As we prepare to launch into a new phase in life, let us also plan to unleash the favor of God on all our dreams, words, thoughts, travels and actions. We can come to a place of such radical surrender to Christ that our humility, generosity, obedience and forgiveness become the sweet incense of living worship to our Father in Heaven. Through these we can release the potential God placed within us, and never again be held captive by the actions, mistakes, hardness of heart and unkind words of those this world sends our way.

Today is the day you can set your heart to activate the DNA of God that is already within you. Ask God to unlock His spiritual blueprint for your life, and you will see the Kingdom unfolding in grand splendor every place you go. As you walk in the Spirit, you will quickly find yourself on an intercept course with the plans, power and majesty of God, in ways you never dreamed possible. Could it be that this is the set time for you to become an ambassador for His Kingdom? If you are willing to change, and purpose in your heart to do things His way, you also can also live a life that is unbroken. Best of all, as you walk in that favor, you will begin to help others live that way as well. Discover the potential of your spiritual DNA and your life will be filled with passion and purpose. This, my friends, is the power of God to live a life unbroken.

Christmas Miracle!

Christmas Truce 1914, as seen by the Illustrated London News.

One of the most well documented Christmas miracles ever, occurred during the early part of World War I. Hostilities had entered somewhat of a lull, and leaders from both sides began to reconsider their strategy when a stalemate occurred after the first few battles of the war. In the week leading up to December 25th, 1914, French, German and British soldiers decided to lay down their weapons and honor the Christmas season. They choose to come out of their trenches and exchange seasonal greetings, talk about family and share what life was like in their own villages. In some areas, men from both sides ventured into the war-torn no-man’s land between the lines, to mingle, exchange food and give each other gifts and souvenirs.

During this amazing “Christmas Peace”, there were joint burial ceremonies, and numerous prisoner swaps. Troops reported that meetings on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ended with enemies sharing meals together, laughing and singing traditional songs. The men gathered to play cards, and games of football and soccer. These became the most memorable images of newspapers that reported on that God-given truce. What made this so unusual was that the peaceful behavior was not universal. How strange it is to think that the fighting, and violent bloodshed, continued within ear-shot of those who had been over-shadowed by God’s Spirit. These men chose, against all reason, to gather in the midst of hatred and chaos, share food, show kindness and sing Christmas carols to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

On this Christmas morning, as I ponder the significance of the events above, I am struck by the power of human beings to choose what path they will take. We can do great good in the midst of an evil generation, or we can do nothing, and just go with the flow. The power of choice, given to us by God, is always there. We will either be an influence from God to move others in the right direction, or we will be silent, and let emotions, actions and hurtful words take us where we should not go. If God’s Spirit could empower men who were sworn to kill each other, to be at peace, how much more can He do through those of us who are dedicated to loving and serving Him now.

Just like the soldiers of the Christmas Miracle of 1914, we also can show the world what happens when we choose to follow the One who came to save us from our sins. Religion has no answer, and governments do not have a solution. Human effort will never bring about the peace that only God can do through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the reason for the season. Christmas is not just another holiday, or a gathering of family and friends that warms our heart. No! Christmas is so much more. It is the love of the Father poured out to us. It is the over-shadowing of the Holy Spirit, and the birthing of Jesus into a dark, angry world that needs what He brings so desperately.

Perhaps this beautiful Christmas day is the day you will lay down your weapons of hurt and fear. Perhaps you will feel God’s presence like those men did in 1914, and boldly step out into the open field of your war-torn life. I believe it’s time to give God a chance, and let Him do the things you think are impossible. He can do more in a second, than you ever dreamed possible in a lifetime. You just need to trust His leading, open up your heart to His will, and step out. If you will, 2019 could be your time to be at peace while others all around you are still at war. Give the best gift of all. Open your heart to God, and let your Christmas miracle come in. Life will never be the same! Merry Christmas!