William Emmons is an educator with a master degree and post-graduate studies in education and a minor in counseling and biblical theology. He is a retired mentor teacher for several schools in New York State and an apostolic board member of Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International who helps to oversee more than 4000 ministries globally. He is an international guest speaker, an author, the CEO and founder of Prophetic Destiny Ministry and the PDM Network. He and his wife Esther, travel nationally and internationally doing conferences, special meetings, leadership development seminars, marriage encounters, prophetic prayer and worship and other ministry related gatherings. In addition they pastor Life Christian Center Church in Johnstown, NY. (website: http://www.pdministry.org)

1 thought on “About

  1. Hi prophet Bill and Esther
    My name is Issa. We have met several times in Whitehall/Granville. We are about to make a move to Oklahoma. I’m having last minute jitters. The bank gave us some papers to sign that could make us homeless and without support to move. You both prophesied over us and it does fall in line with this move. Could you help us find the mind of God in this.
    God bless


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