The Determined Heart

20180520_153428_hdr45367612-e1526851428125.jpgThis picture was taken on the wedding day of an extraordinary couple; Peter & Jenny Taylor. They joined their lives together one rainy August day in Cascade Pass, in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Both of them are avid hikers and they had determined in their heart’s that this would be the only location their marriage could ever take place. Here you can see John lending a hand to his bride, so together they could fulfill their desire. In the middle of a foggy, rainy day, Jenny climbed the glacial boulder in her wedding gown. Her husband, in his wedding suit, reaches down from atop the “erratic”, on the shore of Cascade Lake, to assist her to achieve their goal. The couple then turned to the camera, stood arm in arm, and rejoiced. Their heart’s desire had been fulfilled.

Extraordinary lives don’t happen by chance. They are built day-by-day, around personal conviction, deliberate choice and a determined heart. They are forged in the furnace of unwavering dedication, and anchored to principles that hold fast and run true in any of life’s storms. In fact, those who achieve their dreams, find the trials that come only serve to reaffirm the path they have taken. These are not perfect people, and they may even be people we don’t agree with much of the time. That being said, they are people to be admired because they do the things others wish they had done. They achieve when multitudes have failed, and they flourish when the crowd of nay-sayers, and half interested onlookers have all but faded away.

Even the most uninvolved, boring, lack-luster life can find a divine spark of passion that gives it fresh meaning. The one who has lost vision and settled for the routine of “safe” living can break free from the bondage of a controlled, and controlling life. All it takes is a determined heart and a dream for something more, something out of the ordinary, something never done before. It could be learning to drive a motorcycle or buying and paddling a kayak. Perhaps it’s traveling to a new vacation spot or as simple as taking dancing lessons or starting to write that book you always dreamed about. The sky is the limit, your imagination and dreams are the guide, and the determination in your heart is the switch that sets it all in motion.

You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest, swim the English Chanel or qualify for the next Winter Olympics for this to be a valid life-changer. It just has to be your dream, tied to the determination in your heart. With the first step you take toward that new goal, things will begin to be different. A spark will be ignited that will not easily be extinguished. Just like Jenny Taylor, God will have those with you who can lend a helping hand when you need it. However, you will be the one growing, learning, changing and walking it out one day at a time, through the storms of life that come.

Want an extraordinary life that matters to you and to others? It comes by way of a personal dream that gets fulfilled through a determined heart. The Bible says; “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”. Truer words were never spoken. What you determine within has a divine ability to connect to the dream you always had, but never acted upon. Move in the right direction, and life will forever be changed. That choice, my friends, is up to you. Stay safe and secure, and you will surely blend into the woodwork of life, unharmed and unchallangegd in every way. Or, you can dream with determination like Peter and Jenny, take a risk and end up doing what others envy. You may pay a price, be hurt, need help and even fail at times, but the rewards of a fulfilled dream are worth it all. Once you discover this uncharted, amazing territory you will never want to go back.

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