Caught In The Grip Of BI

Over the years I have witnessed many different levels of, and reasons for, ignorance. Some of it was induced by multiple generations of a welfare poverty mentality, and some came because of high school drop-out followed by the inability to get a good job. Some came through drugs and alcohol, while others embraced ignorance because of rebellion to authority. This was usually punctuated by a lifestyle of crime and repeted stays in jail. Whatever the reason, there is yet one more occurrence of ignorance that is most tragic of all. This is BI – Blind Ignorance!

The grip BI  has on those who are mindlessly following, and emotionally manipulated by it, is extreme. This crippling ideology is painfully evident in those who lost the last presidential election. The inability to coop with or face life, irrational fear of elected officials, public displays of despondency and confusing truth with unfounded rumors are all part of this new bizarre malady. Grown adults need comfort pets, play dough therapy and child regression sessions in order to return to work or college classes, and get through their grieving process. Why? Well…  things didn’t go their way and they don’t know how to accept it….. REALLY??!!

BI afflicts the well educated and the uneducated. It infects those who have been taught selective US history rather than documented historical truth. It invades college campuses through liberal professors, and is found in high school classrooms that exchange traditional education for social indoctrination. It is evident in liberal courtrooms where frivolous lawsuits are accepted as a way for “victims” to rake in millions of dollars rather than do an honest day’s work. It is seen where activist judges of lower courts stop an entire branch of the US government and hold the country hostage by keeping it from protecting it’s citizens of the invasive  aggression of a violent religious ideology . Youth sports programs promote it when they incorrectly assert that every kid deserves a trophy, no matter how mediocre their skill level or uncommitted they were to the team.

Saddest of all, it arises in emotionally driven mobs who take to the streets without really knowing why. These groups accept any information from any source that supports their current emotional state. Being so openly distressed and driven by a herd mentality, they refuse to look at the actual facts that might unravel their newest cause. They scream their latest mantra while blocking traffic, and wearing pink “V” hats that represent female genetalia. Keep in mind, this is the same group that claimed they were ready to run the nation. How scary is that??? 

When we observe those who are driven by B I , we see logic, honor, compassion, free speech and the rule of law all get thrown to the wind. The collective mindset becomes the ruling force, and the raging voices suspend the legal rights of  those not in the flow. Celebrities chime in as “experts” to be reckoned with, and the news media jumps in with one overblown report after a another to verify the “crisis” and vilify any opposition. Basically, B I  means things revert back to what ruled during the French Revolution or the slave trade of Africa. This is the idea that “might and misinformation makes right”. If you are well funded,  loud enough, violent enough and disruptive enough, long enough,  you MUST be right.

Does this kind of disruptive socialism sound strangely familiar? It should, because it’s what started happening since the historic election of President Trump. It is world history on rewind. In fact, historical truth is full of clear examples provided for us by Marks, Lenin, Alynski , Mau Tse Tung and Hitler. All of these used the same pattern of social unrest, mob rule and B I  to force their utopian ideals on an unsuspecting and uninformed public. Once emboldened by lawless unrest, that goes unpunished, the ideology spreads. When it comes to illegitimate anarchy, B I is the preferred weapon of choice because it works at a gut level on uninformed, emotional mobs. Most importantly,  emotionally driven mobs identify with B I  rather quickly and react to it with unisoned ease.

So what is the solution to a world that is being swept up and carried away by one blind, emotionally ignorant, deliberately planted, half-truth after another? As people march, and burn, and shout their way past reason, free speech and free elections, what is the antidote to such viral, misinformed stupidity?  Very simply put,  it’s truth…BIBLICAL TRUTH! Fresh relationship with God and His Word, can rescue nations. Teach it, embrace it, dig for it, hold on to it and don’t move until you know you have it.

In addition, go back to the roots of real journalism and let investigative reporting uncover the documented facts. Learn what was actually said or done, and by whom. Expose people to the context, not just the content  of statements. Interview who was actually present as an eye witness at the time, and print their observations, rather than what sells copy. Honest, genuine journalism. Imagine that! The evening news actually containing factual news of interest like it did when reported by Chet Huntly, David Brinkly and Walter Cronkite.

Until we remove political agendas, deliberate slanting of information,  blatant bias and “leaked” misinformation, designed to incriminate the opposition, there will be no return to civilized life as we know it. News agencies and reporters need to stop editorializing, stop demonizing and  stop criticizing. Investigate, uncover the truth, factualize and confirm the information you have collected. Only then are you fit to  report those findings to the public. Any personal commenting beyond the unvarnished facts is NOT your call, and does not help the nation.

Finally, we must embrace our foundational faith in God once again. That means we must face the reality of what does not work. Religions, cults, livestyles and political ideologies that are incompatible with, resistant to and hostile against a Biblically sound lifestyle must go. If it is in conflict with God’s word, then it’s not for us. We are a constitutional republic with a governing body that set in place clearly defined laws, courts and law enforcement. These were all built on biblical principles, and were established to protect the honest, support the helpless and punish the lawless. 

 Move away from that truth and this system will degrade, continue to falter and ultimately fail. Our founders knew that such an experimental system would only work in a society of godly, moral and honest people. As we have slipped from these foundational moorings, we have lost the very anchor that brought stability, clarity and vision that made our nation great. 

So in all this,  what is the real enemy we should be fighting? It’s BI, blind ignorance, that inflames ignorant, emotional activism. If we dedicate ourselves to unfolding the truth, and expose this generation to historical facts, rather then selective history, the nation will find healing. If we defend biblical morality rather than embrace the personal preferences of every broken soul, the nation will find direction. If we honor one another with honest communication, rather than take to the streets screaming down everything in opposition, the nation will find peace. 

My question of the day is quite simple, are we willing to lay aside our own agendas in order to obtain what this nation needs? Are we willing to look to Him who can rescue us from our own depravity? That answer, my friends, is within your heart and held in hands. Perhaps it is time for us to all be silent, let faith, prayer, biblical  truth, reason and the rule of law guide our actions once again. Who knows… God may yet deliver us from ourselves, and restore this nation we love called America.