The Lincoln Effect


The United States is currently at a turning point as a nation. Only once in our history have we found ourselves in such a difficult and dangerous position. That occurred just prior to the Civil War in the 1860’s, during the election of Abraham Lincoln and it brought about the “Lincoln Effect”. Liberal Democrats, who had continually vote against ending slavery, were unable to place their man in the White House and Republicans secured the nation and the freedom of tens of thousands of blacks slaves. These slaves lived broken lives of poverty and abuse at the hands of big money southern plantation owners. These  same plantation owners thanked the Northern Democrats by providing lucrative business deals and cash donations to line their bulging pockets.

When Lincoln was finally confirmed the winner in this hotly contested election, the dynamics of the whole nation and government changed. The liberal Democrats in authority, and the wealthy landowners who supported them, lost their power base and place of hidden influence. Lincoln’s election exposed the corrupt system for what it was, and the halls of Congress began to echo the cry’s of freedom rather than hide the whispers of maintaining the status quo.

The historical records are very clear. The Republican rule that came when Lincoln was elected changed the fabric of the nation. It prevented us from falling headlong into an economy driven by slaves, ruled by the wealthy and controlled by greedy, unethical politicians. Because the common people had raised up and supported an unlikely champion, life for everyone hung in the balance. The common people had opened their mouths to support their candidate, and when Election Day came, they voted with a view towards righteousness that shocked the political pundits.

The shock was that they voted Lincoln into office knowing what he was proposing to do. He would bring an unavoidable and deadly conflict right to the center of Washington, DC, and into the heart of the nation. If he succeeded he would heal the nation, if he did not, the nation would be forever divided and never the same. The good people of this country were convinced that this painful change was necessary to put us back on track. They were willing to follow Lincoln’s lead and embrace his leadership even though he was not a polished politician, and had a string of failures haunting his background. History has indeed confirmed that Lincoln was God’s man for that hour.

I believe that Donald Trump is in our day, just such a man as Lincoln was in his. In the eyes of many people Trump is the most unlikely person to run for President, much less win that race. He is not polished, he has no political experience and he is more like a CEO than a Commander In Chief. Yet, there is something about him that demands respect and has drawn tens of millions to his side. He simply defies every explanation and continues to rise afresh from what his critics are convinced is a death spiral. He is unorthodox and speaks the brutal truth. He cares more about getting the job done than being politically correct. To put it honestly, he is the breath the fresh air that people have been waiting for, and others have feared.

Anything the liberal, progressive Democrats have to offer in this election is of the same caliber that their counterparts did in Lincoln’s day. It’s just more of the same failed policies that have brought us to the current place of division, racial tension, unemployment, national debt, weakened military strength, unsecure borders and vulnerability to terrorist attacks. This elephant in the room has the word Democrat written all over it. Call it something else, point the finger and shift the blame to what happened a decade ago, but this baby is all your doing and you can’t run away from it by running with a corrupt politician who lies the way Hillary does.

Democrats want to just keep things moving as they are, and please don’t rock the boat. Let’s keep the money flowing, the favors going and the people in the dark. Let’s pile on more national debt, heap on the taxes, hand out more “free” stuff. Oh yes, be sure to keep the welfare high and make it available to every illegal alien who breaks the law to get across the border. Stack up thousands of pages of new regulations, run by unelected bureaucrats to discourage independent small business owners and force successful businesses to pay even more. Then, force people to get government run health care that covers nothing while you jack up their premiums and their deductibles to all time highs. Finally, and here is the good part, criminalize and fine those who don’t want or can’t afford this disastrous, inferior health insurance.

We have been lied to, kept in the dark, scammed, taken advantage of and had our trust violate in the most egregious and outrageous ways. Yet now this same, lawless “political rapist” is asking us to vote her back into the place of ultimate power?? The very one who was in power when this violation happened, the one who voted to put all this in place, now wants us to empower her again? Only a masochist, an insane person or a demoniac would do such a thing! I thank God the bulk of Americans are no such thing!!!!!

Trump as president…. Absolutely!!!…… In a heartbeat! There is nothing else to say. Come November 8th, 2016, when Donald Trump is elected, we will have a president to be proud of, a strong national leader who loves America, and a clear voice that speaks for the people. It’s time to clean house and set off in a new direction with someone who is not afraid to speak the truth and do what needs to be done. Drain the swamp, wash out the mud and let’s get back to the clarity of American life, liberty and security as our founders intended it to be. God Bless America …. and deliver us from evil!  May the “Lincoln Effect” be felt in our land once again!

2 thoughts on “The Lincoln Effect

  1. You do realize the republicans of Lincoln’s time were essentially modern-day democrats of today? As a religious leader, you’re obligated to be truthful in your narrative. Also, I’m in complete shock regarding your comment ‘hand out “free” stuff’. How can you talk like that?? I’m an atheist and even I’m empathetic enough to help out those in need.

    The fact that you’re disingenuous in this post, in addition to supporting someone as sleazy and false as Trump, implies that politicizing issues is more important to you than anything else.

    This country will never move forward if people continue to get their information from opinion news, social media memes, and misinformed leaders.

    I implore you to do what’s right. Please, have a change of heart and fill out the petition dozens of evangelical leaders have filled out. Stop encouraging the hate-machine.


    • Well Robert, thank you for sharing your opinions in this blog. I am not an atheist and never have been so needless to say I don’t understand your frame of reference or point of view. however I will always defend your right to share your opinions and welcome them whether I agree with or not. That’s the great thing about America.. We can disagree and still share our ideas without being condescending or belittling to one another. Thanks again!

      That being said,lets address your comments in the order they were laid down. 1. Having taught American History in High School for many years I know you don’t realize the information you have been fed about democrats of Lincoln’s day is a fallacy promoted over the last 25 years. opinion I believe it came through liberal democrates trying to divorce themselves from their own failed ideology. Thats just my theory on the subject. Thus I did speak the truth as an honest man. Check the historical evidence on how democrats voted and it becomes painfully clear. There was no need for you to become critical towards me or starting name calling by using the word disingenuous in connection with my religious beliefs. Let’s not go there it’s very unattractive and provides no clear path to what might promote good dialogue. In this forum it is simply not necessary to attack my character when you know nothing about me and I know nothing about you other than we are two men who feel very passionately about the direction of America. 2.the them “hand outs” refers to the financially unsustainable policy democrats tend to use in making the less fortunate dependent on “free” government handouts that are not free, rather than independent, self sufficient and productive people who can get their dignity back. Again.. This is my opinion based on what I see in the news media. 3. Your willingness to ignore the lies, criminal activity and raw corruption of Hillary Clinton would lead me to believe you don’t really check the facts from a clear, investigative perspective. I am.not criticizing you.. I am asking if you have really looked at what Hillary has actually done in violation of our constitution, federal and state laws. It is massive and shocking to say the least. 4. I agree with you that this country can only move forward as we work together from the foundational truth as that made this country great. I believe President Trump will do just that with your support and mine. 5. Never equate speaking the truth with hate. It has been well said that those who hate the truth believe speaking the truth is hate. May we all come to know the difference and embrace the truth because only the truth can set you free. Thanks again..and have a great day! Bill


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