Dropping The “T” Bomb – A Trump Election

5356bc9ed4933The first atom bomb ever to be used was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan  on August 6, 1945 (pictured left) and a second was exploded on August 9th at Nagasaki (pictured right). The bombs vaporized thousands of buildings and killed nearly 150,000 people in  a total of about 10 seconds. By the end of 1945, it is estimated that nearly 300,000 people died in all from the protracted effects. Modern historians have now decided to declare these as monstrous acts of inhumanity yet few honestly consider what the outcome would have been if the United States had not decided to take these drastic steps to end a war that was engulfing the entire planet.

The “Axis Powers” was signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan on September 27th, 1940 in Berlin, Germany. These three countries secretly had agreed to work as one in order to redefine the power structure, military balance, finances, education, communication and systems of government throughout the entire world. If their aggression succeeded, they planned to carve all the nations of the world up. Imperialism would rise with Japan under a ruling family, Fascism would rise with Italy under a ruling socialist, and Nazism would rise with Germany under a ruling dictator. Their ideology was that all humanity would only find perfect unity through submission or genocide. Take ISIS and increase that to a global level and now you understand the basics of what happened in World War II.

The leaders of the free world clearly understood what was at stake in the contest that faced them. They remembered what World War 1 had done to Europe and were determined that nothing would shake the security of the world’s nations like that again. Other than the naïve, anemic and myopic leadership of Nevil Chamberlin, the leaders of the “Allied Powers” saw things for what they really were, and they knew it would take a lot more than just words on paper to stop what was happening across several continents. The solution was simple; end quickly what others had started. Thus, work was begun on what became known as the “Manhattan Project”.

The Manhattan Project was a secret military research and development project begun in Manhattan, NY in 1942. It was designed to produce the first U.S. nuclear weapon. There was fear that Nazi Germany would build and fire a similar nuclear device using one of it’s U2 rockets that were pounding London nightly. With this launch system in hand they could threaten and destroy virtually any place on the planet. Once the U.S. knew German scientists were hard at work on this, it triggered the start of the Manhattan Project. The most brilliant minds in the world were assembled to build a device that would terrify and shock our enemies into a full and absolute surrender. To everyone’s surprise, in 1945 they had succeeded in doing just that.

Amazingly enough, when the first nuclear test happened in the desert of New Mexico, the scientists present wondered if a chain reaction might be set off that would blow up the entire world. Think of it, their resolve was so great, that they were willing to end everything rather than live under the prisonal rule of the Axis Powers. This is leadership on a grand scale. It staggers the imagination and troubles the mind, yet it is the kind we so desperately need in our day. It is leadership that is more desperate to live free and think for themselves, than it is to live in controlled cowardice under the false security of absolute domination. Show me a man or woman like Churchill, Thatcher or Reagan and I will show you the person who has my vote because they alone are worthy to lead this nation of ours.

I am sick of leaders who serve themselves and bow down to every special interest, lobby group and ideology the world has to offer. I am disgusted with those in power who use their position and authority to live a privileged life at the expense of those they swore to serve. More than that, I am angry and left feeling betrayed by every politician I trusted who said they spoke for me, yet did nothing toward that end. Like it or not, we have been lied to, ignored and silenced by those who assured us they would turn this nation around because we gave them a majority voice in the halls of Government.

This could be the time to revive the “Manhattan Project” once again and drop the “T” bomb. What I am talking about is a political nuclear device that is headquartered in Manhattan, NY. It’s the “Trump” bomb! Is it excessive, destructive and almost frightening? Yes! But I fear the political establishment and what it has built for itself more than the fallout of what Donald Trump will cause when he explodes on the scene. Will there be a mess to clean up? No doubt! Will others be caught unexpectedly in the aftermath? I am sure that is a yes as well. However, I am at a point, like so many Americans, that the danger he presents is worth the risk of ending what got us into this mess in the first place.

I do not think Donald Trump is the best solution for America, but if he is the Republican nominee, then conservative America must get behind him. I say drop the “T” bomb on Washington if that’s the one picked, and let him clean house. It’s time to take America back and restore it’s foundation of free enterprise and free thought. It’s time to secure it’s borders, affirm it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, and reestablish an honorable path to American citizenship and American culture. We are a nation that embraces all cultures, but we must be Americans first and our laws, our language and our boundaries are what make this so. I believe Trump is a man who will do just that.

If the Democrats, who now embrace socialism, take the Whitehouse again, we as a free thinking, independent, entrepreneurial nation are done. Obama Care will be fully instituted into every level of society, and those who refuse it will continue to be called criminals and fined. Government intrusion and control will exponentially increase, personal freedoms will continue to be eroded away and we will end up bankrupt like the socialist nations of Europe. The America that kept it’s people and the world safe, will be gone forever. Is that really what you want? I know I don’t! Honestly, I would much rather drop the “T” bomb and just start over. That is not my first choice, but if it is my only choice then I say, “Bomb’s Away ! ” and hang on for the ride!