Thanksgiving, A Season Of Memories

harvest 2

I must admit that this is my favorite season of the year.  I certainly am not looking forward to the snow that is just around the corner, or the need to go warm up and scrape the frost off my vehicle in the morning.  I don’t love cranking up the snow blower or having to bundle up in layers of clothing or putting on warm hats, scarves and gloves. Truth is, I  am already counting the days till spring and trout season arrive.Yet the late Fall is still  at the top of my list when it  comes to a favorite time of year.The reason for this is quite simple.

Late Fall is filled with smells,  colors, foods, people and places that bring back wonderful memories of years gone by. Some  are from my childhood,  some are from when my son’s were growing up and others are connected to the years my wife Esther and I have spent together.  This rich tapestry of life is woven together In such a way that I am transported whenever I smell a turkey roasting or a pie baking in the oven. I am in my childhood again on upper Saiint Regis Lake when  I feel a cold north wind that smells of earthy forest and crisp brown leaves. I am living in Ephratah, NY once again,  tracking the blood trail of an 8 point buck with my son Matthew every time Thanksgiving afternoon comes around.

For me, this season and Thanksgiving in particular, is more than just a holiday where we gather around the table to eat,  share precious time together and get reconnected. It is a time machine of flavors,  smells, tastes and textures. It is family and food, laughter and living, aromas and sounds that restore my soul, connect me to my past and unite me with those things that have made me what I am. It is a savory dish of nostalgia and a delicious steaming slice of the past and the  future all rolled into one.  It is a renewal and a reminder of life itself!

Let me encourage you to consider  building a few memories of your own around this  season of the year.  Allow the sounds and smells,  colors and changes to find a place in your heart and mind.  Do special things with family and friends that connect it all together.  Jump in a pile of leaves.  Go to a cider mill, drink hot spiced cider and have a few cider donuts.  Walk in a pumpkin patch,  go tag your Christmas tree or cook that turkey with your own special dry rub and stuffing. Bake a few pies with you kids and grandkids or make those special cookies.  Go sit by a fire at night and cook bacon or cheese on a stick. The key is to do something that will speak to the heart and stick in the emotions and mind.

Live life as it was ment to be  and you will build memories that enrich your life and the lives of those who love you.  Think about what you can do to make those around you slow down, turn off the smart phone and enjoy living that moment.  Such things may not change the nation but they will change you and those you love. When all is said and done isn’t that what is really important?  Isn’t that  what makes the best memories? Now go live your life and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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