Looking For Your Frontal Boundary

front line clouds

The picture above is one I just took right here in upstate New York. We live in the foothills of the Adirondack’s and this time of year cold, dry Canadian air begins moving into our area. The wind shifts to the north and the low hanging clouds and fog that are common in the Fall begin to swirl about, lift and then quickly move southward. All morning this northern flow of air flooded over our area and it finally produced the very unique atmospheric event in the picture about 11am.

This is called a frontal boundary and it marks the exact place where the atmosphere has completed this radical change. The cold dry air mass from Canada came in like a wedge and displaced the warmer, wet air mass that had been in our area giving us unseasonably warm, wet weather for days. The cloud line you see is the upper level of moisture in the retreating air mass. Behind it is nothing but clear, dry, cold air and blue sky. The change is rather dramatic and it’s impact is profound in the area. No doubt we will have clear sky’s tonight, and clear cooler days to follow.

I gave you this brief lesson in meteorology because it drove a point home about life for me that people often miss. Every season in life life has it’s frontal boundaries. That is, every season you go through will finally reach a turning point where the wind shifts and the atmosphere is going to clear. The thing is, when this process first starts we often don’t understand what is going on so we miss the benefit that is about to come our way. If we fail to be patient, and will not wait for what is surely coming, we will miss the great blessing that is just on the horizon.

What’s interesting, is that when the process starts it really gets messy. The wind picks up, changes direction and it quickly starts to get colder. Next the fog and drizzle are moved about in unpredictable ways and that can drive the hardiest soul for cover. However, all the activity and motion that looks so nasty, and feels so uncomfortable, is simply a sign that change is in the atmosphere. The mess is simply one indicator that better things are just ahead. It’s the storm before the calm…so to speak! Unless you know this, and recognize the signs for what they really are, you will misinterpret what is happening, run for cover and miss the frontal boundary that is about to come.

Has life become messy lately and the winds of change blown about you? Do you feel the drizzle and see the fog of uncertainty swirling around you and want to run for cover? Perhaps it’s time to sit back, relax and recognize those signs for what they really are. Hold your ground, wait patiently and begin to look up with anticipation. The moment you see that clear line in the sky, you will also be able to see the dramatic change for good that is just about to overtake your life. Press through the shifting winds, look beyond the present cold rain and hold your ground in the confusing mist of life.

If you will simply wait a little bit longer things will clear up and life will make sense once again. Look for the frontal boundary in your storm. It is there waiting to be revealed! The moment you see that line of demarcation in the sky, know that your deliverance is right behind it! My suggestion? If you are in the storm anyway, why not bring along a bar of soap and get cleaned up while you wait !

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