What’s Really Important?

It’s been a month since my last blog and I make no apologies for it. Life gets busy sometimes and to keep it in proper perspective you have to decide what your priorities are. In the past month several people I love died, we took a much needed vacation on the mid Atlantic coast, my book, now available on Amazon, has a companion workbook,  a dear friend is now fighting the cancer battle with intense treatments in the hospital and another friend is at this very moment under the knife, getting a quadruple by-pass heart surgery. Thus, my priorities have been, and are,  elsewhere.

My questions is simple. Is writing a blog necessary or even very important? Well, in the grand scheme of my life it ranks down there with mowing the law or feeding the birds outside. It’s one more thing to do…. if I have the time. Yet I enjoy it once it’s done. Honestly it’s not a priority but the idea that someone, anyone for that matter, might find my thoughts worthy of reading is rather fascinating. The fact is, I am so caught up in actually living my life that I rarely have time to write about it, much less read the blogs of others. So I certainly don’t expect to have thousands hanging on my words.

So why do I write, and why does anyone write a blog? Is  it is to let others know we are here, and we have things to say that may be important? Is it to have our voice and ideas heard above the deafening roar and rush of life? In my mind I believe it is because we want others to know what is really important to us. We want someone else to know what gives life meaning for us. By doing so, in some small way it validates who we are, what we do and why we do it. At it’s best, it defines what is really important to us at this moment in life.

Does that sound strange to you? It does to me because these things came to us a very different way when I was a kid growing up in the late 1950’s and 1960’s in small town America. Our life found its focus and meaning around the breakfast and dinner table.  Every morning and night we ate together as a family and we actually talked. Nobody texted, tweeted, answered a cell phone or sent an instant message. It was face to face, and heart to heart dialogue while we shared our meals and sat together. Those conversations brought meaning to life, clarity to our souls and personal contact that kept us connected as a family. In a very real and tangible way those meals together were life, and they were wonderful!

My heart goes out to this current generation because for the most part, they have no idea what I am talking about. Time together ……around the breakfast and dinner table?  Ya right! Today it’s a pop tart breakfast and a coffee grabbed on the way to school or work. It’s a drive through grease burger, fries and a coke as we head for sports practice, extra college classes or late night work at the office. There are overpriced house, new cars, RV’s and personal luxury items to be paid for. There are second vacation homes, personal goals to be met and business empires to build. These are what have replaced life as it should be, and our families and personal relationships have all been sacrificed on the altar of “self indulgence” to obtain them. My opinion of all this?  It has been a very poor trade!

Do I offer a solution to the above? Well .. I guess I do, but you might not like it. First of all you need to step back, slow down and decided what REALLY matters in life. Is it marriage, children, career, family, friends or something else? How do you decide that? Simple…. imagine you are on your death bed right now. You have but two days left to live. Who do you want to see, what do you want to say, who will you desperately miss, who will miss you and how do you want others to remember you? Your answer to those questions are important because they are your real priorities.

The good news is you are probably not two days away from death and can actually do something about it. You can connect those priorities into the time you still have left. But….. will you do it? Today could be  YOUR day. It could be THE day of transformation you’ve been needing. All it takes is a decision. Choose to take the time and make the plan. Give room for your priorities to manifest and who knows, you might rediscover the wonder of eating a meal together around the table and learn the art of good conversation. There is nothing like it this side of heaven, and no better way to discover the wonder of those around you. If you want to discover what really matters in life, this is a great place to start. Now go out there and begin to really live the life you still have left!