Prophetic Signs To America

washingtom monument damage

The photo shows a small portion of the damage done to the Washington Monument when a 5.9 earthquake hit Washington DC on August 23, 2011. It took 3 years to fully restore the structure and repair the damage so that it could be reopened to the public in 2014 on May 10th at 10am. Why do I mention this? I mention it because this particular monument is of special interest to America and to our way of life. It is what the Bible calls an “Ebenezer”, a stone of memorial for something God did not want the people to ever forget.

The concept finds its roots in the Bible where in Joshua, chapter 4, twelve men are commanded to pick up 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan River. Here God parted the waters and the nation walked across on dry ground. The men were to carry the stones into the Promised Land and stack them in the place they lodged. This stack was to be an “Ebenezer”, or stones of remembrance, that would be there as a sign for the generations that followed. When succeeding generations asked what these stone were they would be told about the amazing things God did in that very spot. They would be an undeniable reminder of where Israel came from, what God did for them and how they were to live out that godly heritage.

Interestingly enough, on the exact same day as the Washington Earthquake, the following things also happened in history as prophetic signs to the nations.  1903 – during the 6th Zionist Congress, Theodor Herzl declared Israel as a Jewish state, 1929 – Arabs make one of the first bloody attacks against Jews living in Israel, 1939Molotov-Ribbentrop pact is signed where Eastern Europe is divided between Hitler & Stalin, 1953 USSR performs a nuclear test in defiance to international law, 1958 Chinese Civil War breaks out with the People’s Liberation Army’s bombardment of Quemoy, 1963  US performs a major nuclear test at its Nevada Test Site, 1975  USSR performs another massive nuclear test in defiance to international law at Novaya Zemlya USSR, 1976 – Heavy earthquake hits China and thousands die, 1982 USSR performs yet another nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR, 1987 Violent rainfall and floods hit in Bangladesh where multitudes are killed, 1996 – Osama bin Laden issues message entitled “A declaration of war against the Americans occupying the land of the two holy places”, 2005 – Hurricane Katrina first forms over the Bahamas to become a category 5 hurricane that would cause historic damage to America, 2013 – 50 people are killed in mosque bombings in Tripoli, Lebanon 2013  26 people are killed and 55 are injured by a suicide bombing in Baghdad, Iraq, 2013  UN inspectors are stopped by Syrian government from investigating and inspecting a chemical massacre.

All of the above and much more happened on the date of August 23. Each of these stand out as prophetic warnings of things that were yet to come. Thus the events that hit washington on that date in 2011 were very significant from a prophetic point of view. What people don’t know is that strangely enough, the Washington Monument, God’s Ebenezer,  was the only structure in Washington DC that sustained any sizeable damage in that 2011 earthquake. What most people also don’t know is what is upon and in the Washington Monument. That is what makes the damage to it such a prophetic sign to our nation.

To being with, engraved on the monuments aluminum capstone are the words “Laus Deo”, which means “Praise To God!”. The city’s founding fathers in Washington insisted that “Praise To God” must to be the first thing highlighted by the sun in the morning and the last thing highlighted by it as it set over Washington at night. Thus having “Praise To God” as the high place in the city was very important. Next,  lining the walls of the monuments stairwell are massive blocks of stone carved with many Bible passages. The phrases “Holiness To The Lord”, “Search The Scriptures” and “Train Up A Child In The Way He Should Go”, are just a few of those eternal bits of wisdom that greet and guide every person as they ascend that stairway.

In other words, when the Washington Monument was built, it was specifically designed to make common the knowledge that our nation’s capital and the nation itself was solidly grounded in God, and His unchangeable Word. As long as that foundation was remembered and clung to, America would stay strong and it would elect righteous leaders to serve the people. If we ever forgot this “Ebenezer” we would be in deep trouble. Thus, the fact that only this monument, this “Ebenezer” to America, was damaged in the 2011 earthquake is a significant prophetic fact we cannot and must not ignore.

If we continue down the path we are now headed, more than just the Washington monument will suffer damage. The cracks to it’s structure are a prophetic symbol of the brokenness that has hit our nation. Lifestyles of same-sex sin are now legal, children in the womb are cut up and their body parts sold to the highest bidder, fornication is embraced and promoted in every movie while commercials are now sexualized in every way. There are websites that promote pornography of every kind and others that encourage infidelity in marriage as a way to be happy. Even our children in public schools are being indoctrinated at the earliest possible age to embrace and accept things that would have sent people to jail 50 years ago. We are truly a nation in spiritual, moral and ethical decline and there seems to be no one willing to put on the breaks to stop it.

God is trying to get our attention with what happened to the Washington Monument. My question is, “ Can we see it and are we listening?” Can we see the brokenness of that monument and let this “Ebenezer” remind us what we once were, and what we can yet be? Will we lift our eyes to its capstone and once again give “Praise To God” as our founding fathers intended? Will we ascend its stairway and read the wisdom, the biblical truths that are carved into its foundational walls? More than that, will we apply what we read and return to that which once made us great?

Of note is the fact that it took three years to repair the structure. With that three years of repair it was deemed safe once again and reopened to the public. I don’t believe that was by chance. God is a triune God. He is three and yet one. Could it be that the three years represent His very nature and existence. I believe this is just one more prophetic statement to us about our national need to turn back to God so that we also can be deemed safe and sound once again.
If we will not return to God who gave us and blessed us in this nation, and repent as a nation, there will come another great shaking that will rock us to the core. These events will either bring us to our knees or to our grave. How it turns out is completely up to us. May God grant us the insight to do what is really pleasing in His sight! May we elect righteous people who love God, who love this nation, and will restore it as a world leader that is genuinely seeking “The Truth” as one nation under God.

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