The Torch Runners

tourch runner

On page 32 of his book “Fan The Flame”, Stowell J. Moody writes of a unique race that was part of the ancient Greek Olympic games. The Greeks ran this particular race at one point in the games and it was the favorite of those who attended. In this race the winner was not the runner who simply finished first. No, the winner was the runner who crossed the finish line first with his torch still lit. One moment of distraction, a gust of wind or too long a delay could end the race at any moment. Once the finish line was crossed the flame was then use to light other torches so that the games could go on.

This special race demonstrated a quality that so many today have lost, or simply ignored. It confirmed that personal care and focus on the task at hand is of primary importance if reaching the goal is to have any significance. The point is, when we live each day in a careless and distracted way, life has no meaning. Worse than that, if we run carelessly, when we reach our goal will our flame be out, or will we be able to pass something of value along to those who are with us?

When I listen to the nightly news it is often filled with distractions that can snuff out the flame I have for enjoying life. I hear the aggressive rhetoric of those on the far left who want to rewrite American history, and redefine our American culture. I see laws being forced upon this magnificent nation that seek to redefine what “normal” is for marriage, gender, sexual behavior, personal life and family structure. I hear with frustration the weak, empty, spineless responses of our current leaders to terrorism, open borders, national security, crime and open rebellion to our nation’s laws. I am ashamed to say it makes me consider and wish for things I should not, on how to eliminate these people from political office.

Worst of all I see the youth of our nation caught in the flooding cesspool of political correctness. To their credit, many are honestly searching for the truth rather than blindly accepting what is being fed to them by teachers and the media. It is this search for the truth by a new generation that gives me great hope for what is to come. There are torch carriers in this race we are all running that are looking at the lay of the land and carefully considering how their race is to be run.

To the shock of old school politicians and the liberal left, there are a few torch carriers I have met who really do care about the truth, and do want to finish well. These are the ones who understand the value of our Christian foundation and they know the power a work ethic has to pull the nation together. They value life, all life, and will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent, stand with the helpless and speak for the voiceless. They are not victims who do nothing but complain, burn cities to the ground, and hold on until the next government handout shows up in the mailbox. No, these people have the real American spirit. They create their own jobs and use the mind they have to improve themselves and those around them.

This is the America I know and love, and it is the America my father and grandfathers before him cherished. These men did not look for help, they looked for ways to help others! They did not whine and complain because they lacked opportunity, they used what they had to create their own opportunity! They did not ignorantly burn cities to the ground, they beautified them from the ground up. They read and studied, labored and put forth the effort needed to change the life they had into the life they wanted.

These are the people who bought an inexpensive house that they actually could afford, and poured the time, and money they saved, into it to make it the house they loved, and raise their family in. They started at the bottom and through planning, effort and dedication worked their way up. They did not use their color, economic status or country of origin to gain an undeserved advantage over others. They used their brains and their backs to be an advantage to those who hired them, or had the good fortune of living near them. They did not look to be improved because they were a victim, they caused improvement as one who had decided to be a victor.

This is the real America, and I am looking for the torch runners who still believe in it. I want to help them go all the way with their flame still lit for the ideals and truths that made this nation great. I really do believe we can be a great nation once again. We must leave behind the policies of entitlement, the practices of sin and the politics of special interest groups who don’t reflect the ideals of the God fearing nation we once were. There is still hope for America, but we must do the right thing in this next election if this nation is to be restored.

We must return to the God of the Bible and seek His face with humility. We must be willing to pray for, support and encourage those who carry these ideals. We must expose, resist and raise our voices against everything that oppose them. Last of all we must be willing to pay whatever price is necessary to repeal, remove and replace anything that seeks to tear this nation’s morals and foundations apart.

All is not lost, but there  is a cost to be paid….. and some are already paying it! In America, hostility towards Christians, their businesses and beliefs is at an all time high. Fines, anger, lawsuits, jail time, picketing, mandated psychiatric evaluations and a host of other things are now being leveled against those who hold to the truth. The question is, if you are one who believes in biblical truth, will you really stand when they come after you? Unless we stand together and vote correctly in this next election, a day will soon arrive when we will not be able to stand at all ! It is time for all Americans to get on our knees and pray, then we must all stand on the Truth and vote!

Make no mistake about it, we are in a cultural war and our very existence and livelihood as a nation depends on what we do next. May God grant us the strength to do what is right, and the courage to walk with honor and joy in that decision. May He give us clear vision for what hangs in the balance if we falter and back down in this critical hour. We need those with the resolve of Churchill, the compassion of Christ and the vision of Abraham to carry us across the finish line. My prayer is that I will take my stand and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  The question is… Will You Join Me?????

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