Beyond The Tipping Point

tipping point
          This week America shifted into a new and deadly position regarding it’s fundamental use of language, and it’s stand upon biblical truth. We crossed a line of demarcation that transferred our rule of law to the far left and dropped the biblical standards that held us secure under heaven. In essence we have now moved beyond the tipping point of legal and moral truth that defined us, and kept us safe as a nation. Frighteningly enough, history clearly identifies what the outcome of these actions will be.
          The highest court of our land handed down rulings two days in a row that pointed us in a direction our fathers would never have believed. Nine judges gave the federal government unprecedented power over the states to force a health plan that was lied about in order to be put in place and is bankrupting the nation. Then they redefined marriage according to a life style the Bible calls sin. With these decisions, people were dancing in the streets celebrating, in ignorance of the consequences such rulings will have. In all the reverie and emotional content that was splashed on the news, one point was clearly ignored. No law made by man can ever redefine or remove the truth that is found in the word of God.
          We are now moving beyond the tipping point in America. Life as we know it, and as the generations up to this point knew it, is about to change. The moral and ethical foundation stones that God gave our forefathers have all stood the test of time, tradition and war. These are what made us strong and gave us clarity when other nations were floundering along in economic, moral and social decay. Yet, by our own “wisdom” we have now removed these underpinnings of stability and we actually think our nation will flourish.
          History makes it very clear that any nation aligning itself in opposition to the principles of God has also set itself on a collision course with certain destruction. Not one nation, not one, has ever defied the God of heaven and held it’s place in world history. All have ended badly, and America will be no different. Make no mistake about it, God judged Sodom and Gomorrah, and He blotted out every nation that sacrificed it’s own children. Now that we have fully endorsed both of these in America we have also invited His judgment to fall as well.
          Prophetically speaking, we are in the cross hairs of what is to come. If we continue refusing to change course it’s only going to be a matter of time. Unless there is national repentance and God’s righteousness floods the hearts of people, we will all discover what it means to live beyond the tipping point.

I believe this next election will determine the fate of our nation. If a God fearing, Bible believing president takes office, we may yet avoid the tsunami that is on the way. Elect the wrong person and there will be no going back. Pray and vote into office those who demonstrate biblical standards. It’s the last and best hope for America!

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