Beyond The Tipping Point

tipping pointPeople, systems, organizations and even whole nations tend to change slowly. They move and shift how they operate in specific ways and at certain rates. Unless there is some cataclysmic event that disrupts this flow, it continues in the same direction, and most don’t see it happening. For those who have an outside perspective, or understand the entire sequence of events, it can be rather dramatic. However, those who are living in it usually see nothing at all because the change is embraced one piece at a time and it all just seems normal.

This change can be the natural order of things, or as we have seen in the United States, it can be deliberately, and systematically planned out in order to adjust the entire culture in very specific ways. As this cultural shift happens it will either makes things better or worse, depending on your belief system. As this goes on, things gradually shift and over time the changes add up to a massive adjustment. In the process, a point is reached where a fundamental line is crossed, a point of no return, where things can’t be reversed, and something new has replaced what has always been. This irreversible point of shift is what economists and historians call a “tipping point”.

The tipping point can be illustrated quite well if you imagine a man trying to flip over a huge, flat slab of stone that is at rest on the ground. He bends down and begins lifting against the force of gravity. At first it seems like this is an impossible load, but by ever-increasing effort he slowly brings his end of the massive rock off the ground. With muscles straining he forces the huge weight into the air and finally gets it up on its side. He has now hit the place that it is balanced and poised between two possibilities and it can go either way. Then he gives it one final, small, almost effortless nudge, and something amazing happens. The moment it passes the tipping point it’s own mass, and natural forces cause it to gain speed and momentum on it’s own, until it slams the ground with a mighty thud and is at rest once again.

Reaching the tipping point in a nation is no easy task and it requires a huge investment of energy and resources. In must have tireless persistence in a thousand different ways and influence that goes unnoticed but still touches core emotions. Older people, and those who know better, must be re-educated or silenced. Those that are younger and still moldable must be carefully indoctrinated. Laws must be targeted and changed that don’t reflect the agenda. Most importantly, the media must come on board to propagate this change as the new norm in its programing and commercials. Finally, anyone who still dares to resist must be pointed out and labeled as prejudiced, intolerant and hateful. Ultimately these people will be identified as lawbreakers and the society will eliminate them altogether.

Every society that reached a bad tipping point has collapsed in upon itself and a brief review of history gives many examples for us to consider. The Roman Empire, Communism in Russia and Hitler’s Germany all experienced the final outcome of the above pattern. My question is, what will we do now that America as we know it, is about to reach the tipping point? We celebrate the broken condition of gender confusion and we applaud those who seek the demise of the biblical family. We embrace the addictive reality of recreational drug use and we legislate the God of the Bible out of the classroom, the courtroom, the boardroom and the bedroom. We fight to protect plants, birds, fish and trees but think nothing of slaughtering our own children in the womb. In essence we have become an upside down society and few recognize it. How ironic that a nation once founded upon God now openly reject Hims and still thinks it can prosper. Like Cesar, Hitler and Comrade Brezhnev, it seems as if we also have believed our own delusion, …. and yet there is still hope!

This next presidential election in the United States is our national tipping point. If we continue following the legislative, judicial and executive path we are now on, this nation will fall over on itself morally, religiously and financially. However, if people look at where we are going through the lens of biblical truth, we can still prevent what history is pointing us towards. We need to move beyond the indoctrination and agenda of those who want to fundamentally re-form America. We need to repent and return to our constitutional and biblical foundations. If our hearts will become broken and humbled before God, I believe our nation can yet be restored.

Will you be part of the solution or will you blindly and ignorantly be led into the night, and add to the momentum? Your vote will determine your answer. May God help and bless America to remove from our midst the cancerous sickness of those who insist on doing what is politically correct. May we do what is right in His eyes and not what is pleasing to man! It will take men and women of character, honesty and stamina who are founded on the truth, to push this stone the other way. As for me, I have put my shoulder to the load and will do my part to restore America. How about you? My sincere prayer is that we will work together, for the sake of generations yet to come, and see this great nation once again move back beyond the tipping point. Like it or not, our future depends on it!

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