The Truth Is….

I have had the enormous privilege of meeting and spending time with some amazing people. For one, Dr. Michael Brown of the Brownsville Revival in Florida and another was Tommy Welchel. I spent an afternoon with Tommy a few years back and heard some amazing true stories. He had lived among, and recorded the stories of the children who lived at Azusa Street during the revival of 1906. The first hand account these children spoke of, and what they experienced when heaven came down to earth, was powerful. It really stirred my hunger for the things of God.

Then just last week I met and spent several hours with another great man of God, Dean Braxton. Dean was clinically dead for 1 hour and 45 minutes and then came back to life. He went into the hospital for a routine procedure to get rid of a kidney stone, but unknown to his doctor, there was a serious infection surrounding the stone. When they blasted it, the infection and poison was released into his blood stream and basically every organ in his body shut down, beginning with his lungs. This is not some far fetched story. He has the medical records and the doctor’s testimony on camera to prove it.

The medical diagnosis was “long term cardiac arrest”. This was not some “near death” experience; his doctor actually said on camera that he was “really, really dead”.  What Dean experienced during that time was unlike anything I had ever heard. His words were filled with awe and wonder, overflowing with passion for Jesus, The Father and the Holy Spirit. The life of heaven and everything and everyone in it was hard for him to put into words. Everything spoke, everything moved, everything was connected in perfect harmony.

Everything there existed in perfect peace and love and the rhythm of continual praise and worship saturated the entire place. Even the atmosphere was alive with the light, life and glory of God. All of this was possible simply because this place was unified, holy, unstained, pure, righteous and joyously submitted under the rule of a loving, gracious and eternal God.

As I listened and asked Dean questions the truth of God’s love for all mankind hit me. I realized once again how much He cared for each and every person, and how much He desired all of us to be with Him in this amazing place. In fact I got a fresh understanding of why He sent Jesus to this earth. His love was so great that He sent His only Son Jesus, to die in our place and wash away our sins. When we embrace what Jesus did for us, we come into harmony with heaven. We literally find our place in that place of perfection. Without Jesus, it would be impossible for us to enter in. Why? Because we would be the only thing in all creation that was totally out of sync with everything that was there. That would mean Heaven would no longer be Heaven!

How about you? Do you feel out of sync and unconnected to anything that really gives live deep meaning, and gives death absolute certainty? Perhaps it’s time to embrace Jesus and accept what He did just for you. He is God’s perfect son, who lived a perfect life, and died a perfect death. By doing so He paid the price for all your sins so you can have forgiveness, and find your place in this world and in the one to come. Perfect peace and new life with God; doesn’t that sound good? Heaven is real and every part of it is ready for you. The question is, will you be ready for heaven?

If you are not sure, here is a solution. Pray the prayer that follows. Just use it to talk to God from your heart and see what happens. Let’s pray: Jesus, you know I have not lived a perfect life. You know who I am and what I have done, but I also know you love me. I don’t know why, but you do. God’s love for me was so great that you suffered and died on the cross in my place for all my sins, and I accept that truth. You died for me so that I might live for You. Please come into my heart and life, wash away every one of my sins. Let me feel that perfect connection with heaven. Let me feel Your love and Your life growing within me. Jesus, you are my savior and I give the rest of my life to You. Thank you for this amazing gift. Amen!

Eternal life with the perfect love, and the perfect life of God. There is nothing better on earth and nothing greater in Heaven …. and now it is yours! Now I know you will have a great day!

Beyond The Tipping Point

tipping point
          This week America shifted into a new and deadly position regarding it’s fundamental use of language, and it’s stand upon biblical truth. We crossed a line of demarcation that transferred our rule of law to the far left and dropped the biblical standards that held us secure under heaven. In essence we have now moved beyond the tipping point of legal and moral truth that defined us, and kept us safe as a nation. Frighteningly enough, history clearly identifies what the outcome of these actions will be.
          The highest court of our land handed down rulings two days in a row that pointed us in a direction our fathers would never have believed. Nine judges gave the federal government unprecedented power over the states to force a health plan that was lied about in order to be put in place and is bankrupting the nation. Then they redefined marriage according to a life style the Bible calls sin. With these decisions, people were dancing in the streets celebrating, in ignorance of the consequences such rulings will have. In all the reverie and emotional content that was splashed on the news, one point was clearly ignored. No law made by man can ever redefine or remove the truth that is found in the word of God.
          We are now moving beyond the tipping point in America. Life as we know it, and as the generations up to this point knew it, is about to change. The moral and ethical foundation stones that God gave our forefathers have all stood the test of time, tradition and war. These are what made us strong and gave us clarity when other nations were floundering along in economic, moral and social decay. Yet, by our own “wisdom” we have now removed these underpinnings of stability and we actually think our nation will flourish.
          History makes it very clear that any nation aligning itself in opposition to the principles of God has also set itself on a collision course with certain destruction. Not one nation, not one, has ever defied the God of heaven and held it’s place in world history. All have ended badly, and America will be no different. Make no mistake about it, God judged Sodom and Gomorrah, and He blotted out every nation that sacrificed it’s own children. Now that we have fully endorsed both of these in America we have also invited His judgment to fall as well.
          Prophetically speaking, we are in the cross hairs of what is to come. If we continue refusing to change course it’s only going to be a matter of time. Unless there is national repentance and God’s righteousness floods the hearts of people, we will all discover what it means to live beyond the tipping point.

I believe this next election will determine the fate of our nation. If a God fearing, Bible believing president takes office, we may yet avoid the tsunami that is on the way. Elect the wrong person and there will be no going back. Pray and vote into office those who demonstrate biblical standards. It’s the last and best hope for America!

Beyond The Tipping Point

tipping pointPeople, systems, organizations and even whole nations tend to change slowly. They move and shift how they operate in specific ways and at certain rates. Unless there is some cataclysmic event that disrupts this flow, it continues in the same direction, and most don’t see it happening. For those who have an outside perspective, or understand the entire sequence of events, it can be rather dramatic. However, those who are living in it usually see nothing at all because the change is embraced one piece at a time and it all just seems normal.

This change can be the natural order of things, or as we have seen in the United States, it can be deliberately, and systematically planned out in order to adjust the entire culture in very specific ways. As this cultural shift happens it will either makes things better or worse, depending on your belief system. As this goes on, things gradually shift and over time the changes add up to a massive adjustment. In the process, a point is reached where a fundamental line is crossed, a point of no return, where things can’t be reversed, and something new has replaced what has always been. This irreversible point of shift is what economists and historians call a “tipping point”.

The tipping point can be illustrated quite well if you imagine a man trying to flip over a huge, flat slab of stone that is at rest on the ground. He bends down and begins lifting against the force of gravity. At first it seems like this is an impossible load, but by ever-increasing effort he slowly brings his end of the massive rock off the ground. With muscles straining he forces the huge weight into the air and finally gets it up on its side. He has now hit the place that it is balanced and poised between two possibilities and it can go either way. Then he gives it one final, small, almost effortless nudge, and something amazing happens. The moment it passes the tipping point it’s own mass, and natural forces cause it to gain speed and momentum on it’s own, until it slams the ground with a mighty thud and is at rest once again.

Reaching the tipping point in a nation is no easy task and it requires a huge investment of energy and resources. In must have tireless persistence in a thousand different ways and influence that goes unnoticed but still touches core emotions. Older people, and those who know better, must be re-educated or silenced. Those that are younger and still moldable must be carefully indoctrinated. Laws must be targeted and changed that don’t reflect the agenda. Most importantly, the media must come on board to propagate this change as the new norm in its programing and commercials. Finally, anyone who still dares to resist must be pointed out and labeled as prejudiced, intolerant and hateful. Ultimately these people will be identified as lawbreakers and the society will eliminate them altogether.

Every society that reached a bad tipping point has collapsed in upon itself and a brief review of history gives many examples for us to consider. The Roman Empire, Communism in Russia and Hitler’s Germany all experienced the final outcome of the above pattern. My question is, what will we do now that America as we know it, is about to reach the tipping point? We celebrate the broken condition of gender confusion and we applaud those who seek the demise of the biblical family. We embrace the addictive reality of recreational drug use and we legislate the God of the Bible out of the classroom, the courtroom, the boardroom and the bedroom. We fight to protect plants, birds, fish and trees but think nothing of slaughtering our own children in the womb. In essence we have become an upside down society and few recognize it. How ironic that a nation once founded upon God now openly reject Hims and still thinks it can prosper. Like Cesar, Hitler and Comrade Brezhnev, it seems as if we also have believed our own delusion, …. and yet there is still hope!

This next presidential election in the United States is our national tipping point. If we continue following the legislative, judicial and executive path we are now on, this nation will fall over on itself morally, religiously and financially. However, if people look at where we are going through the lens of biblical truth, we can still prevent what history is pointing us towards. We need to move beyond the indoctrination and agenda of those who want to fundamentally re-form America. We need to repent and return to our constitutional and biblical foundations. If our hearts will become broken and humbled before God, I believe our nation can yet be restored.

Will you be part of the solution or will you blindly and ignorantly be led into the night, and add to the momentum? Your vote will determine your answer. May God help and bless America to remove from our midst the cancerous sickness of those who insist on doing what is politically correct. May we do what is right in His eyes and not what is pleasing to man! It will take men and women of character, honesty and stamina who are founded on the truth, to push this stone the other way. As for me, I have put my shoulder to the load and will do my part to restore America. How about you? My sincere prayer is that we will work together, for the sake of generations yet to come, and see this great nation once again move back beyond the tipping point. Like it or not, our future depends on it!