“Prophet & Prophecy”


“Prophets & Prophecy” – The Ministry Of Prophets In The New Testament Church, is my first published book. It is available on Amazon.com in hardcopy and Kindle version. If you would like a copy, below is the link!

If you purchased the first edition of this book that contained typo’s and had some missing info. A revised edition is available for the cost of shipping which is $3.00. Just send us a check and your mailing address or pay it through our paypal account on our website (www.pdministry.org)and email us your address, and we will ship you a new copy.

For those who may be interested, the companion workbook is almost ready. With this workbook, the PDM Network has created a balanced, well researched college level class on prophets, prophetic ministry in the New Testament Church. For those who successfully complete this workbook, we also offer a final exam and a “Certificate of Mastery”. The workbook and course info will soon be available through our ministry website: http://www.pdministry.org . (Note: The workbook is designed for use with the final revised edition of the Prophets & Prophecy book.)

May God use this course to bring much needed revelation and clarity to prophetic ministry and the office of the prophet in the world today.


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