Life On The Mountain

majestic mountain

A good friend of mine, Dr. Lance Wallnau, began to teach a great revelation about 20 years ago. This was a compilation of ideas and concepts that began to jell within him after he had talked with those who had gotten specific pieces of the puzzle. Lance was able to pull these unrelated concepts together into a systematic teaching that became known as “The Seven Mountains”. This was initially only being taught within certain circles of the church. However, it was so powerful and applicable, and its impact was so profound, that Lance expanded it into the global market place. A few years ago he was actually given the opportunity to present this to the UN and has been invited to do the same in China and many other nations of the world.

The basic concept of this teaching is quite simple. It identifies the entire world as being broken up into seven mountains of influence, and each of these has a sphere of authority they command. Every person alive interacts with, and is impacted by these mountains of influence in different ways. More importantly, we each have a call to live and work on one of these mountains. Thus, the higher up on our mountain we become established, the more influence and authority we have over that segment of society. The entire idea is very clear and it has far-reaching implications for those who understand the concepts and use them correctly.

These mountains are identified as business and finance, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion. The idea is that these seven “mountains” specifically hold the power to mold every mind and shape every culture. Those who find themselves in a place of great authority on any one of these mountains hold a huge amount of power. What they do profoundly impacts the thoughts, the morals, the beliefs and the standards by which that culture operates. These people have a great responsibility to shape the culture and the world in ways that make it better. They also have a frightening place of accountability if they fail to use their influence to benefit the culture and push their own personal, moral, financial or political agenda instead.

The real power of this idea is found in how these mountains of influence interconnect and rule over our culture. The more they interconnect, the greater the influence they have to mold the minds of the people and influence the direction the culture goes. Thus, Hollywood with it’s multi-mountain influence, and inability to set Godly moral standards has been a major influence in the decline of American morality. Government officials, with their interconnected mountains, have too often used that power to rule the people and promote greater government control over every aspect of life. That sent yet another message into our society. Even bankers, who were so greedy for profit that they were willing to jeopardize the entire financial base of the nation, sent another message.

The question that begs to be asked is, what will you do in your mountain of influence? Like it or not, you touch many lives and each goes on to touch others. Our mountains are all interconnected and what we do matters. We might not be a world changer, but we all change someone’s world. Good or bad, our influence is out there and it either helps or hinders those we meet. If we live selfishly, and think that nothing but what we are doing is important, we will leave a trail that negatively impacts all who cross it. However, if we can look beyond our situation and consider how our words and actions impact others, the outcome can be a powerful force for good.

Let me encourage you today to be that force for good. Think before you act and consider the outcome before you speak. Put the welfare of others as a personal priority when you move about on your mountain. I think you will be amazed at how quickly things can change, and how much of a difference you can make. Be the best influencer and mind molder you can be, because there is more than you can imagine that hangs in the balance. Now get out there live life with honor, passion and integrity on your mountain, and go change the world!

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