Enjoying The Wrong Direction

While traveling with my wife on frequent ministry trips, I often use Google maps or Waze. Both of these are great for getting us where we need to go. The voice commands begin to direct us, but at times I become concerned because it proceeds to send us in exactly the opposite direction from where we need to go. When I first noticed this happening it bothered me a lot and I would refuse to follow the route that was being planned out for me. We would soon hit construction, traffic or some other delay that messed up our planned arrival and I would get pretty frustrated.

Why did this stupid device do this? How was I to trust something that clearly was going the wrong way? Then it hit me one day, perhaps it was sending me around those traffic delays and that’s why it sent me in what looked like the wrong direction. So contrary to my standard response I actually followed the directions that seemed so wrong. I had to actually fight the urge to turn around and go the way I knew would get me where I wanted to go. It was a running battle but I finally stuck with it.

Sure enough, after a short detour in the wrong direction, we passed around a huge traffic jam, then turned and headed for our destination.To my great relief we arrived at the right location and were actually on time. In that moment it hit me how significant this was when it relates to the things of life. Has it ever seemed as if things are leading you away from where you know you need to go? In that moment you have to decide what you will do. Will you trust God to do what is best, or will you take matters into your own hands and do what seems right to you?

A detour in the wrong direction at the right time can save us time and frustration in so many ways. When we trust God to see what lies ahead it puts us in the best possible position to benefit from that unplanned, but very important decision.  However, when we grab hold of things and just have to maintain control at all cost, we often don’t see the traffic jam a mile up the road. This ends up causing more problems than we possibly could have imagined.

Has life taken a detour for you lately? Does it seem as if your plans have been upended and you are going in the wrong direction? It might be that this is exactly what you need and just don’t know it! Why not relax, allow things to unfold naturally and just see what happens. Going in the wrong direction for no explainable reason during a specific season could be just the thing to keep you on track.

Be open to the possibility that there might be something you need to learn or discover on your current journey. We all have to learn how to enjoy the ride and then take in the view along the way.They might be the very things we need to make us ready for what was the goal all along. There is a much bigger picture to life then just our narrow view. Take the time to embrace life fully, no matter where it goes, and you’ll be a much better person for it. Best of all you will be better prepared to get the most from all life has to offer. Life is a journey in progress … so don’t live it like it’s an event!

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