Rediscovering The American Dream

liberty   It has been quite an experience to listen to the news, read newspapers or look at social media over the past five or so years. During this time something that feels almost sinister has happened within our culture, and few have noticed it. What I mean is that there has been a noticeable shift in what people “think” the American dream is. In fact, the entire view of American life in general has been misrepresented, repackaged and sold in such a way that a whole generation now looks at our lifestyle with disdain, and even disgust. Sadly, most who think this way don’t even know why.

The shift was subtle, and well thought out at first. It slithered its way unnoticed into our culture through voices that came from places of national power. It targeted specific socio-economic groups and succeeded in unleashing a victim mentality into our culture. It actually became the rallying cry of the uninformed in the last two elections. It flew out of the mouths of those who promoted racial unrest, and fed the misguided “occupy” movement that soon fizzled out. It has found its way into our classrooms and manifested false accusations across the nation, and around the world. It was taught to those who are locked into the welfare system. Those who want more, but have done nothing to earn or deserve it, greeted it with applause, and shouts of approval.

What am I referring to? It’s the current false idea being promoted that says the “American dream” is really all about personal greed, and withholding the wealth from those who have need of it. It falsely says Americans selfishly want bigger homes, bigger cars, higher pay and longer vacations, while the rest of the world silently starves to death, or suffers from no clean drinking water. It is the twisted concept that says being a successful entrepreneur makes you the enemy, and those with innovative ideas that generate profit, really can’t be trusted. Even worst, is the lie that bigger government is in our best interest, and it alone can solve the social evils of our day.

It is a negative, socialistic view that is against every concept uniquely productive to the “American dream”. The fact is, a huge portion of our population has been taught a new version of the “American dream”. That version has nothing at all to do with what it really is. They see the ability of Americans to pursue personal success and financial independence, as bad. All the while, they view dependency in every form, with no responsibility or personal consequences, to be normal life, and a sure way to secure the future. It points a finger at the well-off and says they are greedy and care nothing for the plight of the less fortunate. Those, who through planning, training and education, have earned the abundance it offers, are loudly accused of wanting endless excess for their highly privileged life. They are considered to be evil, and are painted as selfishly refusing to “spread the wealth”, so others can have the same.

Yet when you go back and honestly look at what the “American dream” is, it has nothing to do with any of the above. In fact, it was because of this dream that social reforms happened globally, and financial resources were made available in abundance to those who were less fortunate. So let’s revisit what the “American dream” really is. Let’s cut through the noxious political smokescreen, and look at our roots so we can clearly see that dream, and it’s powerful, positive impact.

The American Dream

At the beginning of the 1900’s and right after World War 2, the “American dream” began to take shape. It centered on a few basic concepts that were attainable by all. Those who worked hard, were honest and wanted to be part of a healthy community could live this dream. It was there for anybody, and the life it provided was a blessing that spread far beyond individual families. That dream consisted of a few things people simply desired to have, and they went after them.

First of all was the idea that anyone who wanted to live in their own home, could do so. We are not talking about a massive 30 room house, or a movie star mansion on a California beach. It was a simple, comfortable place where people could settle down and raise a family. That was it! There was nothing fancy or greedy about the idea. Everyone wanted a place to call home so the family could gather together on special occasions and family history could be made from one generation to the next. Nothing wrong with that!

Next was the belief that every American could be properly trained to do some kind of work. All labor was considered worthwhile, and everyone could have a job that paid according to their skill, education and training. You worked with your back or your brain, and that was up to you. Those who did not want more education, learned a trade and found gainful employment by working with their hands. They provided basic services everyone wanted and needed. Those who went on to college, earned a higher wage due to that education, and they provided different services to people. Everyone determined their own income in life. There was no complaining or whining about where they ended up, because it was their own decision that put them there.

Third on the list was that welfare put people in a humiliating place to be in. Those who needed it, were in a temporary season of financial distress, but no one ever wanted it. They took it, because they had to have it in order to survive. It was not a way of life, and it was never a replacement for a paying job. Those who lived immoral, rebellious, addictive lives never expected to receive welfare. If you had children outside of marriage, if you were a drunk, a drug addict, if you refused to finish school, or were rebellious to authority, you were on your own, usually landed in jail, and needed to change your life. People had to be responsible for their own anti-social behavior, and the fear and shame, of suffering the consequences prevented many from going that way. The bottom line was simple, welfare only provided the bare basics, and by so doing, people were motivated to get off it as quickly as possible.

Number four is that the “American dream” was a belief that everyone had the right to be safe and secure in their own dwelling. The federal government, the state, county and local authorities, and especially criminals, were not going to break down your door, drag your possessions away, or kill you. If your home was invaded, you had the right to own a gun and use it. It was expected that you would shoot to protect yourself and your family. People shot first, and then the police asked the questions latter. Everyone believed their home was a place of safety and refuge. No one was going to break in and try to take anything from you unless they had a death wish.

Fifth on the list of the “American dream” was the belief that people had the right to start and run a business. They could use their skills, gifts and talents to make a living and provide for their family. They would not be overtaxed or overburdened by endless rules and mindless regulations. They had the right to have family and friends be employed and that was good for everyone. They also had the right not to be crushed by government regulations, health insurance, unemployment insurance, massive retirement packages, federal, state, county and local town taxes and rules, most of which were made by unelected officials.

Sixth on the list of the “American dream” was the ideal that no one would be over-run by theft from angry looters. The disgraceful and outright criminal behavior of those caught on film in Ferguson and elsewhere, clearly demonstrates the shocking shift in cultural character. Police stood by as those with this new “entitlement mentality” thought nothing of smashing, looting and burning the homes, vehicles and stores of innocent people. Why? Because they believed a twisted idea of the “American dream”, and it justified their  criminal actions, without any responsibility. This is a disgrace to any nation!

Last of all on the list, was the belief that  everyone had the promise of becoming more than what they were. No one in America was locked into an oppressive cast system, as it had been in Europe, Muslim countries and the Far East. No matter what color you were, what gender, what job you had, what country you came from, or what your beliefs you held, you could become more in America. Every American could be whatever they wanted. All could get an education. All could learn new skills, and all could make a better life for themselves and their family. Best of all, no one would try to stop them from trying. It only took hard work, dedication, personal sacrifice and genuine commitment. With enough time and effort, anyone could change their future.

That’s it folks! That’s what the “American dream” was and still is. It is not the politically correct trash that is being propagated today. It is not greedy Americans looking out for themselves and their own self-interests. It is not the failed socialist ideology that thinks capitalism is disgraceful and wealth is disgusting. The “American dream” is based in truth and hope. It is the belief that all Americans, men and women of any color or creed, can live peacefully together, and they ALL can prosper. They simply need to take full advantage of, and responsibility for, developing their own gifts and skills in this amazing culture of opportunity.

The “American dream” is the treasure of optimism that our nation was, and is still being built upon. It is the belief that we, as Americans, have the power to create a better life, and by so doing we can set the example for others to follow, and they can come up from where they are. It is not the “hand out” mentality of expensive government programs that are now collapsing under the burden of millions collecting unearned and undeserved entitlements. It is a helping “hand up” reality, that is built upon a solid foundation of Christian work ethics. This is the “American dream”, and it is a beautiful thing!

I, for one, will not allow dishonest politicians, disgruntled religious leaders or the disillusioned and easily manipulated masses, to redefine this nation. I will hold to what really makes America great. It’s the power to choose my own destiny, for myself. Success or failure is my responsibility, and I will not let it be decided for me. It’s the knowledge that I can be better than what I am, and it’s up to me to have a vision, and make a plan for what my future will be.

Is the real “American dream” in your heart? If it isn’t, then you need to get hold of it. If  it is, then you need to grab hold of it and don’t let it go. Other nations will rise and fall, other leaders will come and go, but the “American dream”, with its foundation solidly anchored in Biblical truth, will outlast them all. Presidents may lie, lawmakers may fail to accomplish anything, but that dream lives on. My prayer is that we will push aside the false liberal ideology that has tried to redefine America. Let us dream again of what is already here, and let us believe again that hard working Americans can build for themselves what others may never have.

I believe in the real America, not the one some politicians have tried to force on me. I believe in the real “American dream”, not the one that some hate-filled radicals have tried to put before my eyes. No matter what leaders may say, no matter what unjust laws may dictate with the stroke of a pen, there are hundreds of millions of Americans who believe in the real America. Most encouraging of all, I know that our voices will be heard as they were in the 2014 and 2106 elections. That voice came as a shocking reality to many, because it was the battle cry of open resistance to the radical redefinition of the real America.

When the votes were counted in 2016, the war to recover, and re-strengthen this nation was under way. In the meantime, Americans must wake up and see what has happened. We must strive to recover the freedom of choice that is being stolen from us by the stroke of a pen, and crushing new laws forced upon us. It is time to return to the values and power of the real “American dream”. If we will do this, our nation can begin to blossom once again. If we fail in this critical hour, we will head down the same dark road that Europe is already on.

I believe we can rise to the occasion. I believe we can hold dear those cherished principles and truths our forefathers bled and died for. I believe, with God’s help, and the right people behind the pulpit and in the Whitehouse, we can once again have God’s blessing on this amazing nation. Most of all, I believe in the “American dream” and that it is still here for anyone who wants it. If we hold fast to that dream in our own heart, and move with passion into the dream of this nation, we will make a difference. May God richly bless this wonderful land we lovingly call America, for it truly is beautiful!

6 thoughts on “Rediscovering The American Dream

    • It certainly will take time to refocus on the real dream and recover what has been lost. I believe there is still time to do so. We need to vote biblically, know the issues at hand, choose our battles well and speak with clarity to the generation that will follow us. We can yet be the voice of reason and recovery in a confusing politically toxic environment.


  1. Bill you have wriiten so much to agree with here but unfortunatly, have left out so much too.
    You begin with a not so transparent statement that seems to blame the present Administration for all that has happened in the decline of the opportunity for achieving the American dream but I think that the facts are that it has been in a steady decline for most of the years post WWII and is not some singular sinister plot to degrade our country. There are many factors to my argument but i would point in particular to the advent and explosion of social media nad technology in the past 20 or 25 years as the biggest reason for our social decline. Never befroer did we have the promulgation of instantaneous mis information traveling at the speed of light and repeated often enough in short spans of time as to be taken as fact. That is a real cancer on our being as a people and unfortunatly too many use that as leverage to promote ideological message over fact.
    You once again cite the 2014 mid term elections as some sort of awakenting of the American people but the fact of the matter is that only 36.4 percent voted and of those the demographic was over 75% white, elderly and republican. hardly representative of the American population and sure, wanting to reudiate the current Administration but that is what you would expect from that demographic. I would point to the fact that since the election almost every poll, including those sponsored by conservative organizations show a sharp increase in the Presidents favorability rationgs while those of the new congress have declined or at best stayed stagnant and at the lowest levels in history. Hardly a picture of a national mandate.
    You speak of the disgusting civil unrest that took place in the wake of recent Grand Jury decisions and I agree tha there is no place in our society for such behavior and that the perpetrators should be duly punished, You don’t however speak of the multitutudes, black and white and of every religion and social standing that held and continue to hold peaceful demonstrations. We need to start tlking about the planes that land rather than just those that don’t and we need to stand up for the good and as a nation demand that those people that would seek to destroy are dealt with appropriatly. When it comes to police, I read that only .5% of cops are bad. I wonder though why we, and particulary plice organizations, don’t demand that the bad cops be purged from the ranks. To say that is looked upon as being anti police while I belive it is just the opposite.
    Wefare? Government handouts? Your point is correct but lacking the fact that some of the biggest handouts are to profit making corporations, many of which took advantage of the economic crisis and eliminated jobs here only to reestablish them off shore, jobs that represented the “American Dream” for so many in our middle class.
    Bill we cannot begin to fix our country as long as we make our arguments from an ideological point of view or without being willing to look at all of the factors that are bringing us down. The problem neither simply resides at the White House nor at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. It is BOTH and so much more. If we are not willing to set our ideology aside and be American first, to look at each and every problem for all of it’s facets, we will never achieve a true recovery.
    We must put faith before religion, patriotism before ideology and people before materialism before we can once again see the American Dream for our kids and grandkids.

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  2. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.


  3. “I, for one, will not allow dishonest politicians”. Your words Bill. So then, do you disavow our President? I can list here for you the dozens upon dozens of lies that he has told both during the campaign and since January 20. Unfortunately, you once again were not able to write without taking your shots at your favorite foil, the liberals. Bill, if you really want to be taken seriously as a scholar, you need to put your bias and ideology aside.


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