The Money Test

Money in hand

I had two interesting experiences that happened recently regarding money, and I have to say they were almost comical. Each had the potential to pocket me a nice chunk of change, if I had no moral foundation or fear of the Lord. In the end, each proved that I could withstand the money test and walk in the kind of integrity that is needed to deal with financial increase when it comes.

The first incident happened one Friday night at my local bank. It was about 10pm and I needed some cash so I headed for the outside ATM. There were about 5 cars ahead of me when I arrived and I eventually made my way to be next in line at the drive up machine. What I noticed was that the driver ahead of me inserted his card, punched in his pin and waited. A moment later his card was spit out along with a receipt, but there was no cash. He did the same thing again, with the exact same results, and then finally drove off as cashless as he had arrived.

I moved into position next and inserted my card into the ATM. I supplied the pin number and then punched in the amount of my withdrawal. The machine made it’s usual noise as if counting out my money, but then nothing happened. The door did not open and no cash was presented even though my receipt came out and recorded a withdrawal. True to my nature I had to see what was going on so I pulled out my jack-knife and began to pry open the cash door. If my money was in there I wanted it and I was not about to leave without at least trying to get it. To my shock the door finally did pry open and hundreds of dollars fell out on the ground and spilled out over the curb.

Apparently the cash door had been stuck shut, and even though the cash had been properly counted out, no one could get to it and it simply built up behind the door. I gathered up all the $20 bills, put a note on the machine and drove off with my withdrawal and that of quite a few others who had gone before me. The next day I walked into the bank and asked to see the manager. When I dumped the pile of bills on her desk the look on her face was priceless. I explained what had happened and what I had done. She was stunned but profusely thanked me. I was her hero for the day and had rescued her from a very difficult situation.

A week or so later I went into our local post office and noticed that the employee behind the counter was somewhat distracted and over worked by a flood of mail  and packages that had not yet been sorted. At the same time his supervisor had instructed him to empty his cash drawer of all that had built up throughout the day. He placed all of this in a blue cash bag and then as a side note handed me my back mail. Without either of us realizing it, he had handed me the bulging cash bag along with my pile of mail. I thanked him, walked out the door and proceeded to drive down the street. At the first stop sign the mail shifted when my vehicle slowed down and the cash bag slid right out on to the floor.

I pulled to the side of the street and in all honesty my curiosity got the best of me so I unzipped the bag and peaked inside. Neatly stacked was a small pile of checks and a three inch thick pile of $5, $10 and $20. In all, I would estimate there was well over two thousand dollars in that bag, and most of it was in cash. I immediately turned around, parked across the street from the post office and hid the bag inside my jacket as I entered the building.

The place was empty as I pushed through the door and saw the employee behind the counter busily sorting that massive pile of mail and packages. As I approached the counter and he greeted me, I opened my coat and handed him the bag saying, ” I don’t think you intended to give me this”. The shock on his face was evident and while wiping away a tear he shook my hand and said, “you just saved my job… oh… thank you, thank you so much!”

When the test of financial integrity comes will you pass or will you sell out? It matters not if it is over $1 or $50,000. What the devil really wants to know is how much will it take for you to throw away your principles, reputation and character. If you are called to abundance and have not been tested, make no mistake about it, you will be. If you pass the test, it demonstrates you have what it takes to experience increase and not be corrupted by it. If you fail, you have simply sealed your own fate at the lowest possible financial level.

Consider this the next time a money issue comes up. Do you keep your word? Do you act honorably and with integrity? Do you do what is right even when you could easily get away with acting otherwise? I was told many years ago that money is simply one of the tools that God and the devil can use to amplify what is really in us. My hope for those who read this blog is that the sweet sound of victory will be amplified when the money test comes. Pass it with flying colors, and then you can get ready for the favor and abundance of God to manifest in your life. My question is, why would you ever want to live any other way? Now…  go out there and do what’s right and be overrun by the blessings of God!

2 thoughts on “The Money Test

  1. I remember living above The Vintage Cafe and finding a wallet in the snow. I opened it up and there was loads of money in there, and credit cards. I looked at the drivers license and went into the diner and asked if “name” was present. No luck. I looked at the address and drove there, he wasn’t home, his wife said he went to look for his wallet, I said that I found it, and returned it to her.
    Later that week was a thank you card and a $50. Years go buy I left my wallet which usually has no cash (but had cash this time) in it on the roof of my car and drove off. The neighbor kids found it and returned it with all the cash, as I did for the man years before.


    • The level of honesty we have always defines our true character. There is no substitute for it and no promotion without it. That’s how I know God has good things ahead for you Luke. Everyone I know says you always walk in honesty. I am proud to be your pastor! 🙂

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