Renewed Hope For America!

flag celebration

I have to say that I woke up today with a joyful heart and a renewed hope for America. In fact I am sure that every conservative Republican, known as Reagan Republicans, woke up the same way. The changes that happened last night during our national mid-term elections were amazing. It was a massive landslide and the biggest national shift we have ever seen in American politics. I watched as state after state voted to hand down a verdict that was clearly a united judgment against Obama, Harry Reid and the radical agenda of their form of liberalism. I am happy to report that the radical vision to transform America through socialism, and leading from the back of the line, has ended!

Republicans took the Senate over and gained an additional 10 seats in the House of Representatives, which they already controlled. More over, Republicans were elected as state governors and local leaders in a sweeping national purge. This stunning overthrow has been a wake-up call to the biased liberal media, the Democratic elite and those politicians who believed the nation would blindly follow them into the false hope of a welfare mentality and the deadly change of ungodly laws. What I am really thrilled about is that this massive shift is NOT about the demise of a false ideology. It is actually about the world finally hearing the voice of those who really know what America is.

We are a nation of patriots who believe in the dream of America, and that it can still be a beacon of light, hope and leadership to those who will follow. We are a nation of moral Christians and hard-working families from every class and strata of society. We are fathers and mothers who love our children and want the best for them without government control, government interference or government hand-outs.

We are the people you meet every day who run small stores or may work at Walmart. We are those you see eating at the local diner. We are entrepreneurs who start and run our own businesses and we are the mothers and fathers who watch our children play ball. We are the farmers who feed the nation, the policemen who track down criminals, the firemen and rescue workers who keep us safe. We are the pastors who teach God’s Word, pray for their congregations and serve the community. We are soldiers who guard this country and the parents who teach their kids to hunt and fish, or take them to music lessons and gymnastics. This is the real America and I am thrilled it has finally taken the nation back!

Yes, this is America at the core and it is a beautiful, magnificent country. It is a place where anyone can get an education, anyone can start a business, anyone can come up from poverty and discover the untapped potential God place in them, if they will take reposnsibility for their own life. It is a place where any  honest, hard-working man or woman can step up, step out and build the life they want. It is a land where no dream is too big and no setback can hold you back forever. This is the America of our fathers and it is the one we must dedicate and we must consecrate ourselves to preserving.

The next two years will be the acid test of the Republican party. If they demonstrate true leadership, transparency, honesty, unity and strength they will have the heart and loyalty of the American people. In addition they will also have the Whitehouse in 2016. Republicans hold the potential in their hands to bring a much needed tsunami of genuine change. This can effectively reverse the deadly direction that high-jacked  this nation over the past 6 years. My hope and prayer for our newly elected officials is that they will seize the opportunity God has given, and begin to demonstrate the kind of unified leadership our founding Fathers set before us.

Keep praying America! Because of last night’s election, we have the chance to bring this nation back and see it restored. Let’s keep seeking God together so that the division, racial tension and leadership void demonstrated over the past six years will now come to an end. May those who have been set in place by the American people honor our wishes, and fulfill their sacred duty to rebuild this nation. Most of all, may God smile on this country and extend grace to us so we may once again shout from every living room, court room, class room and board room that we are and always will be “One Nation Under God”!

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