Your Vote Is Your Voice

Ferguson-burning-flag     When it comes to change, some things are slow to catch on while others are inflamed by the ignorance of emotionalism and misinformation like we see in Furguson. In the current hostile racial and political climate there is a massive change that has happened, and another change that needs to happen, if our nation is to survive. It seems as if those in power have leaned so far to the left that they have lost all sense of balance from a national historical perspective. This election day, my hope is that people who care will care enough to vote.

We have become a nation over-run with self-interests, no personal integrity and no personal responsibility. Many blacks now believe the lie of victimization and are demanding reparation for the slavery some of their ancestors were impacted by. My great grand father fought in the Civil War to free black slaves, so should I get reparation from the black community for that? People who refused to get an education and can’t find a decent job, are now demanding the government cover their expenses and they are angry if they don’t get a free ride. Illegal aliens have flooded the nation and are demanding health care, welfare and citizenship. Adding to this toxic mess is the fact that officials of the current administration lied about the attack on Benghazi, abused their power through the IRS, “lost” incriminating papers and emails, continually misrepresented the facts about Obama care and will not talk about our nations lack of economic and job “recovery”.

It seems as if more politicians than ever have been convicted of misconduct, greed, immorality, corruption and graft. In addition, more and more laws are being passed to control our lives and force lifestyles and practices that are contrary to every Biblical and ethical standard that once made our nation great. Because of this, there is a growing anger and resentment within the population beyond anything we have ever seen. It, in turn, is breeding a mistrust and rebellion towards all law enforcement, government agencies and laws in general. We are headed down a very dark, slippery slope. People are angry and they are disconnected from the political system that once was their voice. The bottom line is, we are a nation in trouble and something needs to be done quickly!

This truly is a referendum on the failed liberal left and on their leader Barack Obama. The radicalization of America under his watch has been a frightening thing. The murder of unborn children is at an all time high. The legalization of perverse lifestyles is being forced upon the nation by a small group of activist and the judges who support them.  Even the legalization of “recreational” drug use has taken huge strides forward. Beyond all this are sweeping, unwarranted gun regulations and the humiliating retreat of the US from Afghanistan and Iraq. This void of leadership has opened the door for the demonically inspired Muslim group ISIS to terrorize the world.

My question is, are we done yet with Obama’s policy of leading with political correctness from the back of the line? Have we realized that a nation can’t be an influence for good if it is a mindless follower of evil? Have we discovered that we can’t turn our back on our strongest supporter, Israel, and remain strong ourselves? The hope for America on this Election Day is that we who love America, will vote out of office the weak, the corrupt, the inept, the self-promoting officials who rule for personal agenda and not for what is best for those who elected them. Your vote is your voice! Don’t fail on this day to be heard, get out there and VOTE !!!!! Then, we can all sit back tonight and smile as the totals come in and we have taken our nation back! May God help us if nothing changes today… because it will most certainly change for the worse in the two years yet to come.

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