Sleeping On A Smoldering Mattress


On November 3rd, 1992 the following true story from American history was published. The year was 1883 and in Allentown, New Jersey, a wooden Indian, the kind seen in front of cigar stores, was secretly placed on the ballot for Justice of the Peace. It was registered under the fictitious name of Abner Robbins. When the ballots were counted, Abner won over incumbent Sam Davis by 7 votes. A similar thing happened in 1938. The name Boston Curtis appeared on the ballot for the Republican Committeeman race in Wilton, Washington. The town’s mayor sponsored Curtis in order to demonstrate that people know very little about the candidates, but they vote more from their emotions than the facts. He proved his point clearly when the votes were totaled. Curtis soundly won the election over his opponent. Oh, and who was Boston Curtis? Well, he was a jackass, a mule owned by a friend of the mayor!

Elections in the U.S. are just around the corner. November 4th is the day the United States set aside for legal citizens to go to the poles and vote. We have always considered this a sacred duty, and made our voices known by electing those who represent the will of the majority. It is not a perfect system, but it has worked well in our country for over two centuries. This is because the majority of Americans, up until now, have had a Judao-Christian world view, and this is what our system of government is rooted in. However, as that world view has been systematically replaced by other more politically correct or atheistic views, that shift has also been reflected in society as well. A very clear example of this silent but deadly shift, lifted is ugly head for me just this week.

I started the research for this blog during the time we have been in Canada on vacation. I uncovered something totally by accident when I started to use the Canadian version of google’s search engine. This is, while in the U.S. this would be In the U.S., searching for Washington’s quotes on Christianity would bring up numerous references of his Christian beliefs, his prayer journal, letters to his wife that expressed his faith in the God of the Bible, and even quotes from his presidential inauguration speeches that clearly reflect his Bible centered faith.. All of these would demonstrate his belief that the U.S. was designed to operate under the guiding principles of faith in Christ.

However, when using google in Canada I found that not one reference, not one, about Washington’s true faith was mentioned in the numerous pages of links that first came up. When trying to find a christian quote from Washington, the atheistic influence in the Canadian search engine was so blatant, so unbalanced and so overwhelmingly unfactual that it completely stunned me. All I found were dozens of anti-Christian writings that unanimously denied any concept of Washington’s faith in God, or his well documented practice of biblical Christianity. Honestly, I was absolutely shocked.

What really hit me was the clear and unprecedented effort on the part of so many, to actually rewrite American history and literally erase the foundation upon which our country was established. In that moment I realized something tragic.I saw that some aspect of Canadian life had already embraced a post-Christian world view, and few may be aware of how that will infect the whole society.

The well documented faith of our founding fathers, and the numerous christian landmarks that abound throughout our capital in Washington, DC, were completely ignored and deliberately eliminated from the “information” that had provided.. This disturbing manipulation of the truth is but the tip of the iceberg of a much bigger issues at hand. The fact is, if any group is successful in teaching a lie to one generation, it can quickly and effectively transform the entire culture of that nation.

Years ago, when I was a young man getting my college degree in psychology, I read a number of stories about the things people do that make no sense. One such story was of a man who had gotten third degree burns on half his body. While sleeping on his bed one night the mattress went up in flames. When asked by the doctors how it had caught fire, his response was hard to believe. Just before he died he said, “I don’t know. It was already smoldering when I laid down on it”. As strange and bizarre as that may sound, we have put ourselves in the same position. We have been lulled to sleep on a smoldering mattress of cultural shift and it is now starting to burst into flames. My question is, “will we wake up in time?”

I wondered what changes, other than those so evident on an internet search engine, have already been made while we were all sleeping. What smoldering mattresses have we laid down on in ignorant, politically correct bliss. I decided to put together a list of the most obvious ones for your review. These are in no specific order, but they represent a pattern of things that are pointing in the same direction. If you have any others feel free to write me a comment and I will add them to the list.

1. Multi-culturalism that promotes specific ethnicity above national unity. No one is an Italian-American or an African-American, etc…. We are all Americans who happen to have Italian or African, or other, ancestry.

2. Disrespect for our flag, our pledge and our military. When we dishonor the symbols of our nation, and those who defend it, we dishonor ourselves and open the door for our own destruction. As things like the pledge have become optional we have demoralize the nation and dishonored the blood that was shed to purchase the very freedoms we enjoy. How is it that people can be allowed to defile the very things that paid the price so they have the freedom to act that way?

3. Denial of our Christian foundation and Christian heritage as a national treasure. We are a Christian nation that believes people have the right to live free. That freedom has allowed other faiths to be practiced on this blood-bought soil. That being said, no other faith but Christianity is at the core, or has so strongly influenced the men and laws that established this nation. As we remove the cornerstone of “In God We trust”, which is our national motto, we remove the stability of our time and the future of our nation.

4. A welfare and entitlement mentality, and self-indulgent over spending that has replaced a solid work ethic, self-control and self-respect. Life long welfare, long term unemployment, life long food stamps, free phones, free housing, etc..have become a way of life for millions who can and should be working. There are those who have become increasingly dependent on government handouts and expect others to carry them forever when they have done nothing to care for themselves. We spend what we have not earned and purchase what we cannot afford. To live as “takers”, people have gladly surrendered their privacy, freedoms, self worth and independence. This has placed a massive burden on those who are productive citizens and placed massive debt on us all that will bankrupt the nation.

5. Laws being enacted by career politicians who want to protect their own interests and control the people. By refusing to enforce the current laws, which already protect our rights, leaders move to create new laws that redefine our culture under a thinly veiled lie of making society more “tolerant and safe”. Thus, marriage, gun control, education, our health system, even endless building codes and a thousand other regulations are now being defined, monitored and prosecuted by the government. Life as we know it is being stolen out from under us one law at a time.

Do you see a pattern here? How long will we sleep and slumber on this smoldering mattress? If election day comes and we fail to vote, we have ignored the problem and slumbered away our chance to put out the fire that is ready to burn us alive. If that is the case we should not be surprised when we wake up in a society that will embrace everything but the truth. Let your voice be heard, get the facts and vote the Bible, not your emotions. Otherwise, we may end up electing another wooden Indian who can’t think for himself or a braying jackass that is owned by another. Let’s face it, we have all had enough of these over the past few years. It is time to wake up, put out the smoldering mattress and make an honest change. Now go out there and vote… and make sure you encourage others to do the same. When you vote, vote the Bible so we can reconnect to our roots and see our nation restored.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping On A Smoldering Mattress

  1. On a positive note, the way Google’s search engine works, should give you renewed faith in the US. The very fact that it’s easier to find means a lot more people have searched for it.

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  2. What an eye-opener! Thanks for writing that out so clearly dad. Yes, our beautiful country is deteriorating quickly. Even the educational institutions from grade school through college are changing for the worse. Most professors are atheists. The youth have little to no respect for their elders: teachers, parents, neighbors, community. Teen pregnancy and abortion is also on the rise. My heart breaks for our broken youth…as they search for truth and answers in a twisted and tainted educational system and demoralizing society.

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    • Having taught for over 30 years I know how much the educational system has changed.. but the truth is the students and teachers have changed even more…the school is only a reflection of the society in general. We need a genuine awakening of godly principles in our nation and believers in all key positions to turn the tide. I have not given up on America and real Christians need to get involved and bring that influence back into public life. That is the solution to the problem.


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