A World Set On Fire


We just witnessed the first Canadian death in St.Jean, Quebec at the hands of an islamic radical. It has been splashed over the news, and the disbelief of people on the street and of government officials is clearly evident. It seems as if the world is on fire. We have seen the same kind of events in the U.S. at Fort Hood and with the marathon bombing. However, our president embarassed himself by standing at the back of the line and refusing to lead by calling these things what they really are.. terrorism!

What has been missing from every report I have heard in the U.S. and Canada is “why” these events are now taking place with such ease. I am not refering to the attacks themselves but rather the underlying cancer in our cultures that has allowed these things to actually manifest. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of either nation so I must ask, “what has changed in the past 50 years in Canada and the US that opened this demonic door”?

The first thing that hit me was the indefensable hypocrisy that runs so rampant in modern liberalism. This ideology has not just been developed and promoted by a few, it has been used to indoctrinate an entire generation. Through liberalism we now embrace a culture of death in north america in multifaceted forms. It has been systamatically legislated into being, step by step over the past 50 years, and that set us up for the devastation we are now harvesting. Let me give you just a few examples so you can see things with your own eyes, for what they really are.

To begin with we lost our national identity by allowing liberals to open an unrestrained door of multi-culturalism. Any time a people group is more proud of their ethnic background than they are of their national heritage, you have splintered the unity of the nation. History books are filled with examples that show how a nation divided against itself cannot stand. Then make it so that we are no longer required to honor the flag or those who serve it, or say the pledge of allegiance, and you are headed down a dark, slippery slope. This is how you redefine a national heritage in terms of individual ethnicity, and you dismantle every bit of strength and unity in the core of the nation.

Next, liberals have succeeded in getting us to save the whales and rescue poor abandoned puppies and kitties. These are good causes for sure but a side issue of distraction. They will fight to the death for spotted owls, or the killing of baby seals or snail darters, and I agree that each has it’s right to live. But, there is now massive fines and jail time for messing with a green sea turtle or its eggs and to me that is extream. In fact I spoke with a young liberal one day on these very points and he proudly stated he would financially support such organizations as green peace and would fight for anything, any time, if it was helpless and had no voice. Yet when I pointed out that he was in full support of killing helpless, voiceless human babies by abortion, he had no answer to that blatant hypocrisy. He angrily attacked me and refused to talk about it. Interesting…… don’t you think!

Liberals have successfully moved our nations away from the core principles upon which they were first established. Both Canada and the US were built upon the concepts of freedom, but freedom toward what end? Freedom to do whatever we want? Freedom to grab authority and then make others live under any unjust laws we might want to force upon them? Freedom from religion, as some now falsely suggest? No, that’s not the kind of freedom our nations were built upon, or what has kept us strong through all the centuries.

The basic freedoms of both nations were very simple. The first was the freedom to pursue God unhindered. In case you missed it that is freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. Please make note that the religion both our nations were founded upon was Christianity, and none other. The next freedom was the freedom to live in such a way that we could be in harmony with those around us, and be unoppressed by any government. We also had the freedom to bear arms, speak our minds, and write what would be beneficial to keep the nation strong, informed and supportive of it’s own citizens. We had the right to work and prosper based upon personal effort, personal inventivness and personal responsibility. Finally, we had the right to pass laws that protected all citizens but prosecuted and punished those who tried to take these freedoms away.

As liberalism has infected the nations a huge shift has become very evident. Christianity is now looked on with suspicion, rather than embraced as a national preservative. Governments now know better so they passed laws to rule over and control their citizens, while the rights of those who break the law are defended at our expense. Government taxes have become a massive burden that citizens are forced to carry in order to pay for a bloated bureaucracy that now over-reaches into, and tries to control every aspect of our personal lives. A welfare mentality has replaced a strong work ethic, and government entitlements have now replaced sound financial planning for the furure.

Those who have been successful because of hard work and entrepreneurial inventiveness are now attacked. They are painted as greedy, and selfishly hoarding that which should be handed over to those who want more, but have done nothing to earn it. The final stroke of death has come through the open attack on husbands and wives as they seek to maintain a Biblical foundation for the family structure. That is, one man who is faithfully married to one woman and not just living together. True marriage can produce respectful children who love God, honor their parents and live a life of service to others.

The point is quite simple, we are harvesting death because those are the seeds we have been planting in our nations for the last four or five decades. As we have turned from God, left our foundations and embraced a culture of death, so it has come to us. Why is that such a shock? We are now experiencing the outcome of our choices, and it has just begun to manifest. I know we will yet see more of the same in the news and on the internet, so we might as well get used to it. By embracing the ideology of death we have invited it in, and it is now here to stay!

The solution is here as well. When we are finally willing to repent, seek God, turn from injustice, immorality and ungodly ways, He will come and heal our land. He must first change us, then He can use us to change the nations. National revival and repentance always begins on a personal level first, and from there it spreads like wild fire. My question today is this; will you be part of the fire of revival and see our nations restored, or will you stand by and continue to embrace a culture of death and watch our nations burn? Like it or not, believe it or not, the future is in your hands! How you vote in the comming elections will make all the difference. My suggestion.. Vote The Bible!

4 thoughts on “A World Set On Fire

  1. Bill, you state so much here that I could agree with EXCEPT a great deal of your “facts” are not, beginning with the statement that today’s tragedy was the first death at the hand of an Islamic radical in Canada, and I believe that your obvious bias towards liberals destroys the credibility of the article. Much of what you blame here is and continues to be in fact the fault of the full spectrum of the political world. The past 50 years in our country have seen more years of republican administrations more republican sessions of congress and more conservative sitting Supreme Courts. At least as much right leaning government has eroded our values as the left. Their methodology and target is simply different but they none the less have put American values far behind their political agendas. I say put your bias aside and place blame entirely where it is due.
    You continually ask us to “vote the bible”. Perhaps your next blog should provide specific guidance to that concept. I am a pretty savvy political analyst and I don’t see a lot of candidates either locally or on the national level that are not ensconced in the trappings of political privilege or that truly look at American values before considering the political.


    • Thanks Miles.. well I only stated what Canadian television has been saying since it happened.. they said the young military man was the first Canadian killed in Canada by an Islamic radical.. so I have to assume they must have checked their facts. As for leaning left or right, in my opinion leaning right tends to draw us closer to the foundational principles our nation was built on.. we need both voices working in harmony to provide a balance, but the outcome of a left leaning government has never provided what it promised the people and ended up with more government regulations and fewer liberties. What I mean by vote the Bible is look at the candidates, see how they voted and those who had a voting record that supported or promoted unbiblical principles need to go.


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