Journey Of A Lifetime

My wife and I are enjoying a much needed rest at a resort in Lac Morency, Quebec. However, on the five hour drive to get here we had quite a time. We hit road construction in several spots and we made one wrong turn. We experienced the first snow flakes of the season and saw a lot of snow on distant mountains. We saw amazing cloud formations and magnificent golden rays piercing through heavy black snow clouds. We got confused momentarily in finding the actual unit because it was up on the second story, but we ended our night together in front of a warm fireplace. It was quite an adventure but we actually enjoyed the trip. As I pondered the days events, I had to marvel at how it really was a prophetic reflection of life itself.

Consider the following and you will get the drift of what I am talking about. Road construction is the place where improvements are made but it means that a slight detour or delay in plans may very well happen. Things get disrupted and messy for a while but the end result is worth it. Sound like anything you have been through lately? Then there is the missed turn. That’s where you get distracted for a moment and miss the road signs that would have kept you going in the right direction. It’s the place where you have to turn around, backtrack and get on the right road once again. Ever been there?

The snow flakes we saw as we headed north are a reminder of the difficult seasons of life that we all must pass through. The distant snow that fell points to the fact that others always have it worse so we might as well appreciate what we have and be grateful for who is with us. Then there was that amazing display of storm clouds and the suns rays piercing the darkness as we moved on. What comes to mind is that no matter how difficult things may get God is always there penetrating the darkness with His brilliant light.

Finally we arrived only to get a bit confused in finding our unit because we had to look up. Well, there are always those moments when we have run our race and done all we were supposed to do, only to feel a bit confused because the answer is not what we are familiar with. But Scripture says we are to lift up our eyes to Heaven and know that’s where our help comes from. However, if we press on the final outcome is that we will find ourselves together with Him in a warm, secure place of rest!

Life is a journey that is lived best with those you love. It it’s an adventure full of mistakes and detoures that can bring you to places you would have never seen or experienced otherwise. It is a road filled with potential, and at times over run by problems, but we can learn some amazing truths along the way. I am convinced we become who we are designed to be by living our life abandonded to God and unrestrained by the fears of others. Let me encourage you to go out there and enjoy the journey. It’s the only one you will ever have so be sure you make it count!

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