When The Facts Aren’t

ship aground  It’s amazing to me how often I hear people quote “the facts” to prove their point. They often do it with supreme confidence and an arrogant superiority to silence the voice of opposition. This has been especially prevalent in the past 10 or so years as our government has declared “war on coal”, pushed the “clean energy initiative” and force people into “saving mother earth” by using green energy and recycling. Public schools have created mandatory classes for students, billions of dollars have been spent on add campaigns and trillions have been thrown into building an entire recycling industry that nobody questions. My question is, what’s really going on here?

The book “Silent Spring” was one of the first radical books printed that wept for a doomed planet where selfish, greedy, wicked humans polluted all life. It painted a picture where the sweet voice of birds would soon be gone, and no call would be left to usher in the song of spring. Al Gore’s money pit movie and liberal speaking tour, “An Inconvenient Truth”, proved to be very inconvenient indeed. None of his planet-wrecking prophecies have genuine, hard, factual data to back them up. But he had plenty of pictures to prove his point. Most inconvenient of all we have been in a 50 year global trend of cooling not warming. Recent satellite pictures show that Antarctica is bigger now than it has been in the last 50 years. Opps… so much for global warming!

Coastal flooding, well, it never happened! In fact the sea level has remained basically constant globally while some actual records indicate it is rising at a current rate of only 10 cm every 100 years. There are no Appalachian Islands as prophesied by the Core Curriculum on the east coast of the US, and no continental deserts blowing sand and dust over 1/3 of the globe due to soaring temperatures. The facts just really knock a great big hole in the fanatical outcry of the “save mother earth” crowd. Liars can figure but the figures don’t lie!

Don’t misunderstand what I just said. I believe we need to take care of this planet and responsibly use the natural resources that are here. That’s the job man was given in the garden and it’s still our job. I want the generations that follow me to enjoy clean air, pure water and an abundant food supply. I want to preserve the natural beauty that is all around me. Only a certified nut case would not want these things. But let’s stop all the hysteria, the liberal hype for just a moment and check the actual facts… PLEASE!

What really gets me is that no matter what happens, somehow it always seems to “prove” the current fanatical point of view. Want an example? Last year the Eastern US, Canada, Europe and Russia all experienced one of the coldest, longest  and snowiest winters on record. Yet, the global warming crowd either ignored that reality altogether or twisted the facts to say that it was some far-fetched anomaly that would eventually result in higher temperatures. Huh???? So… even when it’s colder than ever it’s really not! In other words just ignore the facts. Keep promoting what you want people to believe, and keep shouting it louder until the voice of reason and truth have been overpowered and lost.

Consider that during a period lasting from the Bronze Age through the Minoan Warm Period and continuing through the Roman Empire, the ancient city of Ephesus had been an important seaport and commercial hub. Now that city in modern-day Turkey is four miles away from the Mediterranean sea. The old Roman port of Ostia Antica located where the Tiber River once emptied directly into the Tyrrhenian Sea is now an astounding two miles up-river. A painting by Raphael depicts a sea level high enough to accommodate warships at that port during the Battle of Ostia in the year 849. When William the Conqueror defeated King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, history states that he landed his ship at an old Roman fort on a small harbor island on England’s south coast. That same island location is now known as Pevensey Castle, and it is presently one mile inland from the seacoast. Sea levels are rising due to global warming? Did we all just miss the above facts here?

You can continue to mindlessly repeat the new age mantra, but what about the facts? Well, when they don’t support the current radical view  the media is embracing and the government is promoting, they are just ignored and the world goes screaming into the night believing, repeating and teaching their children the same old lie. Why? Because very few people know the facts or care to question what might prove to be an embarrassingly massive outlay of cash for something that does not exist.

What about you? What would you do if you really believed something in your heart of hearts only to find out you had been told a lie? Would you hold on to the lie because of pride and embarrassment, or would you face the truth, embrace change and be set free? The truth is, when it comes to eternal life we all have been fed a great big, fat lie. If we are good enough, if we do and say the right things, then we are in pretty good shape. God is love and because of that love there is no worry when it’s time to die. And yet…. there it is… hanging in the air… we all have to know what is really going to happen when it’s “my” time to die. It’s there gnawing at the back of our mind, and we can’t let it go.

Here is the short answer. If you believe the truth that you are guilty of sin and Jesus died on the cross in your place, for your sins, then death has noting on you! You have passed from death into life and God is waiting with great joy for you to be with Him. However, if you believe a lie, believe in your self and your own ability to work your way into heaven, then you are still lost and separated from God. He still loves you, but He can’t do for you what you must do for yourself. He did his part by loving you enough to die on the cross, now you must do your part by embracing that love and freely accepting what Jesus did for you. Jesus is your salvation. He is God’s answer for a lost and broken world.

So, now that you know the truth, what’s holding you back? The truth is simple; “there is no other name given under heaven by which we must be saved”. Why not surrender right now? If you want to embrace the amazing love of God that was poured out to all mankind through His son Jesus, then do it… right now. Ask Jesus into your heart and life. Thank Him for his death on the cross and for the price He paid for you. Ask Him to be your Lord and savior. Then, drop me a line and let’s talk about it. It will change you today and give you an answer for eternity as well. Take the plunge and jump into what God has for you in Jesus Christ. You’ll be so glad you did! Now, go have a really great day!

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