Leaning Into Fall


Leaves are yellowed with hints of red,

Breezes cool about my head,

Splashes of color, here and there,

Announce that fall will soon appear,

Sweaters and jackets, T-shirts gone,

Blue jeans and shoes are now put on,

Morning heavy with fog and dew,

Until the sun can burn it though,

Mountain peaks are touched by frost,

Summer’s heat is all but lost,

Days may warm, but not for long,

Birds now sing their harvest song,

Apples to pick, squash to gather,

Time to bring in all that matters,

Squirrels and chipmunks store for winter,

Axes strike to make wood splinter,

The smell of pies, the taste of cider,

Water jewels on the web of a spider,

Vacation days are nearly gone,

With final “good-bys” to summer’s dawn,

The smell of wood smoke perfumes in the air,

As life slows down with time to spare,

Crisp cool evenings while days grow short,

And geese overhead sound their Fall report.

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