Seasonal Change Part 2


In my last blog I wrote about the unmistakable realities of a “seasonal shift”. It is that season in life when God is trying to get our attention because He has orchestrated our own private revolution. The winds of life change and you know something is about to happen that will be irreversible. Things begin to show up as precursors to an even greater event which is just around the corner and not yet in full view. In nature this is a splash of red on a hillside in August and it announces that Fall is on the way. However, in our personal lives it is often something much subtler and we miss it until the actual event happens.

I have sensed that a shift is being set into motion for Esther and myself as well. We have known in our hearts and spirits for some time that our life together is being changed. Sometimes it has come quietly and at other times it roared in like a freight train. These things have been redirecting us towards that which is to come next. We don’t know when that “next” will be, and we don’t know exactly what it will be, but we know it is there just out of sight, waiting to reveal itself at the right time.

As a harbinger of the life change that is coming for us, I had an event happen this past week that reminded me how quickly something can come into being when it’s time. Like a chick hatching out of an egg, we can go from one confined reality into the freedom of another in a moment, and it will be over even before it began. These kinds of events are what the Bible calls “in the fullness of time” or “suddenly”. They come after a long season of delay and happen very quickly. The change they bring is so profoundly impacting that it can leave you speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude.

I am 5’11” and weigh 183 pounds so I am certainly not overweight, but I have been battling a diabetic condition for the past 3 years. My glucose numbers have been erratic and running very high no matter what I have done. At one point my glucose was 390 and my triglycerides were at 1200 which is off the charts. I have fasted, prayed, read Scripture and spoken life over my body to deal with the condition in a natural and spiritual way. My physician has worked with me all this time but eventually convinced me to go on 4 medications to bring all these numbers down. These worked to some degree but to my great frustration things have never been right for very long, and the dosage was about to be upped once again.

Then last week my wife and I were watching a show late one night. The researcher was talking about the connection between fungus and our general health. The years of research he and other doctors had done showed that there is a definite clinical link between fungus and many diseases. His studies identified numerous diseases that are mimicked by “fungal blooms” which happen in the human body when we consume nutritionally depleted wheat products and sugar. This caught my attention since I am an avid bread baker and I do enjoy my sweets.

He advocated going off of all wheat and grain products and avoiding all sugars but xylitol and Stevia, which are sweet but chemically very different from regular sugar. He also advocate daily exercise, drinking filtered or spring water, more sleep and lots of raw veggies, raw coconut, raw garlic, natural oils, raw nuts and natural beef, pork, fish chicken and turkey as a healthy, non-fungal producing diet. He said many of the cravings we have are actually fungal related and by making these changes we could starve the fungus and allow our bodies to naturally balance out.

Apparently many of the illnesses we manifest can be of the same origin. Such things as IBS, diabetes, heart attacks, restless leg syndrome, allergies, cancer, psoriasis, insomnia, sinus infection, hyper-activity, post nasal drip, headaches, infections, even elevated levels of autism  and a large number of other ailments have all been linked to fungal conditions in humans. These ailments can be imitated or aggravated when our immune system is over-taxed by the growth of fungus that is always present in us. When our body is not operating at it’s optimal the fungus count can increase and this depletes our health. My decision at the conclusion of the show was quite simple. I would give this a try and see what happened.

The next day wheat products and sugar were taken out of my diet. I substituted almond milk for regular milk, I used filtered and spring water, I upped my raw veggies and made sure we ate only those things that were on the list. I got to bed at a reasonable hour and we continued our regular exercise. I also took my medications as directed but by the end of the day something strange happened. I began to feel light headed, my tongue and lips felt numb and I began to get disoriented, even a bit confused and dizzy.

When I checked my sugar level it was 51 and that had NEVER happened before. Something radical had definitely changed with my body chemistry in one day and I was shocked! My response was to eat but not take any diabetic medication just to see what would happen. In the past my numbers two hours after eating would be as high as 390 but normally about 260. However, this time without any medication it was 119. I did a second reading just to be sure and that came out 119 as well.

Every day since then I have continued to check my sugar levels once a day before and after different meals. To my amazement they have been 80 to 90 before eating and two hours after eating they have been between 90 to 119. What is really thrilling is that all of this has happened due to this change in life style because I have not taken any of my old medications. I still take a multi-vitamin and milk thistle but that’s it! My “suddenly” has come and am I enjoying the benefits of this dramatic “seasonal shift”. It has completely changed my life and my outlook for the future and like many things in the Lord, it came in a single moment with no warning.

Is there a “suddenly” that needs to be birthed in your life? More importantly, are you prepared to make the change that will be necessary once it comes? If I had not embraced the change and responded correctly to my seasonal shift, I would have missed it. I would have stayed frustrated and been locked in a place of limited health, lesser vision and restricted purpose. Like it or not, the same is true for you. Recognizing your moment of change when it comes is very important, but correctly responding to it is saying “yes” to the life God intended you to have. My question today is, “what will your answer be”?

Unless you make up your mind that you will do whatever the moment demands, when it comes you may not be willing take the risk. Change demands risk and only risk-takers get the prize. If you are satisfied with your life the way it is then that’s fine. It’s much easier to be safe, and settle for less than what you could have had. However, if you are like me, and you’re a “doorknob checker”, then I know you have to grab hold of your “suddenly” and see what’s behind that door. Let me encourage you to hold on and don’t give up before you get the prize. Fix your mind on the possibilities to come and when the opportunity arrives, take the risk and enjoy the ride. You’ll learn something along the way and I believe in the end, you’ll be a better person and happy that you tried!

3 thoughts on “Seasonal Change Part 2

  1. Johnstown water may taste fine, but there is something going on with it. My wife was diagnosed with Crohns Disease a few years back, and there was this book by a “quack” doctor about the city water upsetting the natural balance in your stomach. We tried going to spring water (purified water is the same as tap) and it has helped a lot.
    When you make bread ( bought bread is like 80% sugar) the yeast converts sugars/starches to alcohol/Co2, alcohol is just another form of sugar and will mess with your levels.
    Here’s somebody who has a lot of good information

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  2. Thanks Luke.. Every bit of info helps. I know the changes we made absolutely have had a huge difference in my blood sugar levels and my overall feeling of well-being has gone way up. No big crash after eating, consistent energy all day long and I’m beginning to sleep a lot better at night. Plus I have already lost a few pounds. I still get a craving for bread but it is going away little by little. Tonight I made an Israeli flat bred from ground flax seed, ground chia, ground quinoa and Almond meal. (Got all these seeds at Hannaford and ground them up in my $20 Walmart personal blender.) I added 1/2 tablespoon honey, a tablespoon of olive oil, a 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and almond milk and mixed it until it was a spongy ball. I rolled it out in a thin, round sheet (LIKE A PIZZA) and baked it 3 minutes on each side on a wok turned upside down on the gas stove. Amazingly tender and delicious and not one bit of wheat flour… we love it!!


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