The Lie We All Were Taught In School

I had a good laugh last night and that is quite something considering all that is happening in America right now. As I watched the Fox News Chanel, there on the Kelly File was the current leader of N.O.W. (National Organization of Women). She was being interviewed by Megan Kelly because the organization had publically “black listed” 100 organizations that don’t promote their agenda of on demand abortion, or the wholesale distribution of contraceptives to anyone at any age.

Who was on this “dirty” list? Well for starters Hobby Lobby and an order of Catholic Nuns who selflessly care for the elderly and for those who are about to die. That gives you some idea how far “off the bubble” N.O.W. is. As the interview continued something happened that demonstrated the philosophy of N.O.W. is not just disturbing, it is ungodly and simply un-American. Yet, overshadowing this plethora of twisted philosophies was the unwavering, confident ignorance of the woman being interviewed. Had I not been a human biology teacher and a student of American history, her false statements would have gone unnoticed.

What hit me first was an absolute lie she told in stating that an IUD did not, I repeat, did not cause the abortion of a fertilized egg. Megan Kelly questioned her on this point several times and each time she smiled with a smug confidence and absolutely affirmed that an IUD is not an abortive device. Kelly looked it up on the internet during the show and sure enough it was classified as an abortive devise. Any high school aged child knows this is exactly what it is. So… this is the organization that black listed some Nuns and called them “dirty”?

Then came the final straw of ignorance for me. With the same smug look of confidence she calmly threw out the “separation of church and state” as the final antidote for killing any influence of religion in our country. She stated it as if it were something written in our founding documents, or it was something our founding fathers had promoted in order to contain the spread of religion. In other words she, and most Americans, have no clue what our founding fathers defined the “separation of Church and state” to actually be.

First of all this concept is not a law, it is an idea stated by Thomas Jefferson in a hand written letter. In fact, it cannot be found in any of our founding documents. This includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Secondly it does not mean that the church and the state are non-compatible or that the church should not have an influence on the government. When looked at in context, the idea supported by Jefferson was just the opposite, and that is a deadly shock to every liberal in America!

Then where did the term come from, and what does it really mean? Here is what actually happened in history. Please read on so that the spell of ignorance might be broken off your life. Once you know the truth you can have an honest and intelligent conversation with those who pointedly throw this idea out to defend their position, yet they don’t have a clue as to what it really means.

In 1801, the Danbury Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, heard a rumor that the Congregationalist denomination was about to be made into a national denomination. That is, they thought the government of the United States was going to step in, take it over and make it a state run religion. Thus it would end up being the State sanctioned religion just like the Church of England was in England.

That rumor distressed the Danbury Baptist Church quite a bit. As a result the church leaders fired off a letter of concern to President Thomas Jefferson. In this letter they voiced their great concerns should this indeed be true. On January 1, 1802, President Jefferson wrote a letter back to the Danbury Baptist Church. In this letter he assured them that no such thing was going to happen. He further stated that, (and I quote from that letter) “the First Amendment has erected a wall of separation between church and state.” That’s it folks ! It was a letter to a Church, not a legal paper in a court of law. How Ironic that this very thing is now used to batter the church into voiceless submission.

What he stated so simply was very clear. The United States government was set up in such a way that it could not interfere with or direct the establishing of religion in this nation. What happened in England would not happen here. In essence the freedom of religion was a God given right that the national government had no right to control or regulate in any way. Religion in America was free to flourish without government interference of any kind. This is freedom of religion at it’s best and Jefferson wanted to reassure the Danbury Church that all was well.

Atheist and liberals of our day have reinterpreted this simple but profound idea. To fit their agenda, they have falsely taught an entire generation that this concept is part of our law and sadly, today most believe that it is in our founding documents. Both of these ideas are completely wrong. Beyond that, these same people have actually changed the intent of what Jefferson said and re-introduced it as something just the opposite. It has now come to mean that religion has no place in the government, and laws should be made to keep the influence of religion out of politics. In other words, “freedom OF religion” has now been reinvented as “freedom FROM religion”!

What have you been taught? Do you falsely believe that religion, specifically Christianity, has no place in our government? If so, you are one of millions who have been lied to and subtly influenced into an atheistic frame of reference. This is totally contrary to the foundations of our nation and it does not agree at all with the writings of our Founding Fathers. Consider the truth of what I have written. It could very well be the thing that sets you free to enjoy the life God intended when He allowed this nation to be founded. Freedom of religion, or freedom from religion? The first one leads to life the other to a life of self-imposed bondage. Which one will you embrace?

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