American Foundations? Part 2

In honor of the July 4th holiday I am going to continue the theme I began in my last blog about America’s Christian history. Like it or not, it is impossible to deny the roots of this nation are solidly anchored in Christianity and the God of the Bible. In fact, anyone who has been to Washington, DC and kept their eyes opened has seen what I am about to share. Not one thing I mention is made up or elaborated to make it seem more than what it is. This IS America and I am proud of that fact.

Nearly every corner of the Capital building, and other structures throughout our nation’s capital, clearly point to our Christian heritage as our source of national strength. The architects who were commissioned by our government to build these things were given specific instructions to ensure that future generations would know what beliefs and practices had made this nation great. If our founders went to such great lengths to permanently fix these truths before our eyes, how can we expect to thrive and find our place of world leadership once again if we willfully ignore the very things that brought us there in the first place?

The Capitol Building itself in Washington, DC points to the Lord’s presence in our national history. In the House Chamber is the inscription, “In God We Trust”. Above the Gallery door is a marble relief of Moses, surrounded by 20 other lawgivers from history. At the east entrance to the Senate chamber are these Latin words, “Annuit Coeptis”, which means “He (God) Has Favored Our Undertakings”. Over the southern entrance to the Senate chamber are the Words “In God We Trust”.

In The Rotunda are the paintings of  “The Baptism Of Pocahontas” and “The Embarkation Of The Pilgrims” which clearly shows William Brewster leading the pilgrims in prayer to God. In an open Bible in this picture are the words “The New Testament According to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”. In this same painting are the words “God With Us” on the sail of the ship.

The Capitol has a Christian chapel that is available so our lawmakers can go in and pray and meditate on Scripture to get God”s heart for the laws they pass. In that chapel is a stained-glass window showing George Washington in prayer under the inscription “This Nation Under God”. Psalm 16:1 from the Bible is etched on that window: “Preserve me, God for in Thee do I put my trust”. And… do you know what is at the top of the Washington Monument, the tallest structure in Washington? On the east facing side of the Washington Monument, the thing that catches the first rays of sunlight every morning, is the Latin inscription, “Laus deo” which means, “Praise Be To God”!

Only the willfully ignorant atheist, the mentally incompetent or the blind foreigner who does not know English could possibly believe that Christianity is not at the root and in every foundation of the United States. Unless we physically destroy these structures where our lawmakers meet and what they walk past daily, they will continue to stand as a witness to the truth. These things have defined to every generation what our founding fathers believed and practiced. Like it or not, these are the facts and this IS America. To believe anything else simply means you have believed a bold-faced lie, and it’s time to change!

America, the real America, is Christian in it’s foundation and real Americans are Biblical in their approach to governing this great  nation. Those who do not have this belief system as their own should not be in any position of political authority since they are at odds with the core values so clearly displayed by our founding fathers.  Unless we as a nation embrace this fact, and demonstrate by our vote that we agree with this truth, we will go the way of every other nation that has arrogantly forgotten God.

My conclusion? Unless there is another great Biblical awakening in this nation the day will come when our own rebellion and defiance of God will bring us to the tipping-point of destruction. If we fail to be broken in spirit at that time, and still refuse to turn to the One who loves us and died for our sins, this nation will be no more. My questions is, why do we need to get to that point? Why not learn what we must from history, embrace our foundation and align ourselves with it?

If your eyes and heart are open, and you really can see the truth of what I have said, then you know the future is in your hands with every vote you cast. My prayer is that we will vote from a Biblical worldview and once again be a nation that walks in God’s blessing demonstrating that our motto “In God We Trust” is once again a living reality.

5 thoughts on “American Foundations? Part 2

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  2. The founder’s left definite physical proof as to what the roots of America consisted of and that is Christianity. Anybody can visit Washington DC and by casual observation confirm everything you’ve mentioned. Almost every structure has the evidence of a Christian influence.

    Secularists tirelessly try to create an America in their own image but the facts speak for themselves. They champion Jefferson as their voice for a secular America. They reverently quote his famous adage of “the Separation of church and state” as if it were holy writ. What is forgotten is Jefferson’ words and actions as President. He regularly attended church services as president at the Capitol building with government paid chaplains. He also arranged for similar services to be conducted at the War Office and Treasury Building of the executive branch. He used federal funds to aid Christian schools and promote Christianity among the Indians. There is no record of anyone questioning his actions!


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