The Simple Things In Life

Today is the 16th of June and it is a beautiful early summer day. The sun is just coming up, the trees are filled with lush green leaves and my garden out back is doing very well. I am sipping on my early morning cup of “Adirondack Coffee”. For those of you who never lived in the Adirondacks Mountains that’s hot coffee with a tablespoon of maple syrup and a nice helping of light cream. The busy day has not yet begun and I am just relaxing in the solace of the moment. I am sitting in the stillness, enjoying a few simple things like prayer for my family and friends, and the peace that resided in our house. It is these things that make my life rich and memorable.

It is during these quiet times, that I find myself considering the important things of life, the simple things that really matter. For instance, yesterday was Father Day and I was deeply impacted by all that went on. They were not huge by Hollywood standards, but in my heart and in the heart of God they were profound and gave me lasting memories. A T-bone steak seasoned and cooked to perfection on my grill. Shrimp sautéed in garlic and butter by my wife. A salad made of fresh lettuce, kale and chives from my garden and best of all, time to share all this with my beautiful wife on a magnificent Sunday afternoon.

The day was rich with honor, and words of encouragement were spoken that were life changing. I was blessed by my wife with a card and breakfast in bed. She is an amazing woman and her continual acts of kindness have enriched my life. I was honored by hearing from all three of my sons during the day. They reminded me of how much they love me and respect the life I have lived….every father needs this! The church rose up with additional honor and respect for me as the father of the House. Men and women in the congregation spoke to me and prayed for me with tears in their eyes. They shared how I had impacted their lives and set an example before them for the kind of husband they wanted, or the kind of man or father they aspired to be. It was amazing and deeply touching.

What struck me was that the simple things in life I have done for others is what made all the difference. It was the kind words I spoke to a young lady just when she needed it. It was just being there for my sons when they were unsure and seeking direction. It was showing up to help change a flat tire or take someone to work when it was raining. It was faithfully serving and standing, loving and forgiving when everyone else was doing the opposite. It was holding my ground in difficult situations and being an anchor of stability that brought confidence and peace in troubled times. I didn’t always have the answer, but for some reason at times I was the answer, and that was enough.

Never take for granted the simple things in life. They are the very framework upon which the most meaningful and memorable events of living are most often hung. When we slow down from the pursuit of great things, and relish the moment of a simple thing, we have just uncovered the real treasure of life. These simple acts of kindness might not be the stuff of a block-buster movie, but they are the things that God has given all of us to profoundly change lives and make life worth living. When all is said and done, perhaps the simple things in life are not so simple after all…. 🙂

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