When It’s Time To Clean House

Not long ago my wife and I watched a wonderful movie called “Gifted Hands”. If you ever need to be lifted up and encouraged then this true life story of Dr Ben Carson is the perfect antidote for any form of discouragement. He overcame poverty, no father in the house, learning issues, poor education and massive anger issues to become a world renowned neurosurgeon at Johns-Hopkins.

I bring this up because  my wife and I just ran across Dr. Carson once again. He has been interviewed  by a half dozen or more national TV shows because of his strong belief that this nation can be changed and rescued from the destruction it is currently headed for. In fact he made this declaration in a beautiful speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC while President Obama and his wife looked on from the same platform.

Carson said that prior to his speech the White House actually contacted him in order to review and edit his material. Carson explained that he was going there to speak from his heart and had nothing to give them. However, they wanted to be sure this famous surgeon would not say anything that might put the President in a bad light. Obama’s massive failure in US economic policy and the catastrophic mess caused by the governments inability to run the veterans hospitals needed to be avoided. Beyond that Carson also needed to avoid any mention of Obama’s embarrassing national health care flop. In other words, the administration basically wanted to suspend Carson’s freedom of speech so the president could safe face.

True to form Carson spoke from his heart and not only addressed many of these issues, but he also provided many common sense solutions as well. The grave look on that came across both of the Obama’s was very evident. What was the end result? Not long after this speach Carson, his family members and his close friends were all targeted and audited by the IRS. The White House remained silent on the matter even after the current IRS scandal hit the news stands. Is anyone surprised by that? Not me.

Why do I mention all of this? Because it’s Spring and we all know it’s time to clean house. I am convinced we need to begin with the White House and then work our way down through the House of Representatives and finally do some housecleaning in the Senate. Elections are coming and our vote should speak loud and clear. Dirty politics and dirty politicians are no longer welcomed in this nation. Unless we become part of the solution we are all part of the problem.

I know one thing for sure, if Dr. Ben Carson runs for the presidential office, and he is being encouraged to do so right now, he has my vote! I am sick of professional politicians doing what is in their own self-interest and catering to well funded special interest groups. We need men and women of integrity who will speak the truth, walk it out and bring this country back from the deadly cliff it is headed for. We need people who are willing to clean house, serve those who elected them and actually be  the voice of the majority who love this nation. When elections come this fall my great hope is that our voices will be shouted across this nation one vote at a time and we will finally turn this thing around.

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