The Answer Is In Our Hands!

The world we now live in has begun to openly pride itself on a grand scale for being more sensitive, tolerant and seemingly open to new ideas of every kind. It views scientific advancements such as the ability to genetically modify anything, or alternative life styles such as same-sex marriage, as “proof” of this brave new world. It accepts the murder of innocent children in the womb as normal, and believes the media manipulation of “political correctness” to be the banner we should all follow into the new era, now being identified as “Obama’s America”.

The facts are very plain and quite simple. These things have indeed caused us to pass through a door and few saw it coming. We have blindly entered into a new place as a nation, and it is not what the majority of Americans expected or wanted. It is a frightening place where a very small minority can now apply unlimited pressure on governing leaders. By so doing they can legally force the majority of us to be subject to laws and ideologies that are abhorrent to society, contrary to our national heritage and clearly unbiblical in practice.

Our fore fathers would be shocked to see how far we have turned from, and even rejected, the very things they fought, bled and died for. A brief review of the letters they wrote and the statements they made in founding our laws, all clearly demonstrate the values and morals they held sacred for the continuance of this nation. Thus, the new “freedoms” we have so quickly embraced are already making us slaves to a system that silences any voice not in agreement with it’s own agenda.

Let me site two blatant examples of this that have gone nearly unreported by the liberal new media. Did you know that a federal law, signed by Obama nearly two years ago, basically permits any political candidate to have a “no free speech zone” for a block in any direction from where they might be speaking? Those who dare to voice any dissenting opinion, hold up a banner or even boo in disagreement are now subject to immediate arrest. Under this executive mandate such actions are considered a federal crime. Let me ask, where in 1945 did we see this practice before?

Secondly, have you failed to recognize that any opinion contrary to the prevailing view in the media, is no longer tolerated or even welcomed to be voiced, especially when it comes to same sex marriage or the gay lifestyle. The recent fray that happened on one daily talk show openly demonstrated the intolerance many have to any voice other than their own. Those who speak out from a biblical perspective are now branded as prejudice, divisive, intolerant and hate mongers who should be arrested and even have their children taken from them. Once again, where in history did we see this same ideology so prevalent?

We are most definitely living in a new age of tolerant intolerance. America is no longer the nation where anyone is free to express their honest opinion for fear of being branded by the media or targeted by the IRS. We can no longer identify violent religions as being violent, and we are no longer welcomed to say that unbiblical lifestyles are unbiblical. Such speech is looked down upon and quickly identified as potentially illegal and at the very least, un-American.

This house of cards is Obama’s America. It’s the one he envisioned when he was elected president, and it is the one he has carefully crafted with every stroke of his pen and phone call in issuing yet another executive order. It is echoed in the forced health care that is strangling our nation, yet is being backed by mandatory fines for non-compliance. It is seen in our current depleted military strength and our embarrassing fall from world leadership. It is reflected in the failed VA health system and the printing of 85 billion dollars monthly, that is backed by nothing, yet it is being dumped into our economy just to keep it afloat. It is identified at every federal and state level where there is massive financial waste and hidden spending to special interest groups who do not have this nation or it’s citizens best interest at heart.

With all this incompetence and mismanagement, with all the deception, cover up and lies that have poured forth from the halls of government, no one dares open their mouth. Why? Because that would be the voice of intolerance and prejudice and we wouldn’t want that! So, for the sake of tolerance we are asked to tolerate everything. For the sake of peace we are asked to accept those who have sworn to make war against us. For the sake of those who refuse to take personal responsibility for their own lives, we are asked to carry them in a massive welfare state at levels we can’t afford, even if it means the whole nation goes under.

In all of this I have but one question to ask: Who has the calm voice of reason that we so desperately need in this stormy hour? Is there not one man or woman elected to office who has the backbone, tenacity and vision to restore hope to our nation, reason to our laws, honor to or citizens and responsibility to our finances? Show me such a man or woman and I will show you multitudes who will gladly lay down their lives for them to see them elected. I believe America can once again be a light in the darkness that all can look to and desire to follow. For that to happen, we first need “one” who is willing to heroically and unselfishly lead. The question is, will we have such a person step up to the plate before it’s too late? I know that the answer is in our hands, and this time we better get it right !

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