The Greatest Gift Of All

Life can certainly get busy at times. The pace of it can pick up and run out of control in a moment and we don’t even know how it happened. The last two weeks have been a case in point for me. During this time period I have been in Albany NY, New York City, Detroit MI, Newark NJ, Minneapolis MN, Denver CO, Los Angeles CA, Valencia CA, Venice Beach CA, Malibu CA, Rapid City SD, Newunderwood SD, and finally Attitash Mountain NH for some R & R. I woke up this morning and lay in bed next to my wife trying to get my bearings. The truth is, it took me a moment to remember where in the world I was.

On our way here last night I called a very dear friend of ours since he was only a few miles from where we were passing by. He and his wife pastor a church in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and they were blessed last year to buy a well-kept 28 foot travel trailer. Because they are residents of Vermont, they were also able to secure a seasonal campsite on the waters edge of Lake Memphra Megog to put it on. This has become a quiet sanctuary for them to go to on the weekends where they can reflect and just decompress from the pressures of life. It also has become a gathering place for their family, and this has been a dream come true.

As we spoke I asked if they had opened things up for the summer season and with great joy he said he and his wife had done so this past weekend. They had pulled it on site and then spent a number of hours afterwards just sitting by a fire in the evening, looking out over the glass-still water. They had been joyously anticipating all the warm days and nights yet to come. When I heard this, something within me rang like a bell. It was as if an alarm went off and I knew that somehow, some way it was time for a change.

Life is slipping by all of us, and once it is gone we can’t get it back. Our kids and grandkids are all growing and building lives of their own. Some may be near by while others may have moved away. Things are in high gear for most of us and there is dynamic change swirling all around. This is the nature of life on planet earth. Unless we make deliberate decisions to gather in the threads of the fabric of life it will unravel before our eyes. It can quickly become nothing more than vague memories of infrequent life events tied together by threads of regret about what could have been but never was.

The decisions we have made, and the current focus of our energy and resources, produces the life we have. Good or bad, abundant or scarce, balanced or top-heavy in one direction, our life is our own creation. We built what we have and we are the only ones who can change its direction and final outcome. Do you like what you see? I for one do not! I know a change must come if I am to hold on to and build up what I cherish most in life. This includes my family, friends and faith.

How about you? Where is your life headed, and have there been any alarms going off in your head as you have spoken with others? Where does time with family fit into the life picture you are framing? What do you believe, and how important is your faith in the life song you are singing? Where do genuine friends enter into the river of life that is flowing all around you?

If you don’t like the answers to any of the above questions then be encouraged. Looking at and recognizing the need for genuine change is the first step in the right direction. Once the veil of ignorance and busy activity have lifted we can begin to evaluate life priorities and adjust the outcome. This is possible because we all have the greatest gift of all at our disposal. What gift is this? We all have the power to change! Let me suggest that you begin to use that power today so that you will be pleased with all your tomorrows. 

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