Things Every Kid Needs To Learn

As a parent, and now a grandparent, there are a few things I have come to realize every kid needs to know before they become an adult. I instilled these things in my kids because my parents instilled them in me. Low and behold, all three of my children are happy productive adults, raising happy productive children. So, if you want to know the common sense realities that seem to be missing in our society today, here they are. Hope you enjoy the list!

#1. The money you want is earned, not handed over because you asked for it. My kids did chores and earned their weekly allowance. If their household jobs were done right they were rewarded with the promised finances. If they were not done right they were made to go back and do them right before any money was handed over.

#2. My job as a parent is NOT to make sure you are happy. My job as a parent is to love, train and discipline you so you live a productive life and find joy in serving others rather than serving yourself. Life does not center around you. It centers around the family as we each contribute our part, and it centers around God as we love and serve Him .

#3. Everyone who plays does NOT get OR deserve a trophy. When you give your very best and go above and beyond the mediocrity of others THEN you have earned the reward. I will applaud and rejoice with you in your success and I will help you learn from those wonderful failures. I will not, however, over inflate your self image by rewarding you for what you do not deserve.

#4. Just because I have an expensive phone doesn’t mean you should have one. I am the adult and I have taken on great responsibilities and because of that I have received great privileges. The more responsible and respectful you are the more privileges you will deserve to have.

#5. There are many things you will want in life that you will not get. And,  there are many things in life you will get that you will not want. I expect you to accept both with  grace and a good attitude. This tells everyone you are an emotionally healthy person and that means you will have good success in life.

#6. To be a great leader you must first be an exceptional follower. Learn the importance of being part of a team and then do your part with excellence. What opens the door for anyone to lead is the honor given to them by those on the team.

#7. I am not your friend I am your parent. I have authority over your life that you do not have over mine. I also have wisdom and insight  that you don’t yet appreciate. Until suchh time as you are living on your own my word is final because it’s my house and I pay the bills.

#8. We are not equals in this relationship but you do have the right to disagree with me but not disrespect me.

When children learn these basics they grow up to be healthy, productive, self-motivated and respectful of others. When they are not taught these essentials they incorrectly believe that life and everyone in it is there to serve them. This entitlement mentality is at the core of the welfare state that is strangeling our nation. My question is, will your children contribute to our country or will they be among the masses that suck the life out of it? Their future is in your hands!


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