The Power Of A Life Well Lived

When you consider how you or those around you have lived, what stands out the most? That is, what makes any life have real meaning and significance? Is it the money that has been made or the lives that have been influenced? Perhaps it’s recognition from the general public or acceptance among those who are rich or famous. At some point in everyone’s life the question, “did my life have meaning” will have to be asked, and when it is will you be happy with the answer?

In case you are wondering, I am dying at this moment. Did that statement shock you? The fact is, so are you! I don’t mean we all have a terminal illness that is quickly taking our life. What I mean is, like it or not, every day that passes by brings us one day closer to our final moment. We are all dying one day at a time. This is a reality that no one can escape, and it can’t be stopped. Some have a month to go, some a year, some 20 years, others 50 or more years. In the end we all die when our time is up, but dying is not the issue. It’s the living we do that makes all the difference!

For some the final conclusion that will be reached may be quite satisfying. This is because they have considered not only what they did with their life, but more importantly how they did it. In the final analysis the real power of a life is found in how it is lived. The living we do before others is what brings peace to the stormiest situation and clear vision to the darkest night. Such a life is never spent on achieving great things. No, it has a much higher vision. A life well lived is invested. It is sown like seed into the lives of those who are touched and inspires others to do even greater things.

So the question we all must ask is, “who has my life inspired”? What I do from this day forward will determine that answer. Will I leave a rich, vibrant legacy of care, encouragement and blessing in the hearts of those I have touched, or will I simply be another picture and personal article in the obituary section of the local newspaper?  You know what I mean; “they were born and died on such and such a day, they are survived by so and so kids and grand kids, they worked at thus and thus until they retired. End of story!

I believe we can all live life in such a way that it inspires others to go further, deeper and higher than we ever dreamed. It is possible to live and impart such passion into others that they are motivated to do the impossible. Let’s decided today that we will live a life with such purpose that it encourages and propels others forward to do better and greater things. People imparted that into me and it caused me to step off the path of a mediocre, half-hearted, lukewarm existence.

Now I want to…. I have to make a difference! In fact I believe this is one of the highest callings in life. We are all here for a reason, and if we choose to have a life well lived we will leave this world a better place. More importantly we will so enthuse others that they will do the same. What is the result? Let me quote Louie Armstrong, “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world”! So, go live your life with passion and purpose. Inspire others to do great things and you will discover the amazing power of a life well lived.

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