Principles Of Truth

Like it or not, we all live out our lives rooted and grounded in the core realities we have embraced.  Every action, and every word that flows from our life, comes from this frame of reference called “principles”. These truths direct how we live, what we believe and why we do the things we do. They are powerful concept-builders that are at work in every life, every moment of every day. The stark reality is simple; no one can avoid the influence or the consequences of the principles upon which they have built their life.

Evidence of this is seen whenever we turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or read the latest of what those in Hollywood or in Washington have been doing. The illegal activity, blatant greed, multiple marriages, lies and broken lives of those in the headlines clearly identifies the principles upon which they are living their lives. These people do what they do because of what is directing them from the inside, and it’s virtually impossible for them to do otherwise. The truth is simple and it is unavoidable. The principles in us direct what we believe, and what we really believe directs what we do.  

The ancient Greeks had a word for these foundational principles that we establish our lives on. It is the word “aletheia”.  Alethia is the truth you have embraced in your core. It is the bedrock within you that forms the lens through which you see everything. This is your reality and it absolutely establishes who you are, what you believe about yourself and what you believe you can do. Once “aletheia” is cemented within you, it forms the framework upon which your entire existence hangs. However, there is a catch. Aletheia can be true in reality, or it can be the reality that is true for you. Most people don’t realize there is a huge difference.

If your principles are grounded in the truth, that which is real, accurate and correct, you will have a great foundation upon which to build your life and touch others. It will keep you balanced, focused, honest, genuine and transparent. Those who develop trust in someone who lives this way will not be disappointed, because this is a life that deserves, and will be given great honor. On the other hand, I have had the misfortune of knowing those who had principles built upon a reality that was true for them. They believed everyone and everything in life was there to serve them, and their actions clearly demonstrated that reality when they wounded and betrayed everyone around them.

What is the “aletheia” in you? Are you honest, truthful, genuine, transparent and honorable? Do you really care about the family, friendships and well-being of those around you? If the answer is yes, then you have life principles built upon the truth. On the other hand, do you build trust with others simply because you want something from them? Has there been a pattern where you continually betray and disappoint family and friends?  If you said yes to this then you are one who has life principles based upon a reality that is true for you, but it is not the truth. Until you face this fact, nothing in your life will ever get better.  

Before it’s too late, you might want to ask yourself a very important question. When it’s my time to die, will I be satisfied, at peace and surrounded by those who love me because my influence touched them deeply in a good way? If the answer is no, then today is the day to take an honest look within. Examine the principles and truths you have built your life upon. Embrace your need for a genuine relationship with God and reject those things that are self-serving and self-promoting. Remember, the key to a life of profound good is established upon principles grounded in truth. When loving God and serving others becomes your reality, you will have life principles that really make a difference. In the final analysis, there is no better way to live and no greater way die! It’s your decision… now what are you going to do about it?

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