The Missing Thread

Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know people from every strata of society. I have met government officials, those in the military, those who hob-knobbed in Hollywood and even church leaders from many denominations. I have met the wealthy, those on welfare and those who are the hard-working backbone of the nation. I have traveled overseas, crossed nations, crossed state borders, crossed cities and crossed my own street. In all this, there has been a common thread that never fails to show up.

This thread is so prevalent, so important, that its presence in the fabric of even the most basic relationship is essential or it begins to unravel. I have seen powerful apostolic leaders, pastors of little country churches, fathers who lead their own homes, and even executives of million dollar corporations fail to include this thread. Wherever it happened, the end result is always the same. It destroys their influence and becomes the seed of destruction that poisons every relationship and kills everything they laid their hands on.

When this thread is visibly present there is a beautiful harmony and symmetry that settles the soul and makes people feel richly satisfied with all that is happening. It brings a cohesion and stability that provides an overriding sense of clarity and focus. However, without it, there is an unspoken but firm resistance that forces everything to a grinding halt. No one may speak about it, but everyone will feel it clogging up the atmosphere like invisible cement.

“What is this thread?” you may ask.  It’s honor! Honor is the key that allows a man to lead his family, or a president to lead a country. It is the backbone of the military, the glue of lifelong friendships and the weld that holds good marriages together. Honor is what makes someone die for their fellow man or refuse to speak a negative word when others are spewing forth a sewer of criticism. It holds itself accountable to do the right thing and needs no one looking over its shoulder to stay on course. Honor is the thread that connects a whole nation, or a single person to a higher standard of excellence, without any excuses.

Have you felt the growing tide of hostility and discontent that is swallowing up the nations? I can feel its dark tentacles getting a stronger and stronger hold on the hearts and minds of the people. Unless you want to be part of this incoming tide of destruction let me suggest to you a few things. These may help you recover the sweet voice of honor in what has become a very dishonoring world. 

#1. Let honor become the center thread in the tapestry of your life. Once it is a core principle, the actions of others will have no power to influence what you do or say.  

#2. Let the words of your mouth sow seeds of honor at all times. This will become the harvest you get back in the days ahead. That’s good to know!

#3. Never participate in or condone any form of dishonor. The smell of dishonor always gets on those who are near it. Remember, you don’t have to eat a ball of garlic to smell like you have!

#4. The highest form of honor is always the honor you choose to give, not the honor that is earned or deserved. This kind of honor does not just lift another, it ultimately lifts you. 

If you are willing to restore honor to it’s intended place in your life you will not just secure your own future, but you will be an influence for good in the lives of all you touch. In the end, isn’t that what makes life what it was meant to be?

2 thoughts on “The Missing Thread

  1. love this . I am one of those people you have had an influence with your life. nothing but love for you . You’re the real deal ! You’ve made your mistakes but you always get back up again. Thank You for having the courage to follow Christ even in the hard times!!! You have made a deep influence in my life.


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