The Rewards Of Honor

My wife Esther is a beautiful woman inside and out. She has a heart of gold, a wonderful figure and is just pleasing to look at and be around. When God gave her to me He knew exactly what He was doing. That being said, she also is a city girl who did stand-in work and stunts in the movie business. I however am a country boy who grew up in the back woods of the Adirondack Mountains. This fact of nature lends itself to some very interesting things in our life together. One such thing occurred right after we were married and Esther had moved from LA to my country home in upstate New York.

Our property at that time was nestled between some farm land, a pine forest and a nice stand of hardwoods. Best of all there was a huge patch of wild blackberries at the top of the hill, right on our property line. These created a perfect barrier and food source for a flock of turkeys that were in the area. So, on one particularly beautiful Fall day I planned to go turkey hunting, and to my surprise, when asked Esther said she would go with me.

With that fact,  I knew one thing for sure, there would be no turkeys brought home that day!  In fact I was so certain we would see nothing that I decided to take my old Remington, single shot 20 gauge and two shells with number 4 shot, just in case we flushed a partridge. The point being, this was my new bride, and her willingness to go with me changed the story. I was certainly not going to withdraw the invitation, and I thought to myself, “If nothing else, we will have a nice walk around our property”.

So, with the above in mind, we put on our camo, I gave her some brief instructions about the basics of hunting and we headed out the back door and up the hill on our property. Within 5 minutes we were standing behind the blackberry bushes and I whispered to Esther about where the turkeys might be. I pointed to the right along the hardwood line and then to the left along the freshly plowed field. Then in complete innocence Esther said “look at those big birds right in front of us, are those Turkeys?” Sure enough, there they were. The whole flock was in the freshly plowed field not 30 feet from where we were standing, and they had not heard us.

I told Esther to plug her ears and I fired at the closest Tom. To my shock the bird fell over while the rest of the flock sailed up into the air and vanished in the hardwoods. I quickly reloaded as I noticed the big bird starting to run, trying to get into the air. The second shot brought the bird to it’s final resting place and we stepped out in the field to claim our prize. In the eyes of my wife, there was now no doubt that she had indeed married a county boy. In her eyes I must have looked like the “mighty hunter”. We walked home together that day carrying our fresh Thanksgiving dinner after a 10 minute hunt!

What did I learn from this event? When we put others first God honors it. Had I stuck to my old thought patterns, not requested her presence, and left Esther at home alone, I would never have gone into the woods where we did. Because I wanted her with me, I took the path that was best suited for her, not best suited for hunting. That decision brought us to the very place we needed to be and God honored the fact that I honored my wife.

What lesson did I learn that day? If there had been a lack of honor between me and my wife  the outcome would have been very different. My question is this, is there any evidence of a lack of honor between you and your wife? Have there been blessing withheld, and opportunities missed because you did not honor one another as God intended? If the answer is yes, perhaps now is the time to make things right.

Men, we have no excuse. If God gave you a wife, she is a gift for life and He expects us to bring out the beauty that He placed within her. If your wife does not shine then you have failed to polish her as God intended and it’s time to change! Today, look for ways to begin nurturing your wife. Get your eyes off yourself and start to bring out the hidden beauty that is in her. The rewards last a lifetime and the blessings will overtake you from every direction. If you want the best God has, begin by learning the language of honor and then start using it on your wife.  You’ll be glad you did!

4 thoughts on “The Rewards Of Honor

  1. Bill,
    A good read. I particularly like how you worded this line, “If your wife does not shine then you have failed to polish her as God intended”.
    Celebrating 25 years with Rob this year! Keeps getting better and better.


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