The Amazing Power Of “Off”

Think of all the things we do each day. From the moment we awake until we finally close our eyes at night, there are a thousand things pulling on our emotions and positioning themselves to grab our attention. Some are significant while others are a total waste of time. The average person does not recognize the importance of knowing which is which.  Thus, these “Time Suckers” constantly rob us of the greatest gift we have to offer; ourselves!

I have created a list of the biggest time-suckers in my own life. I had to do this or risk accepting their relentless pursuit as a way of life. I really struggled with this idea, but I knew it had to be done or I would  bow to the outcome of their final conclusion. That is, the reality that my life was being squandered on and invaded by things that have no real value, purpose or meaning.

The main offenders were easy to spot nearly every very place I went. I saw a couple out for dinner with their faces glued to their smart phones. Not one word was spoken until the check was brought and then they talked about the tip . Then there was the family on vacation at the beach.  The two children had Ipods plugged into their ears while mom read a romance novel on her Kindle and dad caught the baseball game on his radio. Once again not a word spoken between them for over an hour until the kids needed money for a cold drink.  And my favorite of all; the newlywed couple who watched tv monitors from the head table at their wedding. Why, you might ask….. because their wedding conflicted with their favorite crime show! What more needs to be said?

These chronographic leeches show up in church, at funerals, while driving in heavy traffic and even during intimate dates. They voice their presence in the middle of the night and disturb our sleep.They invade the dinner table, the boardroom, the bathroom and the bedroom. They break our focus and demand our immediate attention when we are with family. They even have the ability to break our heart-to-heart connection when we are with friends. I am convinced that unless we learn to exercise our right to hit the”off” button we are all headed for a rude and lonely awakening.

My list… well here it is, in no specific order or rating of invasive power. Smart phones, Ipods, electronic games, television, tablets, laptop computers, satellite radio, and now phone watches. These are among the biggest offenders.  There are others but if you take yourself offline daily from just these and have human contact with those you love, life takes on an amazingly personal quality. Before its too late, you may want to consider a list of your own. It has helped me reorder my life and priorities and I’m so glad I made it! I have rediscovered the amazing power of “off”, and so can you. 




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