The Power Of Communication

I am and have always enjoyed being a communicator. I love language and it’s power to convey ideas, present vision and provide avenues for people to learn about the secrets of the heart. Real communication can be the stuff of deep relational connection which is often missing in this electronic world we have created. When there is a breakdown in what was designed to be a perfect flow of face-to-face encounter, it leaves a hole in me and in my thoughts for quite some time.

I am before groups or people all the time, speaking truth, providing insight and giving instruction at many levels. When they “get it”, I can see a change in their facial expression. The connection that joins us for that brief moment is absolutely fantastic. There is a unity of purpose and a common vision that cements our different worlds into one and moves us forward to a common goal. That profound “sync” is so rare, that when it happens, there is a knowing that something unique and powerful has just taken place. It connects the dots for those involved and both our worlds are elevated into something new and wonderful.

Because of this gift to communicate, I travel a great deal in ministry. My wife and I are frequently away from our home church and our friends. We are invited nationally and internationally to address congregations, speak at conferences and provide fresh insight to leaders in different Church and business strata. Thus, our ability to clearly communicate spiritual and natural truths is put to the test continually, and this presents a very unique challenge that we take very seriously.

We are what is known biblically as “prophets”. This means God made us with the spiritual apparatus to hear and understand His voice, and speak His truth. However, from that position we hold an ever increasing responsibility to communicate more than just the truth. We are really called to communicate God’s heart, which is the key that really unlocks the lives of people. In other words our real calling in life is to speak the truth in love. In fact I am convinced that speaking the truth in love is the high calling of every person on earth.

Have you ever had someone speak the truth to you, but it came with such a sharp edge that it cut you deeply and wounded you in the most personal way? I’m not talking about the angry back lash from an uncontrolled mouth. I am referring to the words of someone you loved and trusted, but in a thoughtless moment of frustration they blurted out something that pierced your heart. How you respond to such communication sets a pattern in your life for offense or growth. Respond well and you will use it to change and mature. Respond poorly and you have set yourself up to live a life filled with hurt, self-preservation and continual offence.

A good response to bad words and actions, sets you free to grow, change, learn and become better equipped to live a satisfied life. By staying open and unoffended to even the most caustic people, you will become resilient and strengthened by each new encounter. Nothing will ever be able to stop you, and this is the victorious life God intended you to live. However, a bad response in the same situation makes you a prisoner to it. As you continue to relive what was said or done, this has the demonic ability to hold you captive forever.  In your life, it will accomplish what no chain or jail cell ever could.

We visited Africa not long ago and one man who hunted monkeys told me of a unique method he used to capture them without harm. He took a heavy clay jug with an opening just big enough for a monkeys hand to pass through. In the jug he place two bananas and then secured the jug with a rope to a near by tree. Monkeys would come, stick their hand into the jug and grab the banana but then were unable to pull their hand and the banana out at the same time. Since the monkey refused to let the banana go, it was now trapped and could easily be bagged up.

Whats my point? Some of you reading this blog have been trapped by what you have held onto in life. You have to let it go, all of it, or be held prisoner. What will it be? Will you allow the foolish actions of someone else control your life and destiny, or will you begin to take responsibility for your own emotions and choose what your life will be like? Forgive it, forget it and move on. Let it go!  I believe it’s time for many to just let things go, and once again begin to enjoy the life you have. Remember, it’s the only one you will ever get so be sure you make it a great one!

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