What Brings You Here ?

I am forever fascinated by the Christmas story and what brought each of those in it to their ultimate destination. Each person, in the final analysis, was seeking to fulfill an obligation, seeking answers or seeking an unknown that was greater than themselves. That tells me something very powerful. It says there is an idea, a concept and an in-built knowing in the DNA of every human that must seek the truth. Interestingly enough, we find that truth in seeking it through our own frame of reference and the life experience we have had.

First consider Joseph and Mary. They were seeking shelter in their ancestral village because they were familiar with living in a home. They did not seek a tent, a cave or a houseboat. They went to an Inn. Even though their final destination was adjusted and they ended up in a stable, it was in seeking the familiar in an unfamiliar place that they landed in the exact place they needed to be in order to give birth to the Truth.

Next consider the shepherds. They were humble people who lived in the fields and tended their flocks. When they had their imaginations set on fire by an angelic visitation, what did they do? They began to seek an answer and ended up in the very same stable. They found an unfamiliar answer in a very familiar feeding troth for animals. Nothing could be more suitable than a place such as this for shepherds to discover the Truth.

Last but certainly not least, we have the wise men. They were star gazers who looked to the heavens for answers. Even though astrology is a false belief, God still used what these men knew to bring them to the Truth. They had a working knowledge of the heavens and they used that to follow a star which pointed them to the very spot Truth was to be found. Thus they landed in very unfamiliar territory just because God used the familiar to get them there. I am very encouraged by the concept that He uses what we know to get us to the Truth we don’t know.

When I see people wandering around with unclear vision and no truth to guide their life, it can seem very disheartening. They make decisions and have ideas that cause me to cringe inside. In spite of it all, I am still convinced that the One who made them is more than able to get them to the place where they will see and experience Truth. People may come from different directions and totally different backgrounds. They may have different beliefs and different ideas of what truth is. However, the One who is greater than all that confusion is able to reach them. He uses the familiar to bring each of us to the unfamiliar Truth that God loves us no matter what we have done and He sent Jesus to be the way back to Him. That is the essence of the Christmas message and the Truth we all need to hear.

If you are considering your life, and wondering what Truth really is, be open to the idea that God will use the familiar to lead you into a truth that may be totally unfamiliar. When things happen that don’t make sense, and you find yourself in very strange territory, sit back and look at it from a new perspective. Look for the truth that is embedded in the situation which is designed to set you free. Everything takes on new meaning when we can reframe what happens. Best of all, unexpected change actually becomes a welcomed partner that reveals the Truth to us in this adventure we call life.

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