Seasons Of Life

We live in a part of the country where the seasons play a major role in the lives of everyone. The temperature, daylight, wind and precipitation all change with such dynamic force that how people live each day is actually determined by them. Their manner of dress, outside activities and personal interactions are all held in check by how these things tend to manifest daily.

What we do during each of the different natural seasons may be influenced by those outside factors, but they don’t have to be controlled by them. This key concept produces a very distinct and important difference. What I mean is, we still go outside rain, sun or snow, but what we do when we are outside will definitely change. We still clothe ourselves winter or summer, but what clothes we wear must be appropriate to the environment around us. Thus the season is an influence, and this brings change, but we never allow the season so much control that all our activity is brought to a halt.

In life, how we choose to view our situation does the exact same thing. Our attitude and point of view either allow us to navigate through the difficult seasons of life with fluid ease, or they causes us to fight against each one in agitated frustration. The first leaves us vibrant with fresh answers and new vision while the latter drains us of vitality and robs us of hope and the amazing wonder of just being alive.

What season of life are you in right now? Are you longing for the soft, warm breeze of an emotional spring, but wake up each day to the harsh reality of a biting, bitter winter wind? If circumstances have grabbed the power to control who you are and what you do, then let me be a momentary voice of reason in this confusing season. If you hear what I say it can make all the difference in how you actually live the rest of your life.

First of all, begin to take stock in all you have accomplished, all you have enjoyed and all who love you. These are the magnificent treasures of life that go with you no matter what happens. Secondly, and more importantly, rediscover the amazing love God has for you. He is the penetrating warmth of a blazing summer sun. His love is more than enough to wash away the deepest, darkest pain in your life. Find Him and you will find the answer to every one of life’s unanswered questions. As the saying goes “Wise men still seek Him!” Merry Christmas!

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