Life On The High Wire

NIAGARA FALLS TIGHTROPESeveral years ago my wife and I were on vacation and we stopped to eat at a restaurant that was located at the very top of a very tall building. We saw the advertisement for this place a few days earlier and decided a meal “in the clouds” would be a great way to wrap up a more memorable vacation. So on a windy, September day we found ourselves hundreds of feet above the ground, surrounded by glass and eating a rather wonderful dinner.

We were enjoying each others company in this lofty place when I happened to glance outside once again. At that moment something caught my eye and it so startled me that I stopped eating and sat there absolutely transfixed. I was certain I must be seeing something that surely could not be there. We were over 800 feet in the air, and in the distance other sky scrapers jutted up into the horizon. Birds were sailing in the wind and occasionally a small cloud would sail by our window. However, there he was, a lone man in perfect balance, walking without a harness on what appeared to be a thread as fine as a human hair. I was absolutely speechless, terrified and in awe all at the same time!

As I ponder this event, I am captured by the idea of what life is like for those who live it on the high wire. No, I’m not talking about actually walking across a wire, hundreds of feet in the air. I will leave that to circus performers. What I mean is something much more practical. What is life like for those who have found that perfect place of balance and daring? It’s the life of controlled risk that propels them into every new day as an adventure to be lived, rather than a difficulty to be endured. This is life on the high wire and once you walk it, you are ruined to live any other way.

This is the life that looks outside itself and desires to help even if is means there is a bit of inconvenience. It’s one that seeks to make the world around them a better place by caring about those things that matter to others. Most of all it takes the time to build relationships and it listens with the heart. Finally, it genuinely supports and encourages others no matter who they are or what are struggling with. This is life on the high wire and it can truly be amazing.

If your life seems to be dragging along in the low lands, perhaps it’s time to look up and see the high wire above that dusty plain. Decide today that you can have a life above those self-centered things that focus your attention in the wrong direction. Once you begin to look outside the window of your own life, you will find inspiration in those who have chosen to live their life on the high wire.

No doubt it will leave you uncertain, unsettled and uncomfortable at times. It may cause you frustration and cost you finances. However, the rewards are so fantastic once you go there, that you will never want to come back. If you only do one thing today, find someone who lives on the high wire and then follow their example. If you do, you will lay your head on the pillow tonight in satisfaction, knowing your life has finally made a difference.

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