A Time To Change

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I am basking in the solitude as I look out the window from my rocking chair. There  is a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea with a teaspoon of maple syrup in my hand and I see through the window onto a snow covered yard. The sun has just begun to rise and as it does I watch a magnificent change happen to the landscape below me. Early dawn is pushed away, the shadows of night pass and the promise of a new day rises once again. In a few short, silent moments of time this change has come into full bloom and it finally hit me what this represents. It’s a daily reminder to us all that there is a time for every event under heaven and most of all there will come a time for change.

This year the concept of change impacted my wife and I in a most profound way. For the first time ever, none of our kids were able to make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is due in part to moving to find work or for two of our sons, military transfers across the country. Our oldest son only lives about 4 hours from us and he and his family wanted to be here. However, his wife is expecting grandchild number 14 in early December and we certainly do understand how uncomfortable it would be for her to travel in that condition. Beyond that our two daughters live in California and it’s no small thing for them and their families to fly east. So here we are, caught in the grip of change and wondering how to walk it out with grace and peace in our heart.

Yes, a time to change comes to us all at one point or another, and what we do in those seasons determines a great many things. Some fight it and try to guilt people into reliving that which has clearly come to an end. Others resent it and create a hostile atmosphere each time their expectations are no longer being met. There are a few who just give up living and hold so tightly to the past that it strangles any hope for the future. Then there are those rare individuals who accept change for what it is and learn to embrace the possibilities of the new things that are coming.

What kind of person are you when it comes to change? Have you considered how that impacts those you love? We have to remember that change is not a one sided event. It touches everyone at the deepest levels in many different ways. The child that goes off to college, the son who take a job out of state or joins the military, the daughter who marries and moves way to be with her new husband all experience profound changes. Yet, those of us who are connected to them, who love them and will miss them, tend to see that same time of change from a completely different perspective, and that is what often causes the conflict. 

Let me suggest to you that all change, even those that are difficult, are like the dawn I just experienced. When they come, they push away the shadows of that which has finally ended. Remember, as the light dawns it brings new life, new adventures, new people and the promise of a new way of doing things. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and almost scary some times, but it’s the way life is. We need to relax, trust that things will work out for the good and simply let go. As I have learned to do this I have been amazed at how wonderful my life has turned out. Best of all I’ve seen how wonderful the lives are of those I love who went through that change with me. Now….. if it’s your time to change let me encourage you to relax and just let it happen. You’ll be glad you did!

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