What Do I Do Now?

Have you ever said to yourself, “What Now”?  After a difficult, distressing or traumatic event has left you empty and feeling emotionally gutted, that question will rise to the surface and hang there unanswered. What do I do now? It’s powerful, and is often one of the most difficult questions you will ever have to face. Understand that it’s not so much the question can’t be answered. It’s hard to answer because it implies that an action must be taken at a time when doing anything is the last thing you want to do.

People all react differently when faced with a mountainous issue. When it rises up to block the view ahead, panic can set in and that has the power to misdirect us in many ways. We will often do and say things that are way out of our normal character. Once these things have been released into the atmosphere, the strong emotions and broken relationships that may be left floating on the sea of our life, can be almost overwhelming. Thus, when “what do I do now?” bobs to the surface of gut wrenching emotions, the answer is never easy or simple, yet it still must be confronted. 

In situations like this there is always an anchor for our soul, a place of stability and unwavering continuance that holds firm and sure. If you learn how to grab hold of that rock and know you cannot be swept away, it makes all the difference. The stability of such times is not based upon what we know or why we know it. It is actually found in how well we know ourselves how sincerely we embrace that knowledge. This is what Psychologists call “self-awareness” and most people lack that essential skill. Scripture says we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. That being the case, if we don’t know or love ourselves, it becomes virtually impossible to know or love those around us.

Our core values and life principles are really at the heart of any valid answer we find. Who we are inside, and what we really believe about ourselves are important rocks in our personal foundation. They will always be translated into every decision we make. There is no escaping it or avoiding it. Until we have a clear and well defined picture of ourselves and our mission in life, every difficult issue we face has the potential to redefine or redirect us and this produces a life in constant flux. Such a life has no forward momentum and has lost it’s ability to truly impact others in a lasting way.

The storms will come and the lightening will flash. The floods of pain and sorrow may roll over you like ocean waves, but your core values and life principles are what hold you on course through it all. Tie those together with the fact that God loves you, and wants a personal relationship with you, and you will never be shaken. His love is a massive anchor that holds everything in place. When the storms come, patiently hang on to these truths and surrender everything into the hand of God. Then, when “what do I do now?” comes to the surface, you can rest easy knowing you already have the answer in hand.

4 thoughts on “What Do I Do Now?

  1. “If you learn how to grab hold of that rock and know you cannot be swept away, it makes all the difference.” I immediately had the image that storms stir emotions and emotions are never the best influences on which to base decisions. My next thought upon reading your quote, Bill, was to find a safe haven in the storm, where the spirit can be quiet and connect once again to the Holy Spirit, where one can hear Him clearly, calmly and be positioned to answer the question “What do I do now?”.

    Good blog food for reflection.


    • Thanks Jo… We all know that life holds a lot of challenges. Once we find what to grab hold of it’s a lot easier to weather the storms…. “In this world yo will have tribulation but take courage for I have overcome the world”..


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