Finding The Place Of Balance

One of the great issues of life we all must face is how to find balance in an unbalanced world. The needs, wants, desires and emergencies of those around us can pull our emotions, energy and resources in a dozen different directions. Each may have its own merit, but each also has the potential to keep us leaning in so many different directions that we have no direction at all. It’s the classic condition of one who is doing a lot but has lost their bearings and does not live in a place of personal satisfaction.

I am an educator, minister, mentor and a spiritual leader to many and I know how important a balanced life is. For many years I lived and instructed others to live beyond the edge. My motto was “push until you drop then rest up and do it again”. It nearly killed me! Then I discovered every human exists as a triune being of spirit, soul and body. This triple nature imposes a unique requirement. To ignore, abuse or deny any one of these will eventually show up in very negative ways. The emotional state, physical well-being and spiritual stability of life itself depends on how well we learn to nurture each.

The dangers that are inherent with living an unbalanced life have been well documented. Emotional distress, IBS, exhaustion, panic attacks and a host of other illnesses plague our modern society. What is the solution we are given? Take another pill and just deal with the 20 or 30 side effects it may produce. I know many good people who have bought this lie and lost their health, their sense of well-being and their most significant relationships all because they lost the balance necessary to maintain them.

Medication, drive, intellect and talent may allow you to avoid the fallout for a season. However, even those with the most profound gifts and greatest promise still have to face the music for not finding the place of balance. It may take a year, a decade or a lifetime but it will still come. My question is this; “Will the price you pay be worth it?” Scripture says “What will a man give in exchange for his soul?” I suggest to you that you may want to consider the life you now have and if you don’t like what you see decide today to find the place of balance.

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