Be Still And Know

There is a wonderful passage that I go back to time and time again which never fails to make a difference in my busy life. Psalms 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God”. I have learned over the years that this is more than just a few well written words of truth. It is, in fact, a statement of absolute truth that holds a depth which seems to bring everything into a clear perspective. Until I recognized just how meaningful these words were, I agonized over things that goaded me along a path which was not always productive or beneficial.

In this post modern age, the ability to “be still” is an art that is all but lost. Smart phones, tablets and a multitude of other electronics intrude into what was once a personal place of sacred solitude. Here, in the rarefied atmosphere of a peaceful heart, God Himself could come and breathe the vision, clarity and direction we were all lacking. In that still place of waiting, He would satisfy the longing or our heart and settle all the acrid dust of life that was swirling around. We needed it, we hungered for it, and we were never really satisfied within until we had experienced it.

The distractions of our constant electronic companions have built us into a society of isolated techno drones. I watch people walk together without any conversation because each is focused on the text, email or phone call that just commandeered the moment. Beeps, clicks, buzzes and song clips sing out in church services, movie theaters, living rooms, soccer games, courtrooms and bathrooms.

I have watched young mothers in play parks with their children, but they were not “present to the moment”. Their eyes, minds and hearts were not focused on that fleeting and magnificent gift of childhood. They were instead drawn away by an electronic intruder that hijacked the time. Even worse is that it is allowed to continually rob them at any given moment of every single day.

Until we really learn how important it is to “be still” we will never be able to “know .. God” or be able to recognize all of His creation that we are missing.  When your life is nearly over, and you only have days or perhaps hours to live, what would you give to get back all the time that was wasted? Think of how much living has been robbed from you and your family just because a beep, a click or a ring invaded the moment. Take control of your life today and rediscover the power of being still once again. You won’t regret it and neither will those you love!

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