Look Up And See What You Are Missing !

I saw an amazing sunrise this morning and it caught me totally by surprise. I happen to look up because the world around me had suddenly become bathed in soft red, deep rose and a wondrous light pink. Every house, car and tree limb was highlighted in a way that seemed unearthly and almost impossible.

Yet there it was, the clouds and horizon were on fire with such vibrant intensity that it took me breath away. Deep blue sky back-dropped a spike of vermilion clouds that stretched up from the earth and cut across the morning sky. It was an awe-inspiring moment that I will never forget…and I almost missed it! I was so busy getting my day started that my mind and eyes were totally focused on all that “had” to be done.

In the silent moment that followed,  I stood there in the street and watched as the entire event just faded away…. as if it had never happened. In that brief interlude of time I had an epiphany. A revelatory insight that hit me about life, my life that is, and I realized I have often lived it without looking up to see the beauty that is all around me. It struck me that the business of life had often robbed me of the joy of living.

How many times in your life have your spouse, your kids, your grand kids or your friends had breath-taking events, or fleeting moments of great joy happen, and you missed it? You were there, somewhere, but looking elsewhere. These treasured snapshots of life are as rare and magnificent as the sunrise I just witnessed. They come like shooting stars in the night sky that flash past unexpectedly, and if you are not engaged in the life that surrounds you, you will fail to look up and they are gone forever.

Unplug from the computer, turn off the smart phone, the TV, the Ipod, the tablet and all the other “life suckers” that are wasting the precious time you have. Those around you are the only jewels of your life-crown. Get your vision on them as they experience victory and defeat. If you become part of their life events, you will also become part of their history, their memory and become a molder of their life message. What better legacy is there to leave behind?  Think about it for a moment and take the time to look up and see the glory that is in the people who are all around you! It will change you, and forever impact the lives of those who know you are there watching, because they know they are really what’s important in your life.

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